And In Other Court News

The Supreme Court delivered its 12th and 13th unanimous rebukes of former Constitutional Law professor Barack Obama’s administration.

One decision explains the meaning of the recess appointment clause of Article II, Section 2 to Prof. Obama.

The other explained that the First Amendments protections of free speech and free assembly trump laws such as the Massachusetts statute which banned peaceful protests around abortion clinics. The Administration agued in support of the law.


8 thoughts on “And In Other Court News

  1. I must protest, I simply must. He was never a law “professor,” a position that carries with it the obligation to perform and publish serious scholarly work. He was a lecturer, period. As someone who is not a rocket scientist, I know that you understand the distinction; it’s the difference between applied quantum mechanics and rocket science.

  2. I think the government’s opposition of Riley and Wurie were far more egregious, and resulted in the unanimous rejection of SCOTUS in both cases.

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