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    • I will remind everyone he tried telling everyone just the other day that Paul’s embedded youtube clip was a copyright infringement as well. He even stalked the guy down and messaged him on twitter. Um yeah I am rather sure both Youtube , and Twitter have embedded link options for a reason. For you facebook users. If you’ve noticed on “pages” or “communities” that they’re starting to go with the same concept as well. This is another classic case of CBBS of not knowing what the hell he is talking about.

      If that was really the case. Blogs like Twitchy would be in a whole bunch of trouble rather shortly.

    • Voice of some future judge: “Mr. Scmalfeldt, I think the difference here is that you took an entire piece of writing and copied it into a book and tried to sell it. When people share things online, they typically expect others will share it for free. They don’t expect other people to sell it as a part of a book. Idiot.”
      (That last part was editorial license.)

      • There has been actual cases on this(no I will not list them) I can 100% guarantee you that embedding the HTML of youtube clip(s), single twitter “tweets” and or facebook posts from their pages/communities is not a copyright infringement. In one the cases(the video one) they(the federal courts) ruled embedding or sharing is not the same as copying,and does not fall under copyright laws. I believe they ruled like that because the end user on Youtube has the option to disable “Embed Code” on their videos.

  1. I don’t know you well, John, but I’ve hung out with you enough to know I respect you. The facts are usually in your corner, and I hope Thursday goes well. CB is an irrelevant clown who unfortunately made you the focus of his pathetic, little world. Maybe this case will force him to focus his psychotic behavior elsewhere.

      • his focus will be on the bank account and the monthly amounts to be determined at later date – file this under counting his millions with Brett…

    • My hope would be that this case would make the courts order a full psychiatric evaluation…… Based on what’s happened over the last year or two, I don’t think simply losing, being ordered to pay monies (however large or small the amount), and also being ordered to stop doing what he’s been doing will have much affect other than, maybe, making him change target.

      And if that’s all that happens, the same damn thing will have to play out again, costing another decent person time and money, as well as the taxpayers.

  2. Arizona.

    Victims are often ADVISED not to contact their harassers, because harassers use that as an excuse to make further contact and escalate. Like contacting the employer of the WIFE of an innocent guy a harasser fail-doxed, to threaten her employment.

    A JUDGE in ARIZONA found sufficient evidence of Bill Schmalfeldt’s harassment to issue a restraining order. Or are all the judges in Arizona “old fools,” too?


    • “They were also ordered to not contact me.”

      That is sick.

      He tortured these innocent people and he has the gall to make them guilty of something.

      • Sadly, I doubt anyone here is surprised by this sort of behaviour on BS’s part. According to BS the other party is always at fault at least as much as he is.

      • This is a typical distortion and mischaracterization of what actually occurred in an attempt to mitigate his culpability.

      • Your Honor, these people had a name that was vaguely similar to a name I remotely remember seeing on facebook last year as I was threatening to take a woman’s children away from her. They’re more guilty than I am, I’m just an innocent journalist.

      • Bill Schmalfeldt is trying to raise a distinction that doesn’t make a difference. Peace Orders are often symmetric: he doesn’t call you, and you don’t call him. He doesn’t go to your place of work, and you don’t go to his. However, the culpability is not symmetric. Bill Schmalfeldt was adjudicated the harasser. Nor, could Bill Schmalfeldt claim any benefit from the fact that his victim can’t call him. His victim tweeted about Schmalfeldt. In response, Schmalfeldt went ballistic with harassing phone calls, and, apparently, attempts to have his wife fired. Schmalfeldt’s victim can still tweet about him, but, Schmalfeldt can’t retaliate by making harassing phone calls. In the last analysis, who would really want to talk to Bill Schmalfeldt?

      • If there were any chance of this fact penetrating Blob’s skull, someone should point out that a court’s findings of fact and law are separate and apart from a court’s orders.

    • ProTip for the Cabin Boy: Most individuals don’t have to be “ordered NOT to harass” by law enforcement/courts. But, a Serial Adjudicated Harasser and Deranged Cyberstalker does.

      Funny that.

      • It fits with his “they were ordered not to contact me”. The other party has to have done something wrong, because Bill can’t admit that his behaviour was ever totally unwarranted. He will always claim that the other party started it, and he merely went a bit overboard with his reaction.

        I’m sure he’s positive that Lee wronged him because Lee wouldn’t answer a fellow journalist’s legitimate questions. /sarc

      • Indeed. When this whole “redemption” thing started, there was an exchange of information between the two. Suddenly Bill was tweeting “I forgive Lee”, and nobody could understand what for. Lee essentially just wanted everyone to shut up about it and for Bill to go away.

