Holder’s Batting Average

While I was researching cases to cite as authorities in a motion to dismiss that I’ve been writing this weekend, I found a useful case that lists Eric Holder as one of the parties. It turns out be a case where he came out ahead.

The Attorney General has taken a real drubbing in the Supreme Court. In a piece in the NY Post John Fund and Hans A. von Spakovsky point out that if Holder were a baseball player, he’d have been benched or cut from the team a long time ago. Holder not only loses cases in the Supreme Court, but he’s lost many 9-0.

Holder and Obama have argued that we as Americans don’t have the right to free speech, the right to privacy, the right to due process or the freedom of religion.

Thankfully, the Supreme Court has become the last defense for those who still believe in those rights.

Read the whole thing.

8 thoughts on “Holder’s Batting Average

  1. This is but a continuation of the politics espoused by the Weather Underground and Bill Ayers. Neal R. and The Elkridge Horror currently are engaged in a monumental effort to terrorize the normal citizenry into absolute submission. Bill Schmalfeldt’s latest failed dox’ing attempt is a prime example of their terrorist methodology. Neal and Bill need constant exposure to ensure everyone knows the game that they are playing. Each one, in his own right, is an absolute terrorist who must be eradicated from society.

  2. So, according to these guys, Americans don’t have basic rights that are explicitly spelled out in the Constitution but we supposedly have others that appear nowhere in any founding document. What country do they think they live in and where do they think rights come from?

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