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This is from paragraph 279 of The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin’s proposed second amended complaint for his Kimberlin v. The Universe, et al. RICO Madness.ECF 100-279I agree that no one should be cyberbullied, but I’d suggest that what has happened to Brett Kimberlin over the past couple of years is better classified as pushback.

Of course, his line about not mentioning 30+ year old crimes is nonsense. Many infamous criminals committed some of their crimes over 30 years ago, but that’s not a reason to refrain from writing about the likes of Ted Kazcynski (the Unabomber) or the Speedway Bomber.

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  1. Bully/bullying is the new buzzword on the left. I don’t even know what it means in an online context. When I was growing up, it was “give me your lunch money or I will beat you up.” Or just beating people up. Contrary to their silly extortion-by-settlement-offer claims, we have done nothing like that (and i did nothing like that as a kid). And you all know I didn’t harm Brett Kimberlin on January 9, 2012, or on any other day. Someday you are likely to see me talk and you will see that I am the last person any “mafia” would hire as “the muscle.” I can defend myself, but no one would think I am a professional thug.

    As is usual, Brett feels that mere criticism is wrong at best, criminal at worst and in all cases something the courts should stop. It is particularly revealing that he elbows into the spotlight in that article in the Gazette and attacks us, then cries “bullies” when people respond.

    Aside from his expansive definition of bullying, the other falsehood here is he pretends this is merely about the Speedway Bombings. It is not. it is about failure to pay his debt to the DeLongs that got him returned to prison. It is about his abuse–bullying, if you will–of Seth Allen in the Maryland court system for spreading truthful information about him. It is about his attempt to frame me for a crime for 1) giving Seth free representation, and 2) writing about his attempt to silence me. It is about about his abuse of the peace order process. It is about SWATtings–which sounds more like bullying than the crap Brett is whining about. It is about the Brett stalking my wife. It is about Brett seducing his wife at forteen years old and the fear he is on the hunt for wife #2. It is about him forging documents, not just in the past, but ongoing. And so much more malfeasance than I can even recount here. The majority of that has been done in the last two years and justice has not yet been done in those cases.

    It will be interesting to see what happens when these cases fail–and it is only a matter of time before they do. At long last will he ever figure out that this is actually making things worse for him? You would think when taking Barbara Streisand’s money, he would have asked her about reputation management.

    • “At long last will he ever figure out that this is actually making things worse for him? ” No. Seventeen years in prison didn’t do it.

      • It seems that Brett never even asked forgiveness for his main crimes. Often, he won’t even admit to them, and he never stopped his practice of offering a revolving series of different conflicting lies that are supposed to prove he did not set off the bombings. He additionally tells easily debunked lies about events between himself and Julia Scyphers. In his authorized biography, on page 113, he even says that the Scyphers family is the one that should ask him for forgiveness, rather than the other way around! No surprise from the same man who frivolously sues his own bombing victim.

        He can have forgiveness after he openly admits and repents and tries to square up with his victims. That is how it works. Until then, he is a repeat, recidivist, unrepentant, dangerous criminal whose sentence is not up until 2031. And that sentence doesn’t even account for him having hired William Bowman to shoot Julia Scyphers.

    • On the contrary he does not pretend this is. Merely about the speedway bombings. He elides naming the actual crimes in every latter-day account or discussion I’ve seen; he will sometimes vaguely allude to his martyrdom in prison , but his crimes such as he will admit he restricts to his drug trafficking or perjury.

      That’s one reason he needs to be written about … He tries to live in the world as if he did not terrorize Speedway and severely injure people with explosive devices he set around the town.

  2. QFE: “crimes that occurred”

    He has not, and seemingly will not, accept responsibility for what he did. Ever. Much less express remorse for it.

    Rather, he continues to compound it by dodging responsibility (witness the fraudulent acts undertaken to avoid paying the wrongful death judgment to the widow DeLong, as recounted in the Kimberlin v. DeWalt opinion) and attempting to silence those who would dare to speak of his nefarious deeds.

    Ownership, remorse, and reform—what a Catholic might call “confession, contrition, and firm purpose of amendment—until these are satisfied, Brett’s crimes deserve to be shouted from the rooftops. Again and again and again.

    • See also Theodore Dalrymple’s description of “the dishonest fatalism with which people seek to explain themselves to others” at :

      “As a doctor who sees patients in a prison once or twice a week, I am fascinated by prisoners’ use of the passive mood and other modes of speech that are supposed to indicate their helplessness. They describe themselves as the marionettes of happenstance.”

      “….But it was the victim of the stabbing who was the real author of the killer’s action: if he hadn’t been there, he wouldn’t have been stabbed.

      “My murderer was by no means alone in explaining his deed as due to circumstances beyond his control. As it happens, there are three stabbers (two of them unto death) at present in the prison who used precisely the same expression when describing to me what happened. `The knife went in,’ they said when pressed to recover their allegedly lost memories of the deed.

      “The knife went in—unguided by human hand, apparently. That the long-hated victims were sought out, and the knives carried to the scene of the crimes, was as nothing compared with the willpower possessed by the inanimate knives themselves, which determined the unfortunate outcome.”

    • The “more than 30 years ago” canard also deserves thorough fisking. Much more recent were his despicable actions to dodge payment on his wrongful death judgment—actions that led to his parole revocation in 1997, upheld by the courts in 1998.

  3. Nero, Brutus, Kain, Judus, Billy the kid, Jack the Ripper, infamy can outlast a civilization.
    Though fame, too. Euclid, Plato, Edison and Einstein.

  4. “More than 30 years ago”… for which he received a 50 year sentence!

    Seems to me that if the Federal US government thinks that a crime is worth 50 years of their time, it’s worth at least 30 years of anyone elses!

  5. While I think that just about everything TK does is purposeful lying, this, I believe, is honest reaction. This is the actual butthurt.

    BK’s history is of hurting those who offend him.

    • Exactly. I think they call that narcissistic rage and narcissistic injury. Truth gets in the way of his false front, erected as much for himself as anyone else.

  6. Even our felons have become wussified!

    Carl Delong would be 75 years old this year, if a blast from Kimberlin’s homemade bomb at a high school football game hadn’t put him in such pain that he ended his life. So, how long should we hold on?

  7. As if those crimes committed themselves. By using passive voice Brett refuses responsibility for his actions. Just once, I would like Brett to say “for crimes that I committed over 30 years ago”. Come on you dwarf assclown, man up, grow a pair and admit your crimes in an unequivocal manner …

    • I just don’t see the sawed-off terrorist doing any of that in this lifetime.

      He will be held to account, however. This much I know is true.

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