Another Day in Court

A hearing for a preliminary injunction to restrain further copyright infringement by Bill Schmalfeldt is on the docket of the U. S. District Court in Baltimore for 10 am this morning. This will require most of my focus for the morning, so blogging may be a little light.

25 thoughts on “Another Day in Court

  1. The fear pee is strong this morning!

    WMS Radio Network @wmsbroadcasting · 37m

    Shoot, why have a trial? Let’s just let Hoge decide who’s guilty of what and proceed to the punishment phase.

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    • Bill admitted copyright infringement in his answer. He is asking it to be excused on the ground of “fair use.”

    • You know what else is particularly galling about that tweet? This is the same guy who calls people “RICO Racketeers” and “The Defamatory Five” when there hasn’t even been a trial.

  2. “Game Day!”

    Who has “handed ass on a platter” in the pool?

    Hi, Cousin Bill! Try and have fun, learn some new things, make some new friends, ‘k? ‘Cause yer special, always ‘member that, Special Snowflake!


    • I’d say (as usual) old Shakey is getting awfully close to libel here. Care to show even a shred of evidence to back this claim up? I guess, that may be hard to do, since its a blatant lie told by a blatant liar.

  3. They’ll be serving hot dogs with lots and lots of mayonnaise in a warm, sweaty, dark and dank room inside a certain trailer near Elkridge this afternoon with long drawn-out moans about his fishing equipment called a bobber.

  4. Been awhile and no updates – still nothing on AW’s twitter.

    Either there are cases lined up or this is taking a little while in court.

    • Or someone will walk out of the shower and we’ll realize that the entire last season was just a bad dream . . . . You have to be of a certain demographic to get that reference!

      • Or entire series. Some would rather wake up next to Suzanne Pleshette and a lot of burnt orange upholstery.

  5. AW tweets that they sat and sat and nothing came of that.

    Not a direct quote.

    Apparently judge did not see reason for injunction, though seemed inclined to rule against BS. Not sure that necessarily goes together, but there it is.

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