        I really hope everyone leave Lee alone at this point. I think his “Romans 12:20” reference makes his feelings crystal clear.

      • I want to add to Perry Mason’s comment, which I really like.

        Doing the right thing is basically at odds with getting revenge. Now, Lee has chosen to not seek justice against his attackers, and that is his right and it’s admirable. But for those who do choose to seek justice, it should not be about revenge. And when you understand this, you see the value in forsaking unjust tactics, even against people who are unjust.

      • I agree that would likely have a big impact; not sure it would permanently stop him, though. Once released, he’d likely soon be back at it because it’s who he is; all he knows. Those who put up with him regularly would likely welcome the break.

        OTOH, a money judgment requiring monthly payments would get his wife’s attention. Even if it’s only $1k or so, it would get her attention. As she’s writing those checks, his protestations of an unjust system will have little mitigation value. It would affect her life negatively and therefore, likely affect his, through her. Those monthly reminders of his malfeasance would almost certainly cause her to be vigilant in curtailing or stopping his malicious activities.

  3. Here’s an interesting post. Bill was asked on Krendler’s blog:

    “Bill have you ever apologized to the people you wrongly identified and mocked during your failed doxes?”

    To which he replied:

    “Who did I wrongly identify?”

    He can’t possibly believe he hasn’t Faildoxed anyone, can he?

  4. At Michael’s blog, I read that BS threatened to eat Krnedler’s eyeball?! And I cannot believe I just typed such a sentence. Does anyone have the tweet or blog post?

    • You know what I can’t believe? The raging loon’s Twitter timeline!


      If the Cabin Boy is in the late stages of Parkinson’s Disease, and suffers from PD-Dementia… my dog is a cat.

      Unreal. He’s tweeting up a freaking storm. Bam. Bam. Bam. One tweet after the other. Embedded links. Embedded pics. No typos.

      Oh. And, yeah. That eating Krendler’s eyeball statement is beyond creepy — read: Typical Bill. *smh*

    • I saw that at Malone’s blog. The original post is at Cesspool-Ohcrapman. Hell no I won’t link to it.

      But my comment at Malone’s stands firm: I’d bet $10,000 against ten of his fingers that he can’t remove and eat my eyeball and keep it down for 10 minutes.

      If he does it, $10k to him. If he doesn’t, out come the brush cutters. Snip, snip, snip.

  5. I am totally creeped out. First, it was “dog” turds in the bed. Now, it’s eyeballs with mayo.

    • *pfft* The Cabin Boy don’t need no stinkin’ lawyer’s .02.

      He’s already tried the entire case and presented his stellar strategery on his Twitter timeline for all the world — and, for our Gentle Host — to see.

      Well done, Baghdad Blob. Well done. *golf clap*

    • Nope, happens all the time in IP law, where patents are bought and sold for the express purpose of enabling/preventing infringement lawsuits.

      No fraud involved. Billions of dollars changing hands, however, in a fashion the enriched a simple engineer like myself…


    • Within the next 48 hours, we will enter the “he’s trying to kill me” phase. Then, despite having claimed to be feeling well and driving and dining around Baltimore, stuff about wheelchairs, walkers, and the like will figure prominently in tweets and blog posts.. I would not be surprised if he shows up in court with a certain male “chauffeur” as part of an attempt to rattle WJJH.

      • I would not be surprised either. Fortunately, I’m not under the impression our Gentle Host rattles all too easily.

        I’d wager there may be yet another blog revamp and/or Twitter handle change before the hearing, as well. Just throwing a wild guess out there, of course.

    • 48 exhibits later with arrows, Maltego graphs, and Post-It notes does not a winning case make. Heh.

    • Heh. He’s prepared for a re-enactment of the Peloponnesian War while our host is ready for Global Thermonuclear War …

  6. I was just reading on Twitter about a “full thermonuclear response… figuratively.” Not really sure what a figurative full thermonuclear response might be but I hope it’s interesting. If things don’t go well for Mr. Schmalfeldt, I hope he understands that the bloviating about his preparedness, and about how stupid the Lickspittles are, and the ranting about how others do not understand the law… this all sets up the pointing and laughing. People mock him not because he is unaware of the law, but because he combines arrogance and ignorance so beautifully.

  7. I was under the impression that John Hoge did play his hand with his now-amended complaint.

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