In Re Schmalfeldt v. Hoge

On 19 June, 2014, the Maryland Court of Appeals denied Bill Schmalfeldt’s petition for a writ of certiorari. His appeal of the extension of the peace order will not be heard.

UPDATE—The Dreadful Pro-Se Schmalfeldt™ has asked this question …wmsbroadcasting201406200144Z… and his question deserves an answer. The way that I’ll win the next “unwinnable” case is the same way I won the “unwinnable” peace order and the “unwinnable” peace order extension—by having the facts and the law on my side.

66 thoughts on “In Re Schmalfeldt v. Hoge

  1. So he broke the mediation agreement, but achieved no positive result. That’s no surprise. But what may surprise him is the difficulties he will now face trying to settle his other cases. Why should anyone expect him to honor such an agreement? Why therefore should they settle for anything except a court’s judgment? BS is walking proof of Pope’s dictum: “a LITTLE knowledge is a dangerous thing..Drink deep, or touch not….” .

  2. From the heart of my bottom I wish to congratulate Senor Neckroll on yet another in his unending string of legal victories, in his deranged mind.

  3. Huge mopey sad face. noreally, there might even be tears.

    Bets this is why he hasn’t gone ape shit on contacting you following the end of the PO.


    Guessing that is what the tweets will say.

    Maryland Supreme Court making googly eyes at your attorney, too?

  5. His tweets will say nothing. After bragging of his coming victory, he has removed himself from Twitter after his latest failure in a long string of failures that are his life. So sad to see him go. He was a source of much amusement.

  6. Clearly, the Maryland Judiciary is shot through with Hogeists and/or Lickspittles, top to bottom…

    How could such an unfair, mean, pernicious thing happen to one so kind, sunny, generous, and sweet as Dear Cousin Bill? How? How!!?!???

    (Cue rending of garments, wailing of women, and collapse of civilization soundtrack)


  7. Meanwhile, in the RICO case, BK is asking for more delay. Case has been transferred to a new judge. Wonder why.

    But, yeah, BK wants to delay service for 60 days AFTER the judge decides on the second amended complaint.

    • Isn’t the case management order still in effect? Shouldn’t have Brett Kimberlin asked the court for permission to request additional time for service?

    • I can personally count 30 in just the last year/year and a half. Strange thing is, he and his boy toys were just bragging about getting someone else suspended from Twitter for daring to just talk to them. But yet here is Bill sitting on a minimum of 30 accounts, many suspended due to his threats and vile behavior. The man has ZERO self awareness.

  8. I’ve never actually seen anyone raise a fist in the air as they are thoroughly humbled. It only happens in movies. (Khaaaaan!) The tweet in the post is total melodrama.

  9. The way that I’ll win the next “unwinnable” case is the same way I won the “unwinnable” peace order and the “unwinnable” peace order extension—by having the facts and the law on my side.

    *drops mic, exits stage to thunderous applause*

  10. The update is incredibly funny. It should inspire Krendler to new heights.

    BS is asking why nobody is asking how our esteemed host won an “unwinnable” case. The rather obvious reason of course is that, for those with feeble minds like ours, winning a case seems to provide proof positive that the case was winnable. If I had just lost a case in an appellate court WITHOUT EVEN GETTING TO ORAL ARGUMENT, I’d contemplate that perhaps my case was not so strong as I had originally thought. I would suspect that I would look like a horse’s ass if I was so oblivious as to assert that someone who had just won the case had an unwinnable case. BS, however, is not afraid of paradox. His mental powers are beyond the comprehension of mere lickspittles whose inane laughter demonstrates their incapacity to divine that THE WORD OF BS IS TRUE LAW.

  11. @wmsbroadcasting “I have had it with this bearded senile old bastard messing with my life. A year and a half, long enough.”
    3:18 PM – 20 Jun 2014

    Uh, huh. Everybody else started the harassment, is that how it is? Oh, what have we here?

    “Investigating” = doxing, harassing, calling employers, calling wives, calling little old ladies in Oregon . . . doxing babies . . . .

    • Finally, a clue about BS’s obsession with Hoge: the latter has hair.

      BS has been asking why people are not asking questions: mine is how a senile fool manages despite it all to prevail against the genius of Elkridge? It is a puzzler.

      • Yeah, that certainly is an “unwinnable case” – trying to figure out how our genteel host, a mere Quantum Mechanic with the level of intelligence that implies, along with the habits and eye for detail of the best engineers, and who has many friends as educated as he in various other fields including law; with all that (and more!) going against him, how on earth does our kind host manage to outwit the halfwit in Elkridge who is demented, indeed claims to be in the late stages of PD and dementia? Keep in mind, according to his cousin, Leroy, SchmalFOOL has been an idiot for his entire life, so the dementia just exacerbated a pre-existing condition, so SchmalFAIL is used to that handicap, one would suppose.

        I mean, other than that whole facts and law being on our host’s side thing, how does he do it??!!eleventy!!

    • Excellent, A Reader. Very nicely done.

      As RSM wrote, and we all know, all that’s necessary to discredit [humiliate, disgrace, abase, etc.], SchmalFAIL is to quote SchmalFOOL.

  12. Well, things seem to have taken a bit of a turn in a day or so….

    First we have Bill clucking:

    WMS Radio Network ‏@wmsbroadcasting

    Fact of the matter is, I’m doing great. I enjoy the mental challenge of preparing myself for this case. It’s like playing chess.

    But tonite:

    WMS Radio Network ‏@wmsbroadcasting

    I have had it with this bearded senile old bastard messing with my life. A year and a half, long enough.

    Bill seems a bit…….confused.

  13. “As I have clearly been affected by the common lat state Parkinson’s “executive dysfunction” disorder, I issue you each a grain of salt to take whenever you’ve read something I’ve written.

    I have too much love and respect for journalism to willingly abuse it. I will continue to run my little internet station and write for entertainment purposes. But I can no longer expect, or ask, anyone to take what I write as fact.” Bill Schmalfeldt, Jan. 2014

    • Oh I’ve saved a lot of the Cabin Boy’s more idiotic tweets and blog posts. It’s kind of fun looking at the braggadacio he puts out there followed by his crushing failures.

  14. Why would our host turn down a settlement when he has a case that is unwinnable? Can he beg to have the offer put back on the table? Or should we Lickspittles(Hogeists?) demand that he withdraw his case? We are in charge after all.

  15. Wow!!!

    Judge Learned Snitch aces another one!

    Way to go there, Snitchy.

    PS. Do you know what happens to a snitch in the big house, Snitchy?

    nom nom

    • I guess we know now how to win an “unwinnable” case: sue an opponent so clueless that he fails to file the proper paperwork on time. Or, to be more succinct, sue someone represented by Acme Law.

  16. Poor Schmalfeldt… He should play this on his radio station when he talks about his legal cases…

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