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The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin first defamation suit was against a left-wing blogger named Seth Allen. TDPK won that case, but not on the merits. Allen didn’t respond to the suit in a timely manner, so he lost on default. At the hearing to set the amount of damages, TDPK explained the case to Judge Jordan like this—339254-p10So the judge had to look at the evidence TDPK presented and TDPK’s reputation and determine what damages to award. Kimberlin was seeking a total of $2,250,000. Here’s what the judge awarded.339254-p109res_judicata_drinking_glassSo we have a judicial finding that the value of Brett Kimberlin’s reputation is a hundred bucks (marked down from $2,250,000!). With that in place, it may be quite interesting to see how he will try to convince a court that he deserves a million bucks this time. If he should win. The Gentle Reader may want to get a Res Judicata drinking glass to hold a favorite beverage. Eating all that popcorn can leave one very thirsty.

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  1. I really should be sure of this, but the cases against you are jury trials, right? It will be fascinating to see how a jury will look at him when the facts of his “career” are disclosed.

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  3. Would the paperwork from the Seth Allen case still be available? I.E. The green card that would have been returned after Seth got his documents from Kimberlin?

    • Could Seth Allen now bring an counterclaim against TDPK for denying him his rights, if indeed TDPK was using the same tactics then that interfered with legal service as he is now.

      Would love one of the commentators with more legal knowledge give give an opinion of the US law involved

      • I wish he’d come back and comment here. I may not always agree with him, but he explains his perspective and is courteous.

      • From what he’s written, Michael has been swamped with RL lately. He’s barely posting or commenting at his own place.

        As for your coffee, sorry, but in my defense, it was about SchmalFOOL… hahahaha

      • In general, everyone is courteous on this site to those who are themselves courteous. That is because everyone implicitly understands Mr. Hoge’s rules. Michael’s practical joke apparently cost him grief on twitter: in my opinion, he should have expected and accepted such grief as the cost of perpetrating his joke. He clearly has a different view.

  4. Is Schmalfeldt a liar, or does he actually believe the things he says?

    Schmalfeldt’s version:
    1) Hoge filed 367 bogus charges against Schmalfeldt.
    2) County attorney threw out the charges because they were bogus.

    What really happened:
    1) Hoge reported violations of the peace order to the county attorney.
    2) County attorney examined the report, determined that violations indeed occurred.
    3) County attorney filed 367 charges against Schmalfeldt.
    4) During mediation, Hoge agreed that the county attorney could drop the charges if Schmalfeldt followed a mediation agreement.
    5) County attorney dropped the charges.
    6) Schmalfeldt immediately violated the mediation agreement.

    Schmalfeldt can lie all he wants on the internet (sort of), but that’s not going to help him in any court of law. Why does he even bother? Doesn’t he have to get himself prepared for something? Ohhh, maybe that’s what he’s doing on the internet.

  5. “Mr. Kimberlin, this court would like to know if you are a pedophile. Other courts have ruled on the other issues…”

    Because most reasonable people would say serial bomber = terrorist, and guy who blows a mans leg off, leading to the man’s suicide = murderer.
    Hey, is there a statute of limitations on murder and has Kimberlin ever been charged with the crime of causing Carl Delong’s death?

      • Jack McCoy on Law and order woulda made a case, as long as he found a judge to say “I’ll allow it.” Reckless disregard. But being Jack McCoy, he would have charged the wrong guy first.

    • It’s rather amazing how he insists on trying his cases on Twitter. It’s as if he realizes that he’s not going to get the results he’s looking for IRL.

      And you have to almost feel sorry for someone who’s self-esteem is so low, that the only way he can feel good about himself is to constantly belittle those with more intelligence than himself. Someday, whether in this life of the next, he’s not going to be able to run away from his personal deficiencies anymore, and what he sees and has to admit to will probably be all the punishment he will ever need.

      Well, that and, if it’s in this life, staying off the internet.

      • It’s called trying to try your case in the “court of public opinion ” instead of in the actual court of law. Unfortunately for CBBS he has no base, followers and or public to follow and support him. As we know the far majority whose ever bothered to get the facts is this entire situation understands what is going on here. I will use Malone as an example here. He took the time to get all the facts, and weighed in with his opinion. We all know his opinion. I respectfully disagree with him on some of it. Some of it I agree with him.

        CBBS can pound his keyboard all he wants. Scream at the top of his lungs. Refresh and stalk this blog every two minutes. Make doom clocks. Hurl petty childish insults at all the commentators on here. It’s still not going change the outcome in a court of law. However, I must say the facts and law still remain on Hoge’s side or as CBBS puts it “Because……….Hoge” no matter how much he wants to spin those laws or facts with his blog or on twitter.

