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Next Tuesday, the next set of hearings in the Kimberlin v. Walker, et al. nuisance lawsuit will be held to deal with motions to compel discovery from The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin and motions for summary judgment. Writing about TDPK’s present situation might provide him with insight into how to better argue his case, so for the next few days, I’ll be recycling some oldies from the TKPOD Greatest Hits section.

#BrettKimberlin Denies Going to Prison for Bombings

Aaron Walker has audio of the Kimberlin v. Norton Peace Order hearing in Montgomery County District Court. He is transcribing it and has part of it up on his blog. Brett Kimberlin (aka, the Speedway Bomber) appears to perjure himself by denying that he went to prison for bombings.

L is Norton’s lawyer; K is Brett Kimberlin:

L: The only questions I have, the only… you are [a] convicted perjurer, correct? Correct?

K: Yes, when—

L: Alright.

K: —I was nineteen years old. Thirty and forty years ago.

L: Alright, and you’ve been in prison for bombings, correct?

K: Sir, we are talking about the last thirty days.

L: Correct?

K: That’s what this issue is about, you know you can try to attack my credibility. Your client took the picture, your client—

L: Sir.

K: —was at my house.

L: Sir, answer the question.

K: I want to be left alone.

L: Correct?

K: I want to be—

L: Correct?

K: —left alone.

L: You’ve been in prison for bombings, correct?

K: No, I haven’t.

L: Where you served prison time, correct?

K: No.

L: [louder, more stern.] Correct?

K: Yes.

L: Okay. And it was related to bombings out of state, correct? Multiple bombings.

K: No. You know, I’m not going to get into that. You know, if you want to talk about—

L: No further, no further questions.

K: Okay, no further questions.

So you see him remarkably deny going to prison for the Speedway Bombings. Yes, he changed his mind a moment later and told the truth, but that is not a defense under the perjury statute.

It’s a long post, but if you’re trying to follow the whole Team Kimberlin story, you should read the whole thing. At the end of the post Mr. Walker provides contact information for the State’s Attorney for Montgomery County. If, after reading the transcript, you believe that a fresh perjury charge is in order, contact the State’s Attorney, especially if you are a resident of Montgomery County.

5 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. The serial perjurer and forger repeatedly complains when his lawfare victims make him follow the rules that are in place to guarantee their legal rights. As usual, when Kimberlin complains about anything, it’s actually a huge tell. And remember, Kimberlin hates it when people write true things about his terrible misdeeds.

  2. If you were watching Law & Order, you would not be surprised to see a stern faced judge barking “answer the question, Mr. Kimberlin!” In the real world, judges are considerably more passive.

    Also, this shows that purposeful lying is purposeful. The denial is first, elaborate, and repeated often. The admission is one word. And is in fact followed by further denial. This pattern of couching the truth in a body of lies is very much BKs MO.

    This is what he did with the forgery issue in the state and Federal cases. Deny, deny, deny, deny, admit. People do this because it works. Even on judges.

    • And not just on Law & Order. Can you imagine how Judge Judy would have dealt with that? (Though I think I’ve actually seen her tear someone a new one for prevaricating like this on one of the rare times I’ve caught the show.)

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