A Note About Other Peoples’ Copyrights

I’ve always encouraged anyone who thought that I’ve infringed on his copyright to contact me so that the matter can be resolved. Last week, the Cabin Boy™ took it upon himself to complain to several companies and individuals alleging that I have infringed their copyrights.

I should report the contacts I’ve had from aggrieved parties—


35 thoughts on “A Note About Other Peoples’ Copyrights

  1. Predictably!

    You are polite, respectful, and intelligent. I am pretty sure you would not violate a copyright except by accident. BS is none of those things.

    • Actually, and I’m sure Mr. Hoge will agree; he utilizes the fair use doctrine quite properly and with some regularity. Granted he also attributes and provides link-backs, but as we have seen, fair use is an affirmative defense. It was established to provide for reasonable sampling for parody, critique (Mr. Hoge’s fav.), discussion etc.. Bill Schmalfeldt on the other hand uses whole posts with comments for little or no expansion.

  2. One usually grows out of the tattletale stage by the age of 6, but CB will perpetually be the immature blockhead. And whining that someone wishes him dead, yet he says I should swallow rat poison. Hypocrisy, thy name is Cabin Boy.

  3. It doesn’t take much perusing on the internet to figure out that Bill Schmalfeldt is a self-professed supportive friend of convicted bomber/forger/perjurer Brett Kimberlin. Anyone he contacted probably figured out the situation without much effort.

    Kinda of sad. The only people that will have anything to do with Schmalfeldt are people like Kimberlin, Ferguson, Osborne…

  4. But… but…. but…. Bagdad Blobby said that all those companies legal teams were just ITCHING to take you down a peg or three. Whatever could have happened?!!?!?!111eleventy!!11!

    This is my shocked face, by the way…. :0

  5. To everyone, temper you’re frustration, the law is flawed and highly imperfect but it eventually gets it right, don’t give the schmallindians any ANY more smoke grenades so the judge can’t see the true nature of the man – he will reveal himself in due time

  6. My other post is in moderation due to multiple tweets, so I’ll repost Bill’s inanity.

    Bill tweets today:

    WMS Radio Network ‏@wmsbroadcasting

    Hoge is, of course, lying. Unless his name is Paul Krendler who is the only individual I “took it upon myself” to report to companies.

    Yet he tweeted this previously:

    WMS Radio Network ‏@wmsbroadcasting

    Magnum Photos wants to talk to him about writing a check for his Tianamen Square photos.


    WMS Radio Network @wmsbroadcasting

    ESA is not happy with the way Hoge uses their pictures without proper attribution.

    Sounds like he’s talked with ESA and Magnum Photos. Which is it Bill? Did they say those things or are you lying (again).

    • “The best way to discredit Bill Schmalfeldt, is to quote Bill Schmalfeldt.” – Robert Stacy McCain

  7. In my opinion, it has become clear that with each passing day’s posts on whichever Schmalfeldt internet site is being temporarily tolerated by often absent internet hosts and operators, we see increasing indicators of the potential violent and murderously violent behavior that is temporarily contained within the slowly deteriorating and twisted mind of Bill Schmalfeldt (hereinafter known as BS).

    Many on this and other sites have done a superb job of amassing as complete a record as possible of BS’s many posts wherein are contained puerile sexual organ fascinations and fantasies, often of a graphic nature, threats of extreme violence and mayhem without any provocation whatsoever and often directed at absolutely innocent persons whose only causative action was to exist.

    As we have seen, BS often directs his energies at people who have little experience with an increasingly sophisticated internet; people who cannot even fathom what has just happened when he directs his explosive hatred and rage at them, such as the little old lady whose only mistake was to answer her telephone without knowing who was on the other end and was immediately subjected to a withering and threatening interrogation – only because BS had mistakenly assumed she was a culprit of some nefarious scheme concocted against him.

    Likewise and recently, a totally innocent dentist near Johnstown, PA was incorrectly identified as a tormenter of BS, through his shoddy and slapdash internet research, and subjected to the vilest sort of tortious and criminal behavior including extortion just because BS’s increasingly demented mind arrived at precisely the wrong conclusion.

    Again, in my opinion, it is abundantly clear to me that BS has become as dangerous to society as a wild rampaging bull elephant in a crowded amphitheater as he continues to direct his increasingly murderous rages against an overwhelmingly innocent citizenry. His threats for now have only inflicted pain and suffering upon a few. How long before he takes the automatic rifle he so proudly displays in one of his internet pictures and decides to wreak his final retribution not on the internet but instead upon an innocent citizenry or a courthouse where he has been long denied his imagined victories and fame?

    Any student of history involving the psychotically deranged can offer hundreds of examples where innocents have suffered at the hands of such persons as BS. It is long past time to

    • Wow. So very, very well done, Tao. Massive applause.

      You’re absolutely correct – anyone with that much hate and impotent rage is very scary indeed.

  8. Good grief. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone get destroyed by their own words that badly. Bill, the fact that you didn’t just quietly waddle away after this beat down shows how crazy you really are.

    • It doesn’t sink in. He just doesn’t let it register. He will continue to flat out lie, deny, and project.

      Check out Bill Schmalfeldt’s comments in the total take down written by Ken White. They’re very instructive.


      He claims to think Mr. White is “joking” and that he, Schmalfeldt, is in on the “joke” and that the others commenting should be clued in that it’s a “joke” because they aren’t smart enough to figure it out. Keep in mind that’s a legal blog populated by many lawyers and other professionals. But Bill knows better than all of them, including the author.

      Hmmm… where have I seen that recently… SchmalFOOL knowing better than the author what the author’s words mean…

      • Very few people scare Schmalfeldt, he just lacks the capacity of self-awareness. But one person that does is Ken White at Popehat. The same goes for Kimberlin. He’s sued the world, but managed to ignore Ken.

        Well done Ken.

  9. https://twitter.com/wmsbroadcasting/status/482522874314375168

    “1. Bill Schmalfeldt seeks attention. 2. Bill Schmalfeldt gets attention. 3. Bill Schmalfeldt claims victimhood.” Robert Stacy McCain

    “Bill Schmalfeldt is always entirely innocent when his schemes fail, and everyone else is always to blame.” RSM, “Bill Schmalfeldt Axed by Examiner (Again) Vows Retaliation on His Enemies,” The Other McCain, September 23, 2013

  10. wow, everyone mark your calenders.
    TODAY Twinkie actually “corrected” himself..
    (which means of course we was caught bold faced lying and didn’t delete the evidence fast enough to prevent it being shown that he was in fact LYING…)


  11. Bill, I’m a reporter from the Society of Professional Journalists and have a few questions to ask you. Who exactly are you tweeting to? Have you seen the number of people who thought you were worth following? Have you ever had anything favorited or retweeted? Hell, have you ever had anyone reply to a tweet? Are you embarrassed by how few followers you have? If not, you should be. I didn’t tweet a single thing for over a year and gained more followers during that time then you have right now. Do you think this shows that the majority of people think that saying nothing at all is better then anything you’ve got to say? Thanks for taking the time to help a brother journalist and I look forward to hearing you answers.

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