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This is from paragraph 186 of The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin’s second amended complaint in the Kimberlin v. The Universe, et al. RICO Madness. It’s part of his allegation that a bunch of my codefendants and I engaged in retaliation against him.ECF 135-186This is a prime example of how TDPK can’t keep his stories straight. Forget for the moment that the District Court of Maryland ruled that Aaron Walker didn’t assault TDPK, so no battery occurred. TDPK is claiming that the imaginary battery was in retaliation for Aaron losing his job. However, the incident at the Montgomery County Circuit Courthouse that TDPK tries to spin into a case of battery happened before Aaron lost his job.

popcorn4bkTDPK seems to be having a bit of a problem with the concept of cause and effect.

Yep. TDPK is stuck with having to work with his second amended complaint as the basis of his suit. If he’s very lucky, it won’t survive the motions to dismiss. Otherwise, the case will move into discovery with over 20 of us defendants asking interesting questions. The state case will seem like a walk in the park by comparison.

Speaking of the state suit, discovery is due not later than Wednesday.

Stay tuned.

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  1. Although he was deeply and unfairly wronged numerous times by several different members of Team Kimberlin, Aaron comes across as someone who thinks carefully about the justice of his own actions. On examination of the record of this incident, one finds that Brett Kimberlin retrated to his oft-used strategy of falsely reporting crimes, and those who follow his affairs closely know that he has tried (once successfully) to use a false imprisonment strategy on another person. Aaron, on the other hand, was subject to a harassment campaign that ranged from merely annoying to outright vicious, and reacted with admirable justice and restraint.

    I am sure many of us would have a hard time maintaining that level of restraint. I do not always agree with Aaron but I pay attention to him because he has something rare and special inside that many people don’t. Congrats to Aaron – and the other lawfare victims – on careful attention to principles of justice and peace even in the face of ugly and often disgusting attacks.

    • Brett Kimberlin has tried to falsely imprisonment several people beyond Aaron Walker. Julia Schyphers daughter and her husband, Brett Kimberlin’s estranged wife, and her lover are four examples. Brett Kimberlin, also, attempted to have most of the Maryland defendants arrested for “harassment.” He, also, attempted to have someone placed into a mental hospital. While, apparently, in the employment Brett Kimberlin, a toady attempted to have a man and his wife arrested for a series of falsified charges including prostitution, producing child pornography, and child endangerment. That same toady has accused a number of the Maryland defendants of financial fraud, including our esteemed host. And, we shouldn’t forget Seth Allen’s arrest.

      • Well put. It’s the very definition of recidivism, and it is why it’s both just and proper for us to continually publicize and remind people of Brett Kimberlin’s crimes, for which he is wholly unrepentant.

  2. I can’t help but think that there was a lot of chicken counting when team kimberlin followed the, “They haven’t been subjected to court cases beyond a traffic ticket” (can’t remember the exact statement).

    I wonder if they are trying to figure out how to put the chicks back into the eggs?

    That’s a lot nicer than the old adage….How we gonna put the shit back in the horse?

    • LMGTFY 🙂
      It’s been quoted often on many blogs, including this one:

      We’re dealing with people who have likely had no interaction with the court system beyond a traffic ticket; the potential for a pro se litigant to force them into expensive, long distance, lengthy, discovery laden litigation doesn’t seem to cross their minds.


      File under “not nearly as smart as he thinks he is,” which is a theme for all the proud members of Team Kimberlin.

      • Sometimes I like to imagine Brett Kimberlin browsing the internet, and coming across this quote, and realizing that he ought to demand his money (ahem, actually other peoples’ money, but that’s another story) back from Neal Rauhauser. Bad job, Neal.

    • Thanks BKWatch….I’ve been following this story since just after TDPK accused Aaron Walker of assault. Its ironic that I became interested in this story after I read the tweet by Andrew Breitbart which I came across after he had died, that recommended that TDPK and his cohort needed to be exposed. It also led me to read TheOtherMcCain (shameless plug there Stace!) and I have been hooked ever since.
      I was glad the day Mr. Hoge announced the State RICO judgements that had been made. It will be interesting to see how that case ends and in light of the State case, how it will affect the Federal case.

  3. It will never get to discovery, IMO. The SAC will be dismissed for failing to state a claim upon which relief may be granted.

    • Fortunately, Brett Kimberlin being declared a vexatious litigant is relief that may be granted.

  4. Can you post what the discovery requests are that are due on Wednesday? (Or if for purposes of strategy, you need to wait until later to post them, I could understand.)

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