Mmmm, Venison

The Entomological Society of America reports that fewer deer may mean less Lyme Disease.

The researchers surveyed 90ā€“98% of all permanent residents in a Connecticut community from 1995 to 2008 to document their exposure to tick-related diseases and the frequency and abundance of deer observations. After hunts were initiated, the number and frequency of deer observations in the community were greatly reduced, as were resident-reported cases of Lyme disease.


18 thoughts on “Mmmm, Venison

  1. Hunting is good for deer – cuts down on disease, provides a cleansing of the gene pool by culling the weak and the clueless, and prevents destruction of their biome.

    Why is that hard to understand?

    • “Because Bambi is sooooo cute!”

      “Hey, what’s been eating everything from out of my organic free-range Israel-disinvested peace garden!! And how am I going to replant everything? The special seeds from the organic gardening specialist down the street (don’t laugh, he has dreadlocks for crying out loud) cost more than the drugs he sells. And horseshit fertilizer doesn’t grow on trees you know.”

  2. A friend of mine grew up in western Connecticut in an area with many, many deer, and lots of soft-hearted progressive NY transplants, who couldn’t bear the thought of shooting Bambi “It’s cruel!” they’d cry. Her response was to invite them to come and watch Bambi starve to death in her family’s back yard, and then decide which was more cruel.

    But it does make sense, fewer deer = fewer deer ticks = less lyme disease. Though when I got it on the Cape in the 60s (we had no idea what that bull’s eye rash was, so the doc promptly handed out some antibiotics. The wholesale use of antibiotics in the 60s into the 70s is probably why Lyme wasn’t really enough of a problem to be discovered then.) there weren’t any deer in the area we were staying in or the places we visited, so who knows?

  3. This is where the disconnect with us comes in. Here in Wisconsin our 9 day gun deer season is practically a state holiday. In the northern half of the state its when lots of businesses that we make our money through tourism. Three things that can ruffle the feathers of people from Wisconsin is talking crap about our Packers, our cheese and our deer hunting.

    • I used to go out with a guy who taught high school in upstate NY. He told me that his town’s school (and a lot of others in the area) were always closed on the first day of deer season; there was no point in having class since over well over half the students would be out that day.

      • It’s still that way where I live…..

        ….which, if a certain someone is reading, is nowhere in particular.

  4. There is a huge man-made reservoir in the center of Mass, where they had banned hunting because they wanted it to be more “natural”. The resulting explosion in deer population was causing problems: the deer were eating too much of the vegetation growing by the water, and their waste was polluting the water. They now have a lottery for a number of hunting permits specific to the area.

  5. Do people really like venison? (we called it deermeat) I ate it often up until my teenage years. I could tell where the deer was shot based on the taste Arguments broke out among my uncles about which deer should be fed to the dogs and which should be presented to the Queen should she visit. I never, out loud said I didn’t like venison. I would probably be dis-owned.

    I prefer beef , pork, chicken, lobster or halibut to venison. At recent social occasions where a hunter proudly provided some deermeat . He’d cook it up and we’d all pretend to like it better than the steaks we brought.

    I would eat it if I was hungry or if the social occasion made eating it necessary but on my own, I’d rather wait until I found a McDonalds or a frozen turkey dinner.

    I know I am in danger of getting flamed to slag by posting the above on This Blog but a recently consumed glass of Jack Daniels has helped me “come out”

    • I do like venison. I will admit it is gamey, because deer typically doesn’t get all fat like beef and pork. But I do like the flavor. A good friend here makes Deer Jerky, and it is good. I like his spicy the best.

  6. I don’t like venison a bit Maybe I didn’t get the royal deer the once or twice I’ve had it.

    • It’s all in how you prepare it, and what it’s been eating.

      Some of those cornfield deer, from my youth, were delicious. Sweet and even marbled with fat, on occasion.

      The ones that browse on sagebrush out West, not so much. Best ground up 50/50 with pork into sausage, IMHO.

      The ones they bait up in Texas with molasses, grain, apples and other fruit are candy on the hoof.

      Been eating Paleo for the last five years, never felt better. Of course, running five miles a day, plus thirty to sixty minutes of weights, swimming, or wrassling with grandkids/great grandkids helps, too. Cuddling with the Rule 5 wife will raise the pulse, too. šŸ˜‰

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