12 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. Indeed. Ophthalmologists hate being on call on the 4th. They always get called in after someone has done something stupid.

    Here’s hoping everyone has a great day, even if (for some of us) it’s a wet one!

  2. Now that is impish humor, Mr Hoge. I believe it possible to make an actual bomb from Tovex. And, except possibly in Maryland, I doubt a chemical has standing to sue for defamation. Anyway, you are merely expressing an opinion warning people not to play with the stuff lest someone get hurt. Yes, it’s wiser to play with firecrackers than Tovex, and the distinction deserves a public service announcement.

    • Tovex is actually very hard to trigger to explode, which is why it’s a valuable invention and is preferred over dynamite. You need a blasting cap to set off a package of Tovex.

  3. I did not think ANY fireworks were legal in the People’s Republic of Maryland. I loved to see cars with Maryland, Massachusetts, and Michigan tags pull into the lot at my old Fireworks store. Those folks were starved for the fun firetoys. The largest sale I made there was to two brothers who brought a car hauling trailer down from Massachusetts they bought almost four thousand dollars worth of fun.

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