16 thoughts on “Are You Pondering What I’m Pondering?

  1. Alternatively, take a quick look-see at the Elkridge Horror’s latest attempt at satire with regard to the SCOTUS decision affirming a private corporation’s right, on religious grounds, to refuse to pay for Obama-scare’s crude social-engineering attempt to force provision of free birth control to their female employees. You’ll know where to find it on Alan Colmes’ blog. It would appear that the Horror’s maniacal grin is probably the best birth control device invented yet.

    Caution: The picture of the Horror could cause permanent retinal damage!!

    • OOOoooo… the Thin-Skinned One didn’t like your post Tao. Whining like a little #@$@#! on his twitter feed and making mewling noises about how Mr. Hoge needs to moderate comments here.

      Listen here, Blob, you mewling wuss…. being as you think that you can demand and order people around on the interwebs, I’ll take a page from your book:

      Go [redacted]. You have ZERO power to order anyone anywhere to do anything. Once you get that through that nuggety beach ball noggin of yours, the better your life will be.

      By the way, Tao… I agree with you. A pic of Bagdad Blobby is all the birth control 99% of the population should ever need.

    • From Blobby’s Twitter mess:

      “This is proper?”

      Yep, it is. After witnessing your harassment of not only your perceived enemies, but their families… after seeing your massive amount of faildox strewn all over the interwebs (including doxing a baby)… witnessing you firsthand refer to people you don’t agree with as “C*NTs and Whores.” You got off light fatboy. You have earned every ounce of scorn sent your way.

      Your just lucky I cleaned it up a bit in deference to this sites standards.

      By the way, Blobby… I was in the Navy too. I am ashamed that you sullied that fine service with your vile presence.

    • I’m betting Miskatonic University has a genealogy record proving Bill Schmalfeldt is a descendant of Wilbur Whateley. The line with the real strange misshapen birth defects that even makes Yog-Sothoth cringe.

    • That blog post was disgusting… per always when it comes to the Cabin Boy.

      The prostrate exam stuff? Good grief. What a sick mind that creepy freak possesses. Get help already. *gack*

    • So the Chinless One has called me out on twitter…. meh. Rather than speak directly to Blobby (I know your reading this), I will instead direct this to the more intelligent readers of this blog.

      Schmalfeldt tries to convince me to ID myself to somehow prove what a man I am. For some reason I just can’t stop giggling at the torrent of anti-self awareness flowing from his twitter feed. Does BS really believe that anybody over the age of two would fall for such a ham handed ploy? I could spot Bagdad Blob my first, middle, and last names, my social security number and my blood type and there is a 50/50 chance that by days end he would be DOXing a 90 year old nursing home resident in Bullitt County Kentucky. Blobby needs to come to the realization that no one has to do anything he says… EVAH. He implies that if I don’t turn over my ID to him that I am some sort of coward.

      Hehehehehe. If I don’t do it (and do it RIGHT NOW!!!11eleventy!!11!) do I get a DOOMCLOCK?

      The Chinless Wonder should really know that he doesn’t intimidate anyone (even ME!). He can bluster, and bloviate, and huff, and puff… but at most he can achieve is “mildly annoying.” He reached that when he decided to go all grammar Nazi to try and prove how smart he is, while having legal documents submitted to courts of law with laughable errors. So much for that professional writer claim… LOL.

      When a person has faced real challenges, real life and death situations, real combat…. some fatbutt blowhard in a trailer in Loserville is about as intimidating as a boxful of kittens.

      The FAIL WHALE tries to claim that everyone here has been somehow turned into mindless zombies by the Puppet Master HOOOOOOGE… but as usual he is laughably mistaken. I have lurked on his many webpages and many iterations of Twitter feeds and have seen firsthand what piece of human debris Bill Schmalfeldt is. He thinks that those here are only going by what Hoge and McCain say about him. Not even close. I observed first hand his amateur try at intimidation by posting that pic of the baby. He tries to deny it and he has since sent the site down the memory hole… but he did DOX a baby in a weak attempt to intimidate the parents. I have watched firsthand on his Twitter feed as he refers to his perceived enemies as “c*nts and whores.” Hoge and McCain didn’t weave some mindcontrol spell on me… I saw this waste of oxygen do it in real time. I have seen his dark twisted soul harassing a bereaved family. It wasn’t my imagination and it wasn’t Hoge voodoo (that you do… so well). I saw him do it.

      Simply, he is a bully that preys on people he thinks are weaker than he is. And if there is anything I absolutely despise… it’s a bully.

      So here’s to you, Bill Schmalfeldt… blowhard, bloviator, and bully. I sincerely hope Hoge and maybe even Michael legally show you the error of your ways…. in ways that leave you laying in a fetal position crying like a little girl.

  2. Wait, we aren’t even allowed to call Bill names now?

    How does he figure that works?

    Heck, I thought, considering all the other things that could be said of him, making fun of how he looks is a feature, not a bug.

    • People tweet and blog insults at Stacy McCain every day. He ignores them. His blog has documented many of the gratuitous, unprovoked insults hurled at him and his family by BS. He does not spend his days searching for his name on Google.

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