In Re ELH-14-CV-1683

Yesterday, I filed three sets of court papers in the Hoge v. Schmalfeldt copyright suit.

These filings speak for themselves, so I don’t intend to comment further on them until after the court has ruled on them.

UPDATE—This morning, I filed a motion to strike one of The Dreadful Pro-Se Schmalfeldt’s™ filings.

The motion speaks for itself. I do not wish to comment further until after the court has ruled on it.

49 thoughts on “In Re ELH-14-CV-1683

    • My thoughts too! Very well done by our host. The feldtdown* is no doubt epic. 😀

      *Perry Mason came up with the term and I stole it, betting he didn’t have a signed agreement, or wouldn’t sue me and give up anonymity, or something. 😀

  1. “The reasoning in Defendant’s Memo defies straightforward summation or cohesive response.”
    Good thing I wasn’t sipping my afternoon coffee when I read that.

  2. Hey Snitch!! Here’s an acronym for ya!!!


    So much from judge learned Elkridge Horror. Can’t even reason legally, in my opinion!


    Nom nom

    • nope, not “the game”..
      just the first in a series of humiliating defeats for Twinkie…


  3. Reblogged this on Running Wolf and commented:
    I tried to warn him. I really did. I tried to tell him that Fair Use was an affirmative defense, and would get him into trouble and now it has. And his latest claim of ToS is simply laughable. But I’ll let Hoge point out the joke.

    • Flashing back to the prior thread, you’re not the first to attempt and fail to solve that particular Gordian knot and you probably won’t be the last. You tried to offer a kindness and a service and it just wasn’t wanted. You still put points in the karma bank.

    • Admiral AssGiverUpper blabs all day long. He knows he’s got nothing. He knows he’s in over his head. He knows he’s outclassed. And he is petrified. He resorts to his form of BEGGING Hoge not to embarrass him again at least once a day. Meanwhile, Mr. Hoge stays silent. The silence of the confidently competent. Something the Admiral will never know. Just imagine if that pathetic loser in Elkridge would have applied himself to being a husband, father, sailor and human being as much as he applies himself to being a disgusting scumbag, he might have had a decent life. Now it is for the best if he just takes THE CURE.

  4. ….(1) Defendant does not know how to stay on the right side of the line
    between Fair Use and infringement and that (2) he is obsessed with Mr. Hoge
    and the readers who comment at Hogewash!…

    That’s Definitely gonna leave a mark!

  5. Does anybody know if they will allow the Baghdad Blob into court with his head on fire and an ass full of arrows?

    • That was not a threat, but an observation about how Fatboi must be feeling right about now.

  6. It has begun!!!!

    Snitch is morphing into his “Poor little me, i’m a victim of people who want me dead” persona.

    **Urgent order for Depends emanating from a broken down trailer in Elkridge, Md.**

    Lots of fear pee this morning.

    • Sure, Earl, get lazy and pick the obvious scenario.

      Me, I’m placing all my chips on “Cabin Boy Pulls a No-Show”!

      Would be the smart move, at this point – skip the extended humiliation on the public record, get right to summary judgment.

      Hi, Cousin Bill! Had enough?

  7. I just re-read this, and I’m a bit confused. Did Schmalfeldt really try to claim in his counterclaim a 1983 Civil Rights case against Hoge?

  8. While imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, it appears CB thinks the copycat game is clever. Maybe when you’re 5. Original thought has never been his strong suit.
    I see Wee Willie is still chiming in. He must be taking time off from trolling Asian girls on the Twitters.

    • Oh, my. LOL!

      BTW — Whatever did happen to Pet Wee Willie’s “wife?”

      Bueller? Buel… Ick. Don’t even wanna know. Carry on.

  9. Has anyone read the Aero decision from SCOTUS today? They ruled that programming sent freely over the airwaves can’t be repurposed into a for-profit venture. Imagine that…

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