      • Twitter is the perfect venue for Bill. It gives him a place to rant without (usually) worrying about banning, which happens every place (liberal and conservative) that he’s posted. Also he doesn’t have to worry about responding to any uncomfortable questions, because he can either ignore tweets, tell people to go away or block them. And finally, despite a dismal 20 or so followers (as compared to thousands and thousands of tweets), he can convince himself he’s tweeting to the world, despite nobody ever retweeting him or giving him a favorite.

        He can rant on and on, convinced he’s talking to the world, when the only people reading are those that are laughing.

  6. Geez Bill, you said yourself you would get away with publishing Krendler’s stuff, knowingly violating copyright, because he didn’t want to give out his real identity.

    John just called your bluff by purchasing the material in question and asserting his rights.

  7. In fairness to the Judge, had the judge known all the facts he would likely have been awarded far, far less.

  8. New BillTweet:

    “Good News for Krendler, Bad News for Hoge (link removed for your safety)…”

    You’ve got to love how Bill desperately trys to get Paul to turn on John, over and over again.

    Ain’t working Bill…

    • And I think that may count as another copyright violation, because he’s certainly printed far, far more than necessary to illustrate his point, however wrong that point is.

      • It seems he once again published the obscenely creative parody, without the context. The context would be that it was based upon a very nasty piece of writing by Mr. Schmalfeldt. He really thinks that if he only tells half of the story, he’ll win the argument. Does anyone think the copyright expert he talked to actually got the whole story from Mr. S.?

    • Oh and just in the interest of double standards, hypocrisy, and stupidity departments. Hey CBBS, I am willing to bet that General Mills does approve of you using there trademark and picture of Kaboom cereal(the clown picture). Perhaps someone should contact them and ask them? See how that childish game of yours works,CBBS ?

  9. He really has gotten himself quite lathered today, hasn’t he? (I wonder, does he make his own mayonnaise scented soap?)

    Of course, the facts of the matter (which I CAN and WILL prove if necessary) clearly do not line up at all with the fantasy cooked up by Everyone’s Favorite Stephen Glass Wannabe Fake Journalist.

    He’s said he can’t wait to get me in a courtroom to read my post to a judge (apparently forgetting that he’s asked for a jury trial where he’ll have to sell his story to 12 good men – and women – and true, rather than just a Senate Approved Presidential Appointee Already Predisposed To See Things Bill’s Way Because…3. Profit!).

    He also has apparently not yet cottoned to the fact that I fear facing him in court like a NASCAR driver fears a state trooper.

    And being doxed by him? A splinter, really – a minor annoyance best avoided if possible.

    Summed up into four simple words:

    Come At Me, Bro!

    • Lather? Batshit insane!

      Out of the blue he’s arguing like a madman with tweets from EPWJ that are 3 days old!

      26 tweets in 17 minutes! He’s cured! It’s a miracle!!!

      • I just checked into a hotel and see where a wheel has come off the wagon – going to possible jail – also claiming his evidence against stranahan is certified – another crime in Texas

  10. JeffM wrote: “Michael’s practical joke apparently cost him grief on twitter: in my opinion, he should have expected and accepted such grief as the cost of perpetrating his joke. He clearly has a different view.”

    I discussed this with Michael on his blog. He made it very clear that he was very off-put by comments I made here at Hogewash! regarding his “practical joke,” and my concern for fellow commenters on his blog. I attempted to explain my comments and concerns with regard to the nefarious cast of characters who continue to muddy the waters in this sordid saga, where I was coming from, and my questions and confusion regarding his approach. I truly did not intend to make waves, nor run anyone off of Hogewash!. As I have followed this mess for a very long time now, I was simply expressing some well-founded concerns.

    Michael most certainly should be applauded for the research he conducted prior to just blindly jumping on Baghdad Blob’s bandwagon. He bothered to take the time to inform himself with regard to the plight our Gentle Host (and, the other defendants) face courtesy of Team Kimberlin’s lawfare. With that said — I stand by my comments and concerns. Michael is, however, a very courteous commenter, and whether or not he returns to Hogewash!, I wish him well.

      • Did he really say that? OUCH!!!!!! Seriously? Sad Part? He probably really thinks that and actually believes it. Yes because some how some way private messaging a girl on Facebook threaten to have her kids taken away and expose her to the local Wisconsin media if she doesn’t tell him what he wants is not abusive harassment. Because some how some way in CBBS deranged mind he thinks messaging people on Linkendin trying to extort them “I want it all doug” for liking a facebook post is not abusive harassment. Because continuing to fail dox people(Aaron,Lynn,Jerry,Robin,Joe,Chris,Jeremy,Howard,Mike,Kyle,Bill Joe Jim Bob et all. Seriously Its been really hard to keep up with all of his failed doxes for me, been rather busy the last month) that he has been told he is incorrect on by dozens of people is not abusive harassment.

