1 thought on “Are You Pondering What I’m Pondering?

  1. FLASH!!!!!!

    Embargoed until ! PM Central Standard Time
    Must give credit to WMS Broadcasting

    This afternoon, Judge Learned Snitch, locally known as William M. Schmalfeldt was presented with the Judge Elihu Smails, Esq. Lifetime Achievement Award for his extraordinary legal research and brief writing skills. Although the presentation room was empty at the time of the award, seasoned court reporters observed that such presentations were normally filled to capacity and that because the room reeked of fear-pee, used Depends and mayonnaise, no one could remain for more than 5 seconds. The citations read: ‘For exceptional legal research skills, we present “luris Doctoris, honoris causa in cloaca” to Judge Learned Snitch.

    Well done, EH! Well done!

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