In Re The Fine Print

This site’s Terms of Service are spelled out on a page called The Fine Print. The terms mean exactly what they say, and they say what I intend them to say.

I continue to believe that both the facts and the law are on my side in the ongoing copyright infringement lawsuit.

32 thoughts on “In Re The Fine Print

  1. Silly rabbit – cases are tried on Twitter, not in the courts. Whomever retweets their blustery BS the most wins, don’tcha know? #FoghornLeghornSchoolOfLaw

  2. WARNING: No food, drink, or anything that could injure you or whatever device you’re using to access this page!!eleventy!!

    bwahahahahahahaha Yeah, the Quantum Mechanic author doesn’t know what he wrote… you know, the one who has several lawyers commenting regularly and other lawyers who are his friends. But SchmalFOOL does! bwahahahahahahahahahaha

    • Fatboi just re-interprets what he reads for his own purposes…again only morons interpret WRONG!

    • He just shot down one of his long standing screeds. When he was on his Ides of March rant last week, he claimed it wasn’t a threat because, as the AUTHOR, he had not intended it to be a threat. That is not the legal standard, by the way, but I digress. Here, he is claiming that the AUTHOR of the piece is not the best judge of what it means. So, BS is the best judge of the meaning behind what he writes, and he is also the best judge of the meaning behind the work of every other author. Sounds narcissistic to me.

      • And a whole lot of FEAR. He knows he’s wrong, just can’t figure out how. I’m sure our host will explain it in detail — at the hearing.

  3. Sometimes I feel bad about all the guff we give Schmalfeldt. The poor guy probably doesn’t have any friends except for people like Kimberlin. That’s got to be depressing.

    Imagine what kind of existance that must be, every day having to wake up knowing that your job is to make excuses for a convicted bomber/forger/perjurer. After a while you’d run out of anything original to say. Day after day, dragging on and on, sapping away whatever time and life you have left on this planet. And for what?

    He could be out in the park, enjoying the sun, checking out the bikinis, thinking about where to have dinner. Instead, he’s anchored to the task of defending people like Kimberlin, who, like any sociopath who believes bombing a high school football game is a good idea, most likely doesn’t give a hoot about anyone except himself, with the possible exception being those he can convince to help him cover his ass and hide his money from the people he bombed.

    Man, that’s got to be one loser of a job. Hope it pays a lot.

    Just an aside – anyone know how much money Kimberlin collected in contributions over the years?

    • I, too, have reflected on those things. But then he doxes someone, calls their wife’s employer, and tries to get them fired, or lights viciously into someone like Ali or Stranahan, and that sympathy once again takes its proper place.

    • There’s no reason he couldn’t write normal, every-day political stuff, or non-political for that matter. But he can’t, because as soon as someone disagrees somewhere, he takes it so personally, that he feels he must get back at that person. The guy that kicked him off the Examiner blog said essentially the same thing. Everything he wrote was personal.

      • To Charles:

        Adding to Perry’s comment.

        Commenters here have repeatedly suggested he write about other things and even complimented (as best they could given what they had to work with) some of his non-vile efforts. People here have encouraged him to write about PD and complimented his efforts on that topic.

        Unfortunately, writing about non-repugnant things doesn’t get him the attention he craves. There’s a reason he has virtually no one and that reason stares at him in the mirror. Even his own kids don’t want anything to do with him.

        Hang around long enough, Charles, and you’ll get to see him again attack a family over the death of their stillborn daughter, blame and accuse them. It’s something he does every once in a while, I’m sure making it even harder for that family to heal.

        That’s why I joined in the “guff group” – I watched that happen in real time. He was mad at someone else and wanted to lash out and hurt someone, so he went to his “happy place” and again attacked that bereaved family who had been doing nothing but ignoring him.

        Also, Charles, you should consider reading this:

        EPWJ and others have tried to reach out to him as a human being. Begged him to get some self-control. Michael is still trying.

        My conscience is clear.


    Bill is so confused right now, he doesn’t even remember the stuff that HE WROTE.

    This is from one of dozens(?) of Bill’s blogs, it is the “firing” letter from the guy who kicked you off of the Examiner:

    Bill, I am yet again, forced to discuss your column after you continued to (1) make your OBN articles personal, rather than talking about what such an organization is attempting to do and its potential implications, and (2) continued to reply in an antagonistic manner within the comments sections / Facebook.

    Due to the continued disregard for projecting yourself in a professional manner, I am forced to suspend your access to our publishing platform again.

    This was not how I hoped things would work out, but I’m no longer in a position to justify the amount of effort we as an organization have to put in to mitigate the complaints your work is constantly receiving. I wish you well on your blog.

    Best regards,
    Kevin Staunton
    Director, Northeast & Mid-Atlantic Regions

    You are a blithering, simpering, drooling idiot, Bill. You know that letter exists, yet you pretend it doesn’t. Did you think I wouldn’t post it? Why you would purposely want to have someone post this and embarrass yourself like this is beyond me. But embarrass it is, moron.

    • Speaking of 2011. According to his rants in 2011 and copyrights infringements. His newest blog post has a copyright infringement in it by Photoshopping Hoge’s head on that photo. ….and I quote;

      They finally crossed a legal line by taking copyrighted images from my copyrighted blog, altering them in a disgusting fashion, and splashing them all over their Facebook pages. I did what you’re supposed to do. I filed a DMCA and Copyright Complaint with Facebook maintaining my ownership of the images, showing how these groups had stolen and altered them.

  5. BTW Bill, as we all marvel at your preternatural ability to continually open the door into your face, all the while saying “I meant to do that”, I thought I’d be a little helpful and point out that copyright picture you included in the “article” on your “blog”, A Nice Warm Blanket of Permission:

    which you “borrowed from the above site, is distributed by and Since you “borrowed” it from mashable, you probably weren’t aware of that.

    Just an FYI.

    • You don’t say.

      Via Michael Malone’s site, it is alleged that, legally, BS became a pornographer when he photoshopped the heads of people he doesn’t like onto male porn. What a way to spend one’s retirement!

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