20 thoughts on “In Re RICO Madness

  1. Its the level of quality i would expect from them. i predict it will be the first of many and I think it will be effective.

    But he is wrong on one detail. they are adding two parties. Twitchy and this Lynn Thomas character. Lord can only imagine what she is thinking of this madness.

    • The defendants should also ask that his payments be made to the court for disbursement to the defendants.

      • If they’re awarded fees, and if he actually pays up, they ought to consider donating the monies to the Widow DeLong just to spite him.

      • Hmm, that’s an interesting idea. And remember even if other people made those contributions, it wouldn’t morally or legally erase Kimberlin’s obligation to perform restitution. Which is a point in favor of the idea.

    • Which Lynn Thomas? Penny Alesi seems to have conflated at least two, if not three, different women.

  2. Oooooh…. an anti-SLAPP motion… also known as a judicial bitchslap to censorious, vexatious butt-hurt litigants motion. If TDPBK thought he was butt-hurt before, things are about to get real… Oh, and now that this motion is pending, he couldn’t drop the suit even if he begged to (I mean, he could beg, but they defendants aren’t going to drop it while the anti-slapp is pending… not with their substantial attorneys fees on the line).

  3. Looks good. BKs response is going to be a lot of crazy sorry table pounding and squirrel ponting.

    • I like Roy’s “ponting” explanation, myself.

      I happen to use a dapper squirrel as my avatar on a couple blogs. So, obviously, I would like that explanation.

  4. Excellent motion to dismiss. I can’t imagine BK’s suit surviving it. Looking forward to the next round of such motions, as soon as I stock up on more popcorn.

  5. “The evidence that this suit was brought in bad faith is manifest from the Second Amended Complaint, a shotgun-style pleading that indiscriminately hurls numerous, unrelated claims against a slew of defendants without stating supporting facts.”

    Um. Bingo.

    I know. I know. But, but, but… what about Team Themis?

    Silly, Team Kimberlin.

    Should have invoked “sprawling” narrative vs “false” narrative.

    Yeah. That.

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