21 thoughts on “Are You Pondering What I’m Pondering?

    • Of course. The real question is whether, or not, it would register on alien worlds with intelligent life attempting their version of the SETI project.

      • Of course not. They are looking for intelligent life. Nothing Bill does qualifies as intelligent.

  1. For your early-morning enjoyment, Bill presents a rare morning meltdown. Arguing on Twitter with someone who hasn’t posted a tweet in NINE HOURS.


    • The Elkridge Horror, not content with his actual fetid lot in life as contrasted to the lifestyle he dreams about – life in an actual house, with running city water and street lights and neighbors that are not peeking into his windows to snicker at his mayonnaise and hot dogs fetish has now adopted a new persona. Today, EH has opted to become the Elkridge Copywrite Troll Officer or “ECTO” wherein he can accomplish some measure of self-respect as a loathsome snitch. EH, whose Depends seem to mimic the locks on the Erie Canal as their level rises and falls with his painfully odorous excrement from his mayonnaise habit, has now appointed itself as Grand Marshall and High Pooper of all things copywritten. EH now roams the Internet, like one of the grotesque apparitions seen stuffing itself in the hotel scene of “Ghostbusters” ensuring that as many of the innocent citizenry as possible are cited for innocent copywrite violations, then quickly extorted by other non-licensed members of ACME Legal that aspire to attorney status without the effort to actually do so for thousands upon thousands of dollars. EH or “ECTO to his friend*, short for ‘Ectoplasm’ then uses the bankrolled blood money to ensure that one and all acknowledge that the children he once allegedly fathered are all the products of a cuckolded husband whose Depends masked his true nature.

      Three cheers for our newest comic book hero, “ECTO” or “Copywrite Man” coming soon to a courtroom near you.

      * ECTO has only one friend who lends moral support to him during those times when he is testifying in court by loudly sniggering from back in the audience.

  2. You know what would rank high in the “smerts” department ? Start harassing someone just days after the peace order (with an extension the courts added on) they had on you expires. No really, that will end up going over just swell with the courts. No wait, LOL!!!!!!!!!

    • Off topic Jerry, if I may call you that, but what’s the total number of “Jerry Fletchers” has Bill FailDoxed? Has he contacted any of the Fails to apologize for spreading their names through the mud for no other reason than his incompetence?

      • Hmmm off the top of my head. I think its up to five, and to my best of my knowledge no he’s never contacted any of them to apologize to them.

        I’ll throw someone a bone here today,just because I am in a good mood. You want to know what is freaking hilarious in a pathetic way of these failed doxes about me in the last couple of years from CBBS? I have not hidden what city I live in Wisconsin on my twitter timeline . Especially this past winter,and how brutally cold it was. WORST INTERNET DETECTIVE EVAH!

  3. https://twitter.com/wmsradionetwork/status/479641236228542464

    WMS Radio Network @wmsradionetwork · 21m

    The Hogeists say I’m supposed to get up in the middle of the night to respond to their stupid attacks.”

    First of all, did anybody actually say that?

    Second, this is coming from a guy who tried to get a deal made with John, including a DOOM CLOCK deadline, while John was in court, and Bill knew it.

    Nice guy.

    • I say yes. Get your lazy ass out of bed right now you delinquent git! You wanted this fight, you asked fo it, now get into the barroom and fight you pusillanamous poltroon. And FOCUS!

  4. I wonder if Mr. Hoge remembers this post. pic.twitter.com/WMOyd6CVjt— WMS Radio Network (@wmsradionetwork) June 19, 2014

    I wonder if CBBS remember this blog post from 2011;

    So let’s get this straight. CBBS didn’t approve when someone did that to him, but approves of it and says “Fair Use” when he does it to Hoge and friends. Chess match indeed. CHECK MATE.

    • This twitter meltdown could break some records on length of time and sheer lunacy. I don’t think he even knows what he’s arguing right now.

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