Presidential Micromanagement

There’s a bit over in The Corner about the President joking that he would issue an executive order requiring boys to play fair with the girls at recess. The scary part is that he might have the authority to do so under Title IX.

Folks who used to complain about Jimmy Carter being a micromanager should remember that some of us forecast Carter II as the best case scenario for the Obama Administration.

7 thoughts on “Presidential Micromanagement

  1. The lingering feeling is that he thinks he is doing things well. If only those odd-ball constitutional fetishists weren’t standing in his way. I won’t jump on the bandwagon with folks who say he’s evil. I disagree with what he wants, but the big problem is…he’s just not very good at his job. Not sure he understands what the job is all about.

    • I don’t think he actually ever wanted the job. Jobs involve work, something he seems to have spent most of his life trying to avoid. He just wanted the title and the perks.

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