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    • It’s pretty much a crime that Berke Breathed hasn’t been sainted. #DamnCatholics

      In other news, ACME Law is billing the hell out of this fine Sunday. Billing itself, thankfully. I’m sure it’s getting what it’s paying for.

      Neal? You there, Neal? Hello!? Neal?

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  2. For an interesting walk down memory lane, see this press release written by BS.

    Notice some similar themes? In light of BS’s weekend doxing efforts, what jumped out at me was this sentence: “They’ve posted an aerial photo of my neighborhood. What’s the point of that? So someone can come out here to Maryland and kill me? Kill my wife? My dogs?”
    This from the man who routinely posts street and house photos of his targets, like Black Betty, who is disabled. #WaronWomen

  3. I took another look at WJJH’s post and at the comment thread as of 7:37 EST just to make sure, but I see no comments on the merits of the case. None at all. This presents an interesting study in Schmalfeldtian slight-of-hand, which is characterized by the use of hyperbole and sarcasm to create an impression that people have said what they did NOT say.
    Exhibit A: https://twitter.com/wmsbroadcasting/status/486101265747677185
    PS No one believes it was a typo.

    • Now he claims he didn’t say that, or if he did it was satire which we are too dim to grasp. Old boy can’t make up his mind. But then again, when you are a lying liar I guess it’s hard to keep all your lies straight.

  4. You may ask yourself why I’ve been posting BS’s tweets, which clearly irritates him to no end. Two words: Michael Malone. He said that he read comment threads and blog posts THAT QUOTED BS to educate himself and discern the truth of the situation. With BS’s propensity to delete his tweets and blogs on a regular basis, if others want to do what Mike has, they can figure out who BS by reading HIS OWN WORDS.

      • [Quote] Nom, nom, nom, nom, nom. [Unquote]

        Just read The Elkridge Horror’s latest submission to court. Clearly, this creature is rank.

    • Thanks A Reader. Blame it all one me. 🙂

      But I do find it amusing that it irritates him so much. There is that rather awful Ali Akbar Blog Radio podcast that Bill was on, and he was all upset there about people using twitter to quote him because twitter only has 140 characters and he doesn’t express himself well in that limit, or something like that.

      I find it funny he’s using a microblogging site like a macroblog. Dude, you twit wrong.

  5. I clearly recall the “voice recognition” discussion. Bill had told everybody he was (at many points in time) either at “end stage”, “final stage”, “stage four” or “stage five” PD. Someone then pointed out that if that were so, it would be almost impossible to post tweets so quickly. Bill them replied that he was using VR software. Later, in this “this ends now” video he showed he had very good hand control.

    IOW, he was lying through his teeth again.

    • Updated:

      I clearly recall the “voice recognition” discussion. Bill had told everybody he was (at many points in time) either at “end stage”, “final stage”, or “stage four” or “stage five” PD. Someone then pointed out that if that were so, it would be almost impossible to post tweets so quickly. Bill them replied that he was using VR software. Later, in this “this ends now” video he showed he had very good hand control.

      IOW, he was lying through his teeth again.


      Doesn’t look any better, does it Billy?

    • Blob is totally dying at all times, except for when he’s crushing his enemies, seeing them driven before him and hearing the lamentations of their women. In fact, he’s actually dying right this very minute. Unless he’s conquering. Or something.

    • Hey! Show some damn respect! Not everyone is a Wednesday School of Journalism and Bus Pass Office of Greater Baltimore – Graduate! Their selection criteria is legion among bus pass offices….

  6. I’m not angry. I’m amused at how Krendler and his readers are providing exhibit after exhibit for my counterclaim. Keep ’em coming, dolts!

    Give us ONE example of anything written in these threads that could be used as an “exhibit”?

    • I think he means what he did in his “reply” that he posted yesterday – a highly edited sample of comments in which he curiously left out the screen caps of his tweets that people were responding to. That, folks, would not be a true and correct copy of a blog entry.

    • Didn’t you mean to ask, “Give us ONE example of anything written in these threads that a reasonable person acting in good faith could use as an “exhibit?”

      We are talking about Bill Schmalfeldt. He is a person who is neither rational, self-aware nor intellectually honest. Bill Schmalfeldt is little more than a one-man crime wave who has taken the forbearance extended to him by local law enforcement as justification for escalating his electronic stalking and harassment of others. Even the minimal efforts the state has taken against Bill Schmalfeldt, such as issuing a Peace Order against him that was not enforced, and filing criminal charges for violating said Peace Order and stalking and harassing Lee Stranahan that were dropped, have only resulted in Bill Schmalfeldt claiming victimization.

      In his own mind, Bill Schmalfeldt is a brilliant commentator and advocate for social justice who is legally entitled to respect. To the rest of humanity he is a particularly obnoxious asshole who often crosses the line to outright criminality. Thus, in Bill Schmalfeldt’s mind just about everything written about him here is an “exhibit” for pleading his case.