    • One who asks Lee Stranahan how his trip was? Perhaps someone who knew exactly where our gracious host was going the next day? Hmmm maybe someone who continues to take screen shots of this blogs comment section and re-posting them on his timeline? I would have to say that would fit the definition of a timeline stalker, umm no?

  11. Its like watching a runaway train – he’s throwing off smoke and sparks and now quoting that a lawyer said he was a victim and should sue – (I bet she did – and on a Saturday) now he’s daring me to show up to intimidate me – like I said I’m too fat to run and too stupid to be intimidated

    • I wouldn’t be surprised, if he did speak to her, that he neglected to tell her that he’s a serial adjudicated harasser. The stuff he’s quoting looks like it came off a bulletin board somewhere. Odd that he was able to transcribe a chat so thoroughly.

  12. Jerry Fletcher wrote: “Because continuing to fail dox people(Aaron,Lynn,Jerry,Robin,Joe,Chris,Jeremy,Howard,Mike,Kyle,Bill Joe Jim Bob et all. Seriously Its been really hard to keep up with all of his failed doxes for me, been rather busy the last month) that he has been told he is incorrect on by dozens of people is not abusive harassment.”

    Funny you should bring up Lynn… is in the process of doing a multi-part series on the abusive harassment and stalking of Jeanette Runyon. Courtesy of haters hating, a really nasty and defamatory Twitter parody account has been created to further abuse, harass, and stalk Jeanette.


      • Odd and insane, indeed, A Reader. And, it will never end unless they are forced to stop by law enforcement and a court of law, OR they happen to meet up with the “wrong” victim face-to-face. Cyberstalking laws are terribly lacking as Aaron Burr has discussed, and as Jeanette is horrifically living in real life and real time.

        They are posting Jeanette’s address, for heaven sake, and posting phone numbers to incite others to call her Priest. They are always far too willing to create additional victims of their abuse and stalking, i.e., parents, spouses, children, employers, neighbors. These people are beyond mentally unstable. Who takes things to such extremes simply because someone has expressed personal, religious, and political views you disagree with? Mentally unstable people, that’s who.

        And, to think they bitch and moan that so many of us support and exercise our Second Amendment rights. Go figure. Dangerous freaks.

    • Between the gay Gestapo and some of these animal activists on the internet. I am not sure which group is worse. They’re vicious people. You look at what both sets of groups have tried to do with Phil Robertson and Michelle Bachman. Sickening .

  13. Reading Bill’s “Hey buddy, how’s it going!?” Bull crap with Lee, I’m reminded of this, posted with no further comment:

    How to Spot a Sociopath

    Superficial charm and good intelligence
    Absence of delusions and other signs of irrational thinking
    Absence of nervousness or neurotic manifestations
    Untruthfulness and insincerity
    Lack of remorse and shame
    Inadequately motivated antisocial behavior
    Poor judgment and failure to learn by experience
    Pathologic egocentricity and incapacity for love
    General poverty in major affective reactions
    Specific loss of insight
    Unresponsiveness in general interpersonal relations
    Fantastic and uninviting behavior with alcohol and sometimes without
    Suicide threats rarely carried out
    Sex life impersonal, trivial, and poorly integrated
    Failure to follow any life plan


  14. Personally, I would doubt any offer by BS. Why? He agreed to go along with the mediation to get the charges dropped. As soon as they were dropped, he promptly violated the mediation. Moreover, has has spent months repaying WJJH’s kindness by painting him as an unreasonable loser who had no choice but to agree to drop charges.

    Imagine a comparable settlement in the copyright case. Claims that WJJH had a loser case and committed fraud and perjury will go on, ad infinitum. What BS has done with his constant accusations of criminal conduct is to make it virtually impossible for the other party to walk away, because such an act will be used by BS as proof that he was right.

    Hey, but what do I know?

    • Man, desperate for a settlement, spends his days accusing the other party of fraud and perjury. Another entry in “How Not to Win Friends and Influence People.”

    • This is absolutely so.

      He’s said more than once that if there’s a written agreement he doesn’t need me, and if there isn’t a written agreement, he doesn’t need me.

      Obvious conclusion: in order to save my skin, I need to convince Bill that whether there’s an agreement or not, he doesn’t need me.

      The logic is incomprehensibly perfect, yet at the same time perfectly incomprehensible.

      Take a minute…let it sink in…

  15. A great deal of BS’s implicit argument is that the courts are bound by Hoge’s prior statements about what the law is.

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