8 thoughts on “Barack Obama is the Worst President Since WWII …

  1. Er…James Buchanan was pre-Civil War, and Herbert Hoover was booted from office in the election of 1932. So…while Buchana was, indeed, a terrible president, he is not applicable to this particular poll. Hoover is not responsive, either. Since, as stated, it involves presidents since World War II. Which ended, leaving aside Japanese hold-outs on jungle islands discovered and talked down during the 1970’s and 1980’s, in 1945.

    Please, I hate to be all nit-picky, but…I get irate with the press when their headlines don’t apply. Let’s improve upon their performance, shall we?

      • I suspect Mr. Hoge knows this and is making the point that we could go back in time and our president would have few peers (in the category of “worst presidents.”) I think if we only knew enough about history, we wouldn’t be in this mess. If we knew more about history, we could reliable poll on the question “Who was the worst president ever?”
        FYI: I don’t think he’s evil. Just not very good at his job.

    • I limited myself to “worst since Jimmy Carter”, before. Now? I’m with 33% of the rest of America.

  2. I’ve often wondered who had the more constructive presidency… Barack Obama (to date) or William Henry Harrison.

    • Harrison had the good taste to die within what, 21 days?

      I’m drawing analogies with Warren Gamalial Harding, in terms of lazy and incompetent.

      What do you think?

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