      Bill Schmalfeldt is in for a rude awakening when the judge rules his sense of entitlement has no basis in law. Since he lacks rationality, self-awareness and intellectual honesty, he will portray that ruling as another example of how unfairly the universe treats him. That is, if he mentions it at all.

  7. https://twitter.com/wmsbroadcasting/status/486170745483980801

    Yea, remember the beating you put on us back in February?

    Bill Schmalfeldt‏@2014Radio·52 mins
    And if it doesn’t, I will make it stop. And that’s the last thing Hoge needs right now, is one more truncheon up his ass.

    Bill Schmalfeldt‏@2014Radio·53 mins
    It stops. The name calling, the false defamatory statements. Hoge’s blog stops being a conduit for defamation. It stops.

    Bill Schmalfeldt‏@2014Radio·53 mins
    …but that would mean admitting he is wrong, and he can never do that. Extortion is a felony. And I will press the charge. Count on it.

    Bill Schmalfeldt‏@2014Radio·54 mins
    harassment, electronic mail harassment and extortion on Tuesday. Am I serious? Ask Chris Heather. It stops. Hoge can make it stop…

    Bill Schmalfeldt‏@2014Radio·55 mins
    Courts are closed tomorrow. If Hoge doesn’t rein in the comments and stop the untrue, defamatory bullshit, he will face charges including…

    • let’s hope when he gets around to those subpoenas he uses actual names and addresses and not the bullspit he believes are eal names/addresses

      of course when his counterclaim gets dismissed the whole subject will be moot wont it?

      the meltdown THAT will kick off will be EPIC!!

      OT, I may not comment or tweet much (there are issues that are being dealt with), but I’m still around and laughing my arse off at Twinkie almost daily..


  8. Cousin Bill tweets:

    “Leroy Oddswatch is no cousin of mine. Even if he does, by some wonder, have the same last name. Does not imply relation.”

    Wrong again, fathead.

    I have the genealogical proof – birth certificates, death certificates, family bibles, public records, written histories, interviews with living relatives, etc.

    You? You have your own baseless assertions, which, given your proclivities for lies, bluster, and half-truths, is less than reassuring.

    Unless, of course, you are asserting that one or more of your ancestors was unfaithful, and you are the product of the cuckoo? That would be easy to believe.


    Roy “Yes I am a” Schmalfeldt

    • As many times as the Elkridge Horror was so proudly cuckolded, it has to be in his genes because it certainly wasn’t in his jeans.

    • During his jihad against Stranahan, BS loved to produce audio snippets ridiculing the family. Embedded in the link above is an audio clip of a BS skit, of the kind he has no trouble dishing out, in which he plays an announcer welcoming people to the Purloined Pussy Palace” where “Strammyhan” prostitutes his 13 year old daughter.

      • Quoting Cousin Bill? OFF LIMITS!!!!!

        Given the kinds of things he says, is it a wonder he tries the “shutupery” cry of “defamation” when he’s quoted?

      • When he distorts comments or makes threats about exhibits, I think the comment thread should be filled with BS’s own words. If he edits out all the comments that he doesn’t want the court to see, well….
        Quoting BS is not “defamation.”

    • He can’t because he doesn’t dare!! Then he would have to testify in his defamation suit against me. The Elkridge Horror would then have to produce the object for the cuckolding and the courthouse would collapse in on itself from the laughter. Why was BS always the “last one standing in a bar fight”? Because his family jewels had been kicked up through his ears and he looked like a fat, cheap stripper.

  9. Cousin Bill, bless his heart, tweets:

    “More lies from Leroy Oddswatch. No results in any database for a Roy Schmalfeldt or a Leroy Schmalfeldt.”

    Bill, I’ve been online since *before* there was an Internet (i.e., ARPANET, Usenet, etc.). I’m a hacker of the Old School. Version 6 and I were buddies.

    You think I don’t know how to stay out of some crappy database that’s accessible online to unwashed stalkers like you?

    Bah. Even your kiddie-scripter friend, Neal Rauhauser, knows how to (mostly) stay hidden.

    I’m not some suburban housewife.

    Try harder, faildoxxer. P*ssy. Coward. Liar.


    Roy Schmalfeldt

  10. Gee, Bill’s gotten awfully quiet about the VR software now that John’s posted proof he lied.

  11. Neither did anyone here say he used it all the time. What we do have now in one comment thread is BS denying using VSR by calling me a moron and claiming that we don’t understand sarcasm, to BS admitting it when presented with evidence, and acting like that’s what he meant all along. In one comment thread. For those exhibits.

    Dear court: this is a shining example of BS at work.

  12. Just click your heels together Dorothy, and repeat after me:
    “There’s no place like Holmes. There’s no place like Holmes.”

    • Well, that’s easy enough. They both belong to the set of people Blob hateshateshateshateshates. Though BFF’s is surely a stretch.

  13. Quoting BS quoting someone quoting BS is even better than just quoting BS. With apologies to RSM for the original quote.

  14. The only part of Tao’s comment that could conceivably be defamatory, and I’m not saying it is, is the part about being cuckolded.


