Packing Up for Field Day

ArgonautVIMost years, I take a fairly extensive kit of equipment to our ham radio club’s Field Day site. This year, I’m taking a minimalist approach. Although U. S. amateur radio operators are allowed to operate with transmitter output power up to 1500 W in most cases and most Field Day operators use radio in the 100 W range, I’ll be using a 10 W rig and small portable antenna.

I enjoy the challenge of low-power operation. When propagation conditions are good, very little power is required to communicate around the world. I’ve talked with KC4AAA, the amateur radio station at Amundsen Scott Research Station at the South Pole using a transmitter power of 5 W.

I’ll be blogging some from the Field Day site, but non-ham-radio blogging is likely to be sparse this weekend.

73 de W3JJH

18 thoughts on “Packing Up for Field Day

    • Hams are a breed apart. They are an absolute necessity in any disaster. In any recent major storm, everything goes out, except over the air coms. Essentially what they are doing today are practicing setting up for emergencies. (The beer is purely for hydration purposes).

  1. Hey Bill, don’t get too excited, you can’t make a foot long with extra extra mayo out of this kind of ham.

  2. My 10 meter rig is in pieces while I source a new power tube. My 2 meter rig also out of service while I source a new microphone for it. And my 2 meter handheld is – alas – lying with its case open as I replace the memory lithium battery ….

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