68 thoughts on “Voyager and the Sound of Interstellar Space

    • He is going to be SO disappointed when he finds out why he is so very, very wrong. And involving the FBI? Hopefully they just ignore him for the crackpot he is. If they don’t? There isn’t enough popcorn in the world to make it through the coming meltdown.

      • Adjudicated harasser desperately tweets pleas for confirmation that he did not just shoot himself in the foot. Unfortunately, that is not the case.

      • Why is he always begging us to show him that he is right or wrong? Isn’t he the great legal genius? Sheesh, with the amount of groveling he is doing to figure out why we think he just stepped on his crank you’d think he thinks we are smart or something.

      • He is absolutely desperate for attention, attacking comments that have nothing to do with him. He really screwed up on this one, and I can tell you exactly why, but I won’t do so unless Mr. H. gives me the green light to do so. He is, after all, my little ray of sunshine. I live for those moments when I can weed his yard with my tweezers.

      • No A Reader, I’d have to say you don’t have to explain anything. We are all smart enough to figure out what probably is going to happen next here on several different fronts. Get your popcorn ready.

        P.S. Myself and several others have explained Youtube and sharing out thing before. I am not repeating myself nor should others have to. Let him rant and rave.

    • Hey! I’m his muse!
      Wait . . . somehow, I feel like I need another shower.
      Jerry, you can take over. You’re a pro at this.

    • One would think that, as obviously familiar as he is with the material (doesn’t he have it memorized yet?), that he would not have overlooked the facts, the simple, easy-to-understand FACTS sitting right u bfr his nose.

      Perhaps they vanished into the rolls of his not inconsiderable neck, or in the folds of his multiple chins.

  1. https://twitter.com/wmsbroadcasting/status/486524438897119232

    Hey isn’t this almost the exact same thing he said right before the judge ripped him a new one over his misreading of the Cassidy decision? Why yes, yes I do believe it is. Bill would do better to not trust his reading and understanding of things since there is overwhelming evidence, including the peace order, extension of peace order, failed appeals of said peace order, etc, that prove that what he reads he doesn’t quite grasp.

    • Yeah, his alternate reality also seems to be a bit beyond his grasp.

      Keep trying, Cousin Bill – there are ribbons for all who participate, even those who are dead last.

      Even you, sad Bill…

      It is very obvious to all of us as to why you are wrong, Cuz. But it is kind of fun to watch you spike the ball when you make an own-goal.

      So, don’t stop the celebration. It amuses us.

  2. I swear if he spins any faster he may actually achieve liftoff. Judge had to explain Cassidy to him or more than one occasion. But hey, I guess that isn’t humiliating to Bill. And it certainly wasn’t the judge ignoring it. Jeez Bill even you usually tell a better class of lie.

    • Theory – he simply can’t stand being left to twist in the wind. The wild lies are to provoke someone to correct him — he’s not sure what the price of engagement is but he stoops lower to find it.

  3. https://twitter.com/wmsbroadcasting/status/486549068403855360

    Billy, I read that and I wonder, “how many times have we been told how “WRONG!!!” we are, only to find out Bill actually didn’t know what he was talking about, and was just taking B.S.?”

    Then I realize, there’s no actual way to tell because you have deleted practically everything you’ve written on twitter and your blogs. Why is that Bill? You can look back at the archives here for years, yet you’ve shit-holed everything you’ve written.

    What do you think you are hiding? *****coughCASSIDYcough*****

  4. BS has been claiming that he is being harassed merely by reading comments on this blog, and has demanded to be left alone, meaning that people should stop commenting on his shenanigans. Why does he spend his days tweeting and DEMANDING that the commenters respond to him? This is a rhetorical question, by the way.

    • Heh. The Deranged Cyberstalker and Adjudicated Harasser Bill Schmalfeldt is going off on his Twitter timeline telling others to shut up… per always. *yawn*

      Wonder if his fro-yo didn’t thaw in time for his maw, or some other catastrophic life event took place.

      OR — Truth spilling on a certain blog (F5F5F5F5F5), and an utter lack of legal advice lobbed in his general direction after he begs for it for days, doesn’t have the same effect.

      • I don’t call him silly or demeaning names. I don’t even tweet. What I do is post stuff that he’s said in the past. HE said it. Judging by his tweets, he hates that I do that. Odd, since most authors tend to be proud of their work.

  5. Bill is certainly onto a good old fashioned #feltdown ain’t he? Holy crap, I feel so bad for people and animals trapped in his presence.

    • He’s gone from “the Giant Book of Bindun Insults” to swears someone on Reddit used on him.

    Where is my fainting couch?

    • How the SO VERY OBVIOUS escapes some is totally beyond me.

      All I know is I’m crying laughing over here at your comment! LOL!

      The Deranged Cyberstalker and Adjudicated Harasser Bill Schmalfeldt must be precisely why the term “DERP” is used on the interwebz. He is the epitome of DERP. Good grief.

      Yep. Still crying laughing over here! LOLOLOL!

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