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  1. Well, as Krendler previously pointed out, if those feet are SchmalFOOL’s, they’re round and hairy. ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Speaking of which, he thinks he has revealed Hoge to be some sort of scofflaw. It’s a good thing that Mr. Hoge has this posted on his Fine Print page:

      “If you have found material on this site which you believe infringes your intellectual property rights, please contact me at once so that we may resolve any problem. See the DMCA Contact page.”

      Yes, very good think. Something a real journalist would do.

  2. Does anyone else see a rerun of what serial adjudicated harasser Bill Schmalfeldt did to the Stranahan’s? Again, miraculous recovery from having a foot in the grave.

    • Indeed, couple weeks ago this lawsuit was going to KILL!!11!! Twinkie, now he claims he’s just fine…
      and look at the gratitude he’s shown for Hoge all but “curing” him..


      • Someone used Dorothy Dunnett’s description of some pope about Bill the other week: “waging war from his death bed and relishing every minute of it”, or something to that effect.

        The man is only happy when he’s attacking others and thinks he’s got the upper hand. When it looked to him like Mr. Hoge was winning, he was dying. Now that he thinks, incorrectly I’m sure, that he’s in the driver’s seat, his health couldn’t be better, given his underlying condition.

  3. Wasn’t Bill just arguing FOR fair use yesterday?

    My God, what a trainwreck. It seems he knows he’s going down and is determined to try to take as many as he can with him.

    • – BS uses multiple blog posts and photos without permission, and significantly, without attribution in many cases.
      – Copyright owners file DMCA takedown notices.
      – Instead of complying, or even offering to pay for the use of said images, BS files a DMCA counterclaim, and crows that his victims will have to file suit or he promises that everything will go back up.
      – Victim files suit, exercising his rights to protect his intellectual property, with the realization that is the only way he can protect his property, in the face of BS’s taunts.
      – BS files non-copyright related counterclaims
      – BS launches vendetta, egged on by his pals, WhoIsNumberNone and Harada-no-hime, by reporting Victim for alleged copyright infringement.
      – Victim has a notice posted on his blog explaining that any alleged copyright issues will be taken care of promptly.

      He who has eyes to see, let him see.

      • This is an example of why no sane lawyer would represent him. He cannot shut up. He responds to every triviality. He repeatedly shoots himself in the foot and then blames others for it. He has destroyed – and I mean obliterated – parts of his case. Vaporized. And he doesn’t see it. He’s too interested in playing tit for tat with people who mean nothing.

        My hypothesis is that he has daddy issues, as evinced by his constant referring to Hoge as “daddy,” and is very insecure about his intelligence (immediate default is to call people dim, stupid, etc.) I bet he was called all sorts of insulting names as a kid. Leroy would know.

      • Paul,

        This assumes that mama Schmalfeldt wasn’t on a business trip during the same timeframe.

      • BSB, it does sort of beg the question of what that business was…

        I’m thinking perhaps mentally disabled mule husbandry? (But only in the most benign possible interpretation, of course.)

      • I would add a few previous steps:

        -Bill Schmalfeldt publishes a disgusting fictional story about John Hoge and his family on one of his websites.

        -Before Schmalfeldt deletes the post, Paul Krendler downloads it and publishes a parody version of the story substituting Bill Schmalfeldt as the central character.

        -Bill Schmalfeldt feels victimizes and decides to seek revenge against Paul Krendler claiming he has been defamed.

        -Bill Schmalfeldt deliberately violates Paul Krendler’s copyrights boasting that Paul Krendler can do nothing about it.

        -Paul Krendler outsmarts Bill Schmalfeldt by selling limited rights to his parody to John Hoge resulting in a DMCA takedown notice.

        -Though Bill Schmalfeldt is fully aware that Paul Krendler originally held the copyright to his parody, and that he had sold the publishing rights of the parody to John Hoge, he chooses willful ignorance claiming that he has to given Paul Krendler’s identity before he will acknowledge that which is public knowledge.

        -Bill Schmalfeldt willfully files a false DCMA counter-claim taunting John Hoge to sue him, claiming that if John Hoge does sue him he will be able to “dox” Paul Krendler.

        The reality is that if Bill Schmalfeldt wanted to sue Paul Krendler he had to discover which state Paul Krendler resides, and sue him in that jurisdiction.

        What has transpired is little less than Bill Schmalfeldt asking the court to grant him special privileges solely because he willfully committed a tort. If this is allowed to stand, the court’s will have created a horrible precedent that could flood the system with frivolous litigation.

        It has to be remember Paul Krendler opted not to file a DMCA takedown. Yet, somehow, Bill Schmalfeldt has decided that he is party to John’s lawsuit. He simply isn’t. The court should be made fully aware of the game Bill Schmalfeldt has played.

    • Just like I admitted that his use of my blog post is Fair Use, right?

      But what I don’t understand is why he would nuke his own cities – surely he’s not casting himself as the HERO in all this, is he?


      Of course he is. What else would a narcissistic sociopath do?

    • Bill Schmalfeldt has missed a very significant point. While he is “willing to level Hiroshima and Nagasaki to win,” it wouldn’t further his case one iota. He’d still lose. The only advantage Bill Schmalfeldt would gain is residing in “his sweaty-palmed happy place.” Bill, if you wish to murders thousands for kicks, so be it. But, don’t have the audacity to blame your victims for your crimes.

