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This is from The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin’s opposition to the motion to dismiss that I filed in the Kimberlin v. The Universe, et al. RICO Madness.ECF 29-17As I mentioned yesterday, Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 11(b)(3) requires that “factual contentions have evidentiary support.” It will be interesting to see what evidence TDPK can produce about those “tens of thousands in donations” that I’ve received.

I’m well aware of the cash flow here at Hogewash! and very thankful for those hits on the Tip Jar and purchases from The Hogewash Store and Amazon. However, after reviewing the Schedule C I filed with the IRS with my 2013 tax return, I can’t find any evidence of those tens of thousands in donations.

Maybe they were on Lois Lerner’s hard drive.

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    • further proof that he doesn’t expect this to actually wind up before a jury, as he has NO actual proof to back up any accusations..


  1. But since it has all been true, it is protected activity under the First Amendment. You actually are allowed to set up a cottage industry telling the truth. That’s called professional journalism.

    Kimberlin, on the other hand has been convicted of various crimes including placing bombs in public places, forgery and perjury. He sued one of his victims to avoid paying court ordered damages. If anyone in the case has acted with extreme malice, it would be Kimberlin.

  2. Thanks for the am laugh. Lois Lerner’s hard drive crashing within 10 days after Camp’s first letter. Yes Virginia it is snowing in Florida today.

  3. BS posted pictures of Mr. Hoge and AW’s houses – they didn’t look like cottages to me.

    So, yet another TK lie.

  4. Since Judge Grimm has been replaced with Judge Hazel, does that mean that Judge Grimm’s management order is no longer in place?

    Because IIRC that management order said you have to ask to submit something, if you don’t, it will be rejected. So, for example, Twitchy asked for the ability submit new information and got permission to do so.

    BK sent in new information as “correspondence – if the court follows its own rules – which is a big if – that should be rejected, because he did not first ask permission to submit it.

    I guess we will see.

    • Oh, and the way he sent it in is improper, too, and a means of circumventing proper motions practice. Surprise, surprise.

      • Well, that is what I said. He can’t, under the rules, just send some correspondence to the judge. Question is whether the court will follow its own rules or not.

        Questions remain – why did the case get reassigned? Why has the court failed to act for 3 and a half months on the forged summons? Why has the court issued NOTHING for a month and a half.

        Yes, I know, wheels grind slow blah blah blah.

        At least no one is trying to sell the “judge is giving him the rope to hang himself” theory anymore.

      • This happens a lot, especially with – ahem – unimportant cases. It probably got reassigned due to vacations, etc., or even upcoming big trials for Judge Grimm. Speculation on my part, yes, but those are the usual reasons. For the litigants, this is an important case because it is THEIR case; for the court, not so much.

      • Earl,

        I suspect there may have been improper contact. When a judge ruled against Kimberlin in Maryland once, bbu immediatedly unloaded buckets of slime on both the judge and his opponent’s lawyer. What is say that such “research” hasn’t been attempted on Judge Grimm? The moment he becomes aware that someone is “researching” him, and he suspects it is one of the parties, he has an ethical obligation to ask himself, “Is this knowledge going to affect my impartiality?”

  5. Jerry Fletcher has asked the following question a couple times:
    “Did anyone get answer why he’s registering domains under the name of “Matt Lillefielt ? Which he has no legal standing with? With a fake address, and city? Those are not a “domain by proxy” either.”

    Anyone do a search for Lester Klemper?

  6. Is that “extreme malice?” It sounds more like greed. And it sounds more like TDPK’s typical MO as opposed to anything that The Universe™ has done “to” him.

    • well by the logic Twinkie has been exhibiting the last few days, the fact that his TOS clearly states “Permission is granted” shows that Hoge has not violated anything..right??
      I mean you can’t claim someone is taking stuff off your sight when you give them permission right?? Right??
      (Twinkie’s logic being you can ignore the rest of a sentence if it conflicts with what you want the first part to mean…)

    • I am puzzled why he keeps demanding our opinions when (1) we are not suing him for copyright infringement, and (2) he thinks we’re “dim,” “retarded” “moron” “lickspittle” “Hogeists.”

