Obscenity in Maryland

The following is from Md. Criminal Law § 11-202

Obscene matter—Distribution, exhibition, importation, and publication
(a) A person may not:

3) in the State prepare, publish, print, exhibit, distribute, or offer to distribute any obscene matter …

If I were the creator of certain images that have already been introduced into evidence at one trial, I wouldn’t do anything that might cause a Maryland law enforcement officer to look at them.

22 thoughts on “Obscenity in Maryland

  1. It looks like the Elkridge Horror is being forced to play his own sick, twisted game at long last. And guess what? The little cry-baby doesn’t like being on the receiving end of what he has cruelly dished out for the past two years. Demanding that people stop printing the truth because it ends up on Google, BS alternates between cry-baby tears and sophomoric toothless threats in a futile attempt to stop the truth from coming out.

    Too bad. This is a game being played against Cyber-Bully BS by his own rules.

    He made his bed and now she has to sleep in it.

  2. When your online reputation goes from “Anal Rape Enthusiast” to “Deranged Cyberstalker” to “Adjudicated Harasser” and then takes a turn toward “Revenge Pornographer” then maybe you should consider a new hobby.

  3. First tweet of the day from BS? About Hoge, as usual, and the tweet is about a post from yesterday. The follow up tweets contain the typical insults and defamatory comments about WJJH, plus more attempts at legal analysis. I know that when I sign off and come back 8-9 hours from now, the same garbage will be going on. BS claims to be so unthreatened by all this stuff that his first 9 tweets of the day are all about it. Always helpful, he has admitted to posting pictures that Judge Stansfield found offensive enough to place under seal because of their content.

    • Oh yes, I found it most helpful. He admitted placing them on his twitter account. That’s dissemination, and under Part 2257 makes him at the very least, a second producer, which is all I’ve ever called him. Needless to say I’ve screen capped those tweets. He even called them “soft core,” like that matters. Thanks for the admission, WMS!

  4. The internet has a long memory.

    WMS Radio Network ‏@wmsbroadcasting
    @wilsb8 NONE of the pictures are obscene. None show penetration, all are soft core at best. This dog won’t hunt. 5:17 AM – 1 Jul 2014


    From Hogewash!, Bonus Prevarications Du Jour, 6 January 2014:

    “I’ll discuss just one of the images that I submitted as evidence of harassment. I won’t reproduce any part of it because the judge sealed that evidence. It is a picture of two men engaging in homosexual sex. My face had been put on the person on the receiving end of anal sex. I have not complained about having my face photoshopped into every picture that Schmalfeldt ever published—some were actually clever—but I have complained about being grafted into porn. The judge looked at the pictures entered into evidence, the events surrounding their publication, the web pages containing them, and the Cabin Boy’s comments about them, and he found that their publication was harassment.”

    I guess Judge Stansfield doesn’t understand obscenity, either? Is that it?

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  6. Check out twitter.com/bombersues for updates on what happened in court today. Summary: Not a good day for Team Terrorist.

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