    • gee Reader, looks like you’ve really gotten under Twinkie’s skin today…
      I wonder if it’s a badge of honor to be called retarded by a retard??


      • Not me, but I’d add that Reader is doing a great job at making the monkey dance today.

      • All I’m doing is quoting Bill Schmalfeldt. When I ask a question or explain that some might view his comments as disturbing, he goes off. I do not call him offensive names, or make fun of his looks, or denigrate his family.

      • Per my earlier comment regarding what I believe to be his insecurity about his intelligence, he has called me “retarded” twice, a “blithering dumbass,” and accused me of “profound stupidity.” In other words, I rest my case.

      • Per Twinkie’s rules this is libel right?

        “WMS Radio Network @wmsradionetwork ยท 1m
        @wilsb8 Don’t think for a moment that this folder full of HIS “theft” won’t be with me next week at the hearing…”

      • he’s also going to learn that stuff that is irrelevant to this lawsuit will be ignored by the judge, regardless of how thick a folder of “CRIMES!!1!!11!!” he may have when he goes to court…

  4. Confirmed, he never reported his conversation to LEOs after speaking with Neal, the fugitive:


    Keep in mind that this is the man who reported the Stranahans to multiple state and federal agencies based on flimsy suspicions that he developed from 1000 miles away while sitting at his computer in his pajamas. In contrast, he didn’t think that a conversation with a wanted fugitive was worth reporting.

    • Leroy knows. Indeed he does.

      Those who need the evidence of what Leroy knows have been informed, and provided with the necessary documents, timelines, statements, and other evidence.

      Bill should govern himself accordingly.

      Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a couple of boxes of old correspondence to dig out of the attic…

    • Reminds me of the time he spent sorting 48 exhibits that were going to win him freedom from the peace order. Complete waste of time then and now.

    • “Cramming” – and not the usual splatter-all-about cramming of “food” into his enormous maw.

      Perpetually procrastinated preparation predicates piss-poor positions.

  5. “If either @brainsrfood or his daddy want to talk, they know where to find me. The rest of you idiots officially do not matter.”

    Creeping shadows of desperation?

    Or just creepy?

  6. So let me get this straight…..the Elkridge Horror, the same creep that went after the Stranahan’s under the facade of objective journalism, which is the liberal’s view of how one can achieve the politics of personal destruction, and who has routinely posted pornographic illustrations of his imagined enemies on the internet….this psychopathic slime seems to think that he can now “dox” bloggers with immunity because he has appointed himself as a copyright vigilante? The Elkridge Horror was so named because he so closely resembles a H.P. Lovecraft monster from the Chuthu genre, monsters so hideously grotesque that they can be nothing more than creations not of this world. This Brett Kimberlin sycophant now has appointed himself as the copyright vigilante?
    People who live in trailers that should be condemned shouldn’t throw rocks, EH. You play with the legal process like it was a little toy. You are the very repulsive entity that sanctions were meant to control. It obviously hasn’t worked in your case. I would strongly and urgently recommend that you retain senior level experienced legal help, EH. You are about to get de-panticized in from of a judge that will highly resent your crude attempts at extortion and tortious conduct. Sanctions have a way of humiliating even the best legal pretenders, EH.

    Your day in court is almost at hand.

    • His time line tonight is pretty nasty, even by his usual standards, though without his usual X-rated language.

      He also seems almost upset that we aren’t all out here “protecting our Daddy”. Sorry Bill, last I checked, Mr. Hoge can do a pretty damn good job looking after himself without our help, and anyway, the best way to help him is to just let you yammer on.

    • Yawn,

      I had no idea where John Hoge works. And, having read Bill Schmalfeldt’s tweet, I have to say I still have no idea considering the reliability of Bill Schmalfeldt’s “research.”

      That said, I have no doubt that John Hoge works as a quantum mechanic for some entity that launches long-range space probes. I don’t doubt that they had asked John to come out of retirement to help them shoot rockets precisely on target given the subtle bending of space-time caused by gravity. What I find odd is Bill Schmalfeldt sense of self-importance in the grand scheme of things.

      Does Bill Schmalfeldt really think that they would delay a program for months and years as a replacement is found and brought up to speed simply because they would agree with his decision to publish copyrighted material without permission? That might cost the taxpayers millions of dollars. Bill Schmalfeldt has already noted he would destroy Hiroshima and Nagasaki to satisfy his quest for vengeance. Now we know he would be willing to crash scientific research space flights that would benefit all of mankind. Apparently, John Hoge ought to take the spatial and temporal position of Bill Schmalfeldt into account when calculating rocket trajectories inasmuch as he apparently constitutes the center of the universe.

      Brett Kimberlin has boosted on numerous occasions about he and the JTMP work with numerous important Congressmen. By all means Bill, go ahead an appeal to your buddy to have his Washington contacts have John Hoge fired. Go ahead and find out for yourself that Brett Kimberlin’s stature in Washington matches his physical stature.

  7. He’s on a mission to raise the monthly amount he will owe – now mentioning possible employment interference – I hope he read up on employment laws and torts during his Wednesday School of Journalism

  8. Can personal objects be seized in order to assist satisfying a monetary judgment?

    Like say… a Mac computer?

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