      • Because he’s trying to draw a charge. He provokes people trying to get a reaction that he can use to further his victim hood narrative, or to elicit something that might assist his doxing, or to use as the basis of litigation. His purposeful lying is purposeful.

        He knows he is lying. He is hoping to get some response that will help him.

        Because he is a fat useless punk.

      • He wants one of us to tell him exactly what’s wrong with his argument.

        He practically begging us to help him out. He thinks he’s found an out, and wants someone to explain it to him.

        So needless to say, everybody should heed Bill’s demand to “STFU”.

      • add to the puzzle why we should STFU when no one is talking to him in the first place…

        Twinkie’s reality is a sad strange place where people not talking to him are “harassing” him, he is forced to view blogs he disagree’s with and the only correct interpretation of anything is his own…


      • No way to be sure of motivation when someone is a known pathological liar or when someone clearly exhibits the outward manifestations of dementia. SchmalFOOL, as we know, has admitted his dementia, and whether or not his obsessive lying is pathological is up to all to determine their own opinion about, since he hasn’t admitted a professional diagnosis.

        However, if I’d guess he knows he’s demented and knows he’s a failure and realizes it’s incredibly unlikely he has actually outwitted our host. (Total understatement – more like impossible.) He’s hoping we’ll explain how wrong he is and give him hints on how to correct his faulty reasoning.

        Of course, given his repulsive personality, he begs for help using bravado and bluster, but it’s still begging, imo.

        I suspect we can all easily see his mistakes. Schadenfreude-ilicious, his lack of reading comprehension and reasoning skills. hahahahahahaha

  7. OK fans! Today’s Billy the Clown’s magic Phrase of the Day is:

    “Blanket Permission”

    • Hey, he’s learned a new word! We must all bow down to his LOGIC rather than follow his pointing finger and FOCUS.

      • He’s not making any sense. He calls everyone stupid, then demands that they analyze his legal strategy. Who wants the opinion of those one thinks is stupid? I believe this is all panic, because WJJH isn’t giving anything away, and neither is Krendler who, I gather, still has both eyeballs.

      • I have rather wondered why he thinks we can analyze his legal issues and offer advice when he thinks we are all so much “dimmer” than he is.

        Really, the dementia would seem to be advancing, and it is long past time for his wife to cancel their internet service. Of course then she’d be stuck dealing with someone who seems to be rather unpleasant on a good day without his being distracted by his numerous “radio” stations and fun habit of doxing people so he can harass them. Though I would think that would be preferable to having to start paying settlements out of the retirement income.

    • THIS!^^^^

      He’s so pathetically desperate for any attention, it’s like he really needs to believe this dementia fueled nonsense.

  8. And how was your day? Not bad, I found a blog where I could pretend to be having a chat with the commenters. Better than anything else I could find to do

    • Without our comments, Fatboi would be lost! He keeps talking to himself on twitter, I thought only morons did that?

      • You can tell how much he is on twitter by how he asks questions of people like they are right there, waiting for him to speak. Like last nite when he tweeted:

        @stephensheiko If you don’t mind, I’d like to ask you an e-question.

        when Sheiko hadn’t even been on Twitter for at least a day! I guess he assumes because he refreshes every 5 minutes, everyone else should.

      • ratt22 – You thought correctly. 😀

        Perry – Do you think he has that many tabs/pages open that it takes 5 minutes to refresh? Cos it sure seems to be constant, imo. hahahaha

        Geez… can you imagine being so universally loathed, so totally rejected by virtually everyone you’d ever met? But as you wrote earlier, it must be everyone else… hahahahaha

    • you can kind of tell that it’s just eating him alive that NO one supports him in way similar to how the “hogeists” support Hoge…

      I must say green with envy is NOT his colour…


      • Yes, exactly – I think that’s why he’s so obsessed with our host; JEALOUSY.

        Jealousy of the Hogewash! following; our host’s twitter following; that people like and respect our host; his education and accomplishments; his close family; etc. etc. etc.

        Why our host hasn’t ever been cuckolded but poor, innocent ol’ Bill has been repeatedly! hahahahahahahaha

  9. kAROLI – please remove me from your timeline


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