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Judge Hazel has hit the RESET button, so we defendants will now be filing new motions to dismiss in the Kimberlin v. The Universe, et al. RICO Madness. That means that I’ll have some more paperwork to do, and The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin will have to respond to motions from the 20+ defendants more or less simultaneously.


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  1. rapid tears filling his eyes our brave sociopath looks at his damp, old ridden surroundings and gently girds himself for the battle ahead. Now that it isn’t winter, his excuse train is derailed and somewhere in the distance piper is calling

  2. Let’s hope the new judge will rule on the motions to dismiss as early as possible, rather than putzing around forever like the former judge did.

    • Well, if the SAC is accepted and docketed as of yesterday, that would mean, I expect that there are 60 days to serve everybody. So I don’t think all 20 something come back at the same time. Some will happen right away. Some will come later after service is effected – or not. Judge Grimm did the homework for BK on how to serve Breitbart, so that might actually happen.

      • Knowing the dates when everything is due, wouldn’t it behoove the defendants to just hold their MTD until the last day and file them all at once? That way Kimby gets to respond to all 20 in a given number of days instead of being able to spread it out.

  3. How many times will the box for restricted delivery be unchecked on the forth coming green cards of the post office?

  4. All that money for postage!

    Kimberlin won’t have any left to help Schmalfeldt with his case.

    • It’s more than that. His normal pattern of behavior is to hurl insults, often obscene, at people until he wants something from them. He then reverts to a wheedling tone of voice, is predictably dismissed, then feigns offense. Who wants to communicate with a person who calls you a whore, drunk, “sacless,” etc.?

      • This!^^^
        What massive hubris and sense of entitlement to expect anyone to answer his impertinent questions on topics that are absolutely None. Of. His. Business.

        In some cases, he seems to expect people to provide answers to a complete stranger on topics that are None. Of. His. Business.

        In other cases, he expects targets of his vile harassment, sometimes after suffering years of abuse, to answer questions because they were framed in what he deemed a reasonable way, but the answer to which remain None. Of. His. Business.

        Even when he has been asked to not contact someone, even repeatedly asked, he seems to think they should offer up whatever details of their lives that he’s curious about today, even though the answers are None. Of. His. Business.

        Unbelievable. Even taking into account his admitted dementia, his attitude and actions are just incredibly daft, ridiculous, and unbelievable. He can’t really expect Paul to turn over private documents to him, or to discuss his private arrangements with our host with him. It’s very, very clearly just more harassment from serial adjudicated harasser Bill Schmalfeldt.

      • I cannot think of a better example of a sociopath than Bill. The way he attacked Stranahan and his family, and told anybody who asked how horrible he was, only to become his “buddy” when circumstances changed and he could get a sliver of info, then change back to his worst nightmare, was one of the creepiest things I’ve ever seen.

        And Bill wonders why so many people distrust and dislike him.

    • If these folks end up in hell (please note I said IF, because I would prefer that they see the light and turn their lives around), I wonder what circle they’ll end up in. Anyone brushed up on their Dante?

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