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201406191002ZSomehow, I feel that those good wishes from the Cabin Boy™ are sarcasm, but I did have a good day working with the GOES-R Project today. Most of my time was spent mentoring an engineering co-op student who was laying out his first circuit board. Passing on such skills one-on-one is something I find very satisfying.

Not everyone working on the GOES-R program is aware the legal wrangling that takes up part of my spare time, but many of my colleagues read this blog or have heard stories told around the Keurig. Those stories have been the source of much head shaking and laughter.

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  1. Your ability to take sch statements in stride with genial good humor are indicative of your maturity and good will in this conflict. This is the kind of thing that strangers coming upon these pages for the first time will judge for themselves which side is on the side of right.

    For the rest of us, this statement is indicative of Schmalfeldt’s disgusting habit of threatening people and thinking he can dox his way out of his troubles. Noted, capped and copied.

    And his immediate reaction will be that yet another Hogeist is sucking up trying to earn plaudits. Isn’t it natural to wish to have good regard from those who are admirable and worthy? Don’t see a lot folks “sucking up” to him.

    • nope, not any sucking up to him, more like egging him on to greater #FAILs…

      it seems Twinkie just can’t understand that most of us have our own lives and do other things rather than sit on a blog constantly hitting refresh to see what else to get “riled up ” about as he does…


  2. Glad to hear it was a good day.

    I think any of us “Lickspittles” could have predicted that response from your colleagues to the lawsuits.

  3. While I’ve been following this saga from afar, I find it amazing that CB would compare your use of tweets or pieces of a blog to his lifting them for a book he tried to sell.

  4. The word must have gone out to his handlers to give him support. After radio silence for weeks, wee Willie, Harada, Osborne, and xcitizen are all suddenly making appearances. I question the timing.

  5. Question: does BS want to engage in oral/anal sex with dogs? I ask because he keeps posting a copyrighted photo of two dogs in a sex act. He posts it without attribution. He posts it repeatedly. Has he paid a licensing fee for use of that photo?

    • CBBS states “I’m a failure”, first step is admitting you have a problem, well done Shaky. We wish you success in your recovery.

    • It has always been a mystery to me: why does the left, who professes to love the gay community, always try to smear people on the right with one of the most disgusting habits of the gay community (to straight people at least)?

  6. Welcome back John. But I’m hijacking a small part of this thread. In honor of Bill’s attacks on certain commenters as “dimwits” etc. today. I’m starting a “Most Stupid Thing Ever Said by Bill Schmalfeldt” sub thread. I’ll start.

    Bill once wrote concerning some legal issues he was having in a demanding e-mail (I believe):

    Your next inference that I have been responsible for such reprehensible behavior had better be accompanied by proof, or you will be considered to have willfully, with malice and forethought, libeled me in a public place.

    Yes, Mr. Legal Eagle thought the term “with malice aforethought” was actually “with malice and forethought”. And he lectures us on the law!

    He is truly one of the dumbest people on the internet.

    Add more. It’s fun and instructive! (and it’s a target-rich environment)

  7. When the court date rolls around, Schmalfeldt is going down. Schmalfeldt knows this deep down inside, but his ego will not let him behave like a rational human being.

    Schmalfeldt has to keep up his act to the very end, just as he did for the previous legal failures he has subjected himself to.

    • I think the discussion of BK and his narcissism really hurt his feelings. He’s trying to change the subject, and I suspect the reappearance of the rest of the horror show has more to do with BK than Bill.

  8. Speaking of head shaking and laughter, I’ve got a new post going up at 6:00 PM. It’s a little pop quiz and some remedial homework for you know who.

    • but but but… I thought you were supposed to be hiding in a basement, quivering in fear of Twinkie’s deveasting “THEY DID IT TOO!!11!!1!!!” legal strategy…

      do I really need a /sarc tag


      • Bill was boasting how John was hiding from him today after he posted yesterday he knew he’d be at Goddard. The “man” can’t keep his lies straight.

  9. I’d also like to congratulate Bill on the improvement of his illness. After tweeting yesterday how well he’s doing he follows it up with 40 tweets, many with attachments, in one hour tonite. I guess he’ll have no problem getting to the courthouse.

    • I was thinking of starting a pool to name all the medical appurtenances he’ll show up with at the courthouse in order to buff up his sick and disabled old degenerate victim routine.
      My nomination? Extra-large colostomy bag.

    • Inspector Jiggles will shuffle into the court room, replete with sad face and roller. He may even be a bit late. He will tell the court that he is sorry, but he is not a well man. In truth, it will be so the judge is already on seated and she can see how “afflicted” he is.

  10. “As a rule sociopaths don’t have their friends’ back. Most of Schmalfeldt’s other readers and listeners are there to monitor and/or laugh at him. A few other soi-disant journalists and activists who follow him, but they seem more self-serious than violent. If they change their mind I always have the spray bottle I use to keep the cats off the end table. Bill’s few true believer followers could pose a threat, I guess, but most of them seem the sort who will have trouble coming to get me because they left their bus pass in their sweat pants again and their mother put it through the wash.” – Ken White

  11. oh it going to be a W..I..L..D ride on the twitter crazy wave breaking on the hubris of the man with the steel wheels of destiny…

  12. howling he’s literally barking like a dog, hilarious. In fact the rats are sniffing and coming out to play wheezing about things in the past

  13. Sheesh, Hoge. Your hobby is “suing people,” but apparently you’re only currently suing one person. You need to cut back on the work so you can properly devote more time to your hobby.

  14. Oh the memories of first circuit board layout. 1971. Resist was masking tape and etchant was nitric acid.

  15. BillyBlob, knows he is superior to Mr.Hoge! He has his PHD in bed pooping! And, blaming the dog afterwards….. :/ My gawd BillyBlob, my cancer filled brain, functions much better than your shaky-baky brain.

  16. When did Bill change from @wmsradionetwork to ‏@wmsbroadcasting?

    What’s the deal with that?

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