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  1. 1) Brett Kimberlin set off a bomb at a high school football game.

    2) Brett Kimberlin was found to be liable to the DeLong’s for over a million dollars.

    3) Brett Kimberlin went back to prison rather than make atonement for his crime.

    4) Brett Kimberlin is a monster who Bill Schmalfeldt considers a good friend.

    5) What does that make Bill Schmalfeldt?

    • Charles.::

      Schmalfeldt is a Investigative Progressive Reporter First Class, commissioned by the Wednesday School of Journalism and Bus Pass Office of greater Baltimore. He is an expert in many fields, bravely wounded in the war on lickspittles at the battle of Hogenwald, he is a testament to all that is wrong with America, he is devoid of morality which enables him to be the type of sociopath that the left need to justify and enable their hate filled agenda for the rest of us

      • Hah! That is great, the, “Wednesday School of Journalism and Buss Pass Office of greater Baltimore.” I think I would pay as much as $5.00 for a degree from such a prestigious institution… More if the degree were on the backside of an old buss pass. You should license the idea to Hoge so he can sell degrees in the Hogewash store. I would like to buy such a degree along with a membership in the secret society of midnight clerks (I’m sure I botched the name, somebody correct me).

    • You could literally keep him up 24/7 posting pictures and having him chase after them, like a dog too stupid to stop playing catch to get a drink and lick himself for a while.


    • maybe the lawyers came by 2000 miles away on their magic carpet to have coffee and a chat with him on his imaginary porch with the imaginary patrolmen who are still investigating the Hogmonster that is prowling around in his brain…

    • yeeah warner bros had no clue until yesterday, including the dozen copyright lawyers on their staff – they didn’t know where the DMCA page was or what a DMCA is until our Serial Adjudicated Harasser informed them

      In other news how much does he owe the streaming people – guessw he didn’t read the contracts all that carefully – guess he thought less than 60 days it was free….

    • Man, Warner Brothers sure is lucky to have top notch legal assistance from the Acme Law spokesblob. They’re probably clueless about this whole copyright business. They should probably send him a whole case of mayo as a show of gratitude.

  2. Why when I think of Kimby and Billy does the song desperado from the Eagles get'[s stuck in my head… BTW Osborne and Ferguson want to be sued too….. Amazing the genius – bet after Friday they don’t

  3. Also someone that we all know – I wont disclose his name – contacted me that they are coming after his job, that he can’t participate – but is giving you all his best wishes

    Also I am traveling for two weeks and will not be commenting – but I will be LAUGHING!

    • Fat Bastard pretends not to care that we notice he is fat.

      But AW made a comment, did not even mention fat, and he was all butthurt about the fat joke.

      Because he’s fat. And useless. And a punk.

  4. Schmalfeldt is useful to Kimberlin. That’s why Schmalfeldt remains faithful to a convicted bomber/forger/perjurer – it makes him feel useful.

    To what level must one’s life devolve to consider a monster a good friend, and good people the enemy?

    • “a convicted bomber/forger/pejurer and known pedophile…”

      Remember, in addition to Brett Kimberlin’s “relationship” with the 10 year old Barton girl (continuing until she was 13 or 14), as described by Mark Singer in his AUTHORIZED biography of Brett Coleman Kimberlin of Justice Through Music Project (JTMP), there is also the matter of Brett Kimberlin of Justice Through Music Project (JTMP) and Velvet Revolution (VR) going to the Ukraine to import a 14-15 year old girl that he married when she was barely 16 and Brett C. Kimberlin was in his 40’s.

      Add to all of that the lyrics and Brett Kimberlin’s comments in an interview about “Teen Dream” written by Brett Kimberlin, and also add Brett Kimberlin’s wife’s allegations and her stated fears about the safety of her children in Brett Kimberlin’s pedophilic custody.

      That’s not all of the evidence that indicates Brett Kimberlin of Justice Through Music Project (JTMP) is a pedophile, of course. However, it’s more than enough for me to conclude that Brett Kimberlin is a pedophile. In fact, Brett Kimberlin complains in legal pleadings that local families have concluded he is a pedophile and taken appropriate steps to protect their children from his attentions.

      I don’t see how anyone can read Mark Singer’s book about Brett Kimberlin, or even just look at his marriage, and not conclude that Brett Kimberlin is a pedophile.

      • Don’t forget “Tiffany Perkins,” the teenage cheerleader with whom Kimberlin initiated correspondence while in prison leading to various lawsuits against people who tried to interfere in his relationship with this underage girl. See page 216 in Citizen K.

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