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While reviewing the inbound links for this week, I came upon this one: It demonstrates the principle that the quality of advice received can be very much dependent on the way a question is presented.

Or as we say in engineering, “Garbage in/garbage out.”

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  1. “But not being a vexatious jerk, I would never sue him for this. I want him to leave me alone, and may be forced to seek criminal action against him for harassment and perjury to get him to finally stop.”
    That is precious.

    • So “never sue” apparently means “sue and then drop it in humiliation two days later.” That’s certainly a nuance of “never” that I hadn’t known before.

      Learn something every day.

    • “I MAY be FORCED to seek criminal action…” hahaha

      As if he hasn’t done all he could do; as if he doesn’t relish the fantasy… hahahahaha

      And just like in all matters, poor ol’ SchmalFOOL has no control over his own actions; his heinous conduct is always “forced.”

      I’d be embarrassed to claim “puppethood” as a defense. hahahaha

  2. Mr. Hoge, you are truly a marvel. Apparently, an evil mastermind and an unmitigated moron at the very same time. Amazing.

  3. How does he expect to get good advice when he lies to the “expert” he is asking? Seems more like he just wants the answer that confirms his own mistaken ideas.

    BTW, anyone else remember when he got “expert” advice from an online attorney that turned out to have been no practicing and sanctioned? Yep, he is getting the very best advice money can’t buy.

    • E.g.

      I would copy and paste a paragraph or two and post it on my blog…

      Notice he dodges the request for examples; gotta keep the expert in the dark or he won’t get the answers he wants to hear. Interesting thing is that Heronnor will be looking at the examples.

    • Bill is not looking for advice, because he already knows what he is doing. He is merely looking for validation that what he is doing is right. And he will couch his situation in any possible way in order to get that validation, thus giving him license to continue what he’s doing.

  4. :I would never sue him for this” except that time when I did.

    I missed the part where he doesn’t get the advice from the online guy he wants, decides he is defaming and libelling him and sets out to dox him unto the fifth generation. Whereupon online attroney guy goes “WTF? who is this nutbar?” googles up the usual D. CS result and proceeds to engage in meaty double face-palms for ever communicating with him in the first place.

  5. OK – THAT was some hilarious reading, clicking on that link! Lol Dwayne B. answered to the best of his ability while being led by the nose by CB’s BS to get the answer he was looking for – and he PAID for that crap advice! I should ask Dwayne B. what his opinion is of trying to SELL your blog entries if I throw them together in a crappy ebook. CB proves he’s an idiot again.

    • I am going to be honest, in a way which is going to be deeply unpopular here. After listening to this, in its entirety, I am not impressed with Ali’s performance in the least. I understand that debating trolls can be difficult. Debating pathological liars, even more difficult. Hat tip to Hoge and McCain for their guest appearances. Ali’s Faux pas: cursing – keep it classy, cursing shows you have nothing more intelligent to say; not being properly prepared – downright shameful (if BS called your mom a whore, have the tweet handy, if he only implied that your mom was a whore, then call him out for implying it, not saying it – btw, I have no idea whether BS implied it or actually said it.) moreover, I have read dozens of instances of BS tweeting disgusting things… I heard none of them raised on this show… show prep is important; not using the mute button enough – BS was laughing sometimes because he was nervous but more often because I believe he was genuinely amused that he was getting away with his “let me finish” tactics, which Ali constantly felt the need to comment back on (the mute button works for these types of diatribes); being baited consistently with snarky off-comments that distracted Ali from moving on (Ali is starting to make a point, BS starts to cut in… use the mute, finish your point like you cant here him, then let him pick up mid sentence, this makes BS look like he can’t take a turn and prevents the audience from having to listen to BS’s nonsense AND you get to make your point; letting BS go on diatribes about being allowed to answer (which BS used as a stalling technique, to try to have the argument high ground (claiming he is the victim of not being allowed to talk) and also used to distract from the any damaging points being made).

      I understand that not everyone is skilled in interviewing techniques for difficult witnesses/individuals – most people are terrible at this. Ali is like most people in this regard. I believe that Ali has his heart in the right place, but this was not a good debate. I have NEVER done a podcast, so perhaps I am not in the best place to criticize, but I would call this one a draw… which for BS is a HUGE win because he is so terribly in the wrong. I know this will get down votes and not be popular, but it is my honest assessment,

      • It may be unpopular, but it is accurate. I didn’t even get to the point of Hoge and McCain, Bill dominated the interview and Ali was unprepared. Ali kept letting Bill call the shots, as if he was the host. That was embarrassing as a former radio host to listen to.