    Why, what have we here? To quote BS:

    “I’ve been married three times. The first marriage produced two children. Both are mine. My first wife preferred the company of truck drivers to that of her husband. The second marriage produced four children. I’m fairly certain that at least two, probably three are mine. Their mother preferred the company of other men to that of her husband.” Bill Schmalfeldt, from his latest blog, schmalfeldt.org., Welcome to My ‘Rapid Response’ Truth Blog, My Side of the Story
    by Bill S. • June 30, 2014

    Definition of “cuckold”: Cuckold
    Cuckold historically referred to a husband with an adulterous wife and is still often used with this meaning.

    Once again, the argument is that quoting BS is defamatory.

  15. https://twitter.com/wmsbroadcasting/status/486198728378695682
    Would an ordinary, normal person consider one’s wife to be part of their family?

    From a BS podcast:

    “I’ll tell you what, STRANAHAN, for $650, after I get my ****job, or whatever else I’d get from your wife, I’d want her to replace my bathroom tile, go do the dishes, vacuum, before she leaves. $650.”
    Transcribed from a vile, revolting podcast by BS, found at leestranhan dot com. (NSFW) “Journalist” Bill Schmalfeldt Demands Proof About My “Dead Baby”
    by Lee Stranahan | Feb 17, 2013

      • Please note, your honor and court clerks, that at this moment, Bill Schmalfeldt has taken the opportunity, after being called out on his lie of never having ridiculed a Stranahan family member on his podcast, to start harassing that family again and posting harassing content. Mr. Hoge will be happy to provide the tweets as part of the context of this comment thread. He will not allow that kind of material to be posted on his blog, but BS readily tweets it.

      • Distraction, Distortion, and LIES are all he has to defend himself with…
        actually kinda sad, till you remember what low life scum sucking asshole he is….

        kinda hard to believe a future meltdown will be as spectacular as today’s has been, considering how easily comments here and at The Thinking Man’s Zombie have made him dance…but it will be.


      • BS cherry picks comments from these threads and leaves out the nasty tweets and comments of his that people are responding to in his exhibits to the court. If he tries that again with this thread, the court will have the opportunity of seeing the full, unadulterated comment thread from which it can gain context.

      • Notably, you are quoting BS.

        As has been wisely observed, this is the simplest means of discrediting BS.

        Very sad.

  16. For the record:
    1. BS claimed that he had never ridiculed the Stranahan family.
    2. I posted a transcript of one of his podcasts in which he ridiculed Lee’s wife.
    3. BS responded, not by admitting that his recollection had been faulty or, alternatively, that he had lied, but by pointing to things that had no bearing on my initial claim or his denial. He did, in fact, ridicule Mrs. Stranahan.

    Dear court clerks: go to leestranahan.com, do a search for “Schmalfeldt,” and read all the tweets, emails and listen to the podcasts for yourselves.

  17. Am I reading his rants and threats correctly? Did the Deranged Cyberstalker and Adjudicated Harasser Bill Schmalfeldt threaten to subpoena me (and, others) into his Lawfare for Shutuppery nonsense for making comments on Hogewash!?

      • Yeah. That’s pretty much how I took it, as well.

        This is the second time in one week Deranged Cyberstalker and Adjudicated Harasser Bill Schmalfeldt has made such a threat to me.


  18. Frenetic Cousin Bill tweets [edited together from three successive tweets]:

    “Here is someone who lies about knowing me as a child. The only Schmalfeldt cousins I knew as a child were my Uncle Bob’s kids.

    One of them is dead, the other is in Vegas. Every time my faux-cousin is asked to give an example of something only a real Schmalfeldt …would know, he dodges, evades, dances, distracts. Put up or shut up, liar! Prove your relationship. Prove how you knew me as a child.”

    Uncle Bob clearly had poor taste, letting his kids associate with you, as, even back then, you were “inappropriate” with the other kids, as my parents warned my siblings and me.

    Given your propensity for misusing information, I decline to give you any proof, Cousin Bob.

    Based on past behavior, you’d use it to harass me, or my family, or you’d publish private information in a misguided attempt to embarrass me or my family.

    No thanks, that’s not how we’ll be doing business.

    Instead, how about I make your embarrassing past available to those you attack? That portion you haven’t already over-shared, that is…

    Sorry, Cuz, but I choose not to associate with a loser like you. We’re cousins, but I don’t feel that close.

  19. After I read Bill’s “Oliver Wendell Jones” screwup last nite, I knew we were in for an epic #feldtdown today. Even a narcissist like Bill had to realize what a colossal screwup that is, especially in a legal document, no less. How much self-love AND cluelessness does one need to have to not only NOT crawl in a hole after that, but shout for hours on end, tweet after tweet, telling the world how brilliant and clever you are?

  20. At Running Wolf Blog, Schmalfeldt called all the stuff about the Jones/Holmes screw up “whistling past the graveyard.” Yet now we’re deluged with a never-ending string of tweets about how he’s won, how all this stuff is going to help his case, how everything is so awesome and peachy and super duper. And I have to ask, who’s really doing the whistling?

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