  6. It annoys me when Bill misrepresents the dismissal of the “347 criminal charges” against him, as if they were thrown out for being frivolous. I assume he is referring to the number of times he violated the peace order. Weren’t these charges dismissed with the permission of Mr. Hoge in a three way conference with a judge?

    • Stogie, you assume and remember correctly. Mediation. Hoge showed compassion and restraint. Mr. Schmalfeldt did not honor his part of the mediation agreement. That’s part of the reason I would suggest that in all current and future litigation, Hoge avoid compassion and restraint regarding Team Kimberlin associates.
      Even those who appear to be homebound by a chronic disease.
      Mr. Schmalfeldt needs help, but not online legal help.

  7. Man…I so want to update Dwayne on the REAL happenings of Cabin Boy™. In the end it doesn’t matter. BS got the answer he wanted by casting the light on the light only on those parts that he can spin into positive feedback.
    As I said it doesn’t matter. Contacting Dwayne is just an exercise in futility. He could care less about what is happening here. If he does want to find out, he can do his research. He’s already been given this blogs address. Pushing him in one direction, the RIGHT direction, is probably unwanted.

    • True. One has to assume that Dwayne executed a very lawyerly face-palm after he got off line with Bill and swung by here for a quick curiosity fix.

  8. If BS had been seriously researching his legal position with regard to copyright infringement, he would have been looking for weak spots in his his own position as well, as in what evidence could override my claims of fair use or permission. He would have informed his “counsel” of the moment of relevant facts that could weaken his own position.
    “Will my planned defenses hold up” should have been the point of that consult. Since it wasn’t, I presume he accidentally on purpose left a link to the conversation hoping that it would be viewed and the solidity of his arguments or the fact his distortions could be used to “win” an affirming reply from a purported lawyer be persuasive or worrisome to Mr. Hoge.
    BS is mentally incapable of understanding how foolish he is. His attempt to be irksome just flops over and dies.

  9. I don’t know why, but I can’t shake this mental image of Baghdad Blob (instead of Slim Pickens) riding this bomb down on some trailer park in Elkridge while shouting about lickspittles, mayonaise and bodily fluids.

    • And I don’t even have to bother as far as the Stranahans go. Almost everything Bill’s written about them since he “apologized” has been vile.

      Bill doesn’t understand the concept of an apology.

      • Its a sociopaths’ “apology”: it never happened, but you are a bad person for not ‘accepting’ it and never mentioning the sociopaths’ bad conduct again.

    • I note how well that worked last time, with Bill seemingly planning on breaking the terms of the mediated agreement before the ink was even put on the paper, never mind dry. Or at least that was the impression many of us got from his later writing about it, writings stating that he had never had any intention of dropping his appeal.

      I imagine our host will bring that fact to the judge’s attention at the beginning of any proceedings.

      • Indeed, considering Twinkie’s actions as soon as the charges were dropped and since then there is no reason whatsoever for Hoge to agree to any mediated “agreement” with Twinkie…


      • It would be odd, indeed, to engage in ADR under those circumstances, with someone who said this on Feb. 7:

        “Now, I will report aggressively on Brett Kimberlin’s lawsuit against Hoge and his co-defendants. But I will not be unbiased.

        And for every dollar Kimberlin takes from Hoge, for every piece of property Kimberlin takes from Hoge, for every bit of suffering Kimberlin causes Hoge, I will smile. I will laugh. God forgive me, I want the man to suffer. And according to this story I am sitting on, suffer he will.

        Remember where you read it.

        Suffer, he will. It won’t match what he’s done to me. But it will be a small measure of satisfaction to have lived long enough to see Karma bite him on his pockmarked, pimply ass.”

      • funny that whatever information/story Twinkie was sitting on never really came out aint it?


      • I still wonder what news item the Cabin Boy™ was sitting on. It never did what was advertised, that’s for sure.

        I get the feeling it is either the FAC or the SAC filing in the Federal case, which the whole of team Kimberlin was hoping would panic some of the Defendents. When that failed to come to pass they’ve never recovered and still are trying to instill fear in the Defendents.

        Poorly, I might add.

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