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    • Indeed. And wasn’t the intentional infliction of physical distress thereby hastening BS’s death one of his claims against Hoge in the lawsuit? It may not have been, but I don’t have my scoring sheets in front of me right now to easily remember where he has charnged Hoge and the Lickspittles™ or Hogeists™ with what.

  1. I just read that motion to oppose the motion to dismiss the counterclaim of intentional exsanguination, or whatever.

    It reads like it was dictated to a primate from inside a men’s room stall after a Texas chili cook-off, and then typed while locked in a walk-in freezer.

    • They’re “friends” with Kimberlin; there must be something in their heads that makes them prefer terrorists over normal people.

    • Ah, the sweet sound of reunited love-birds on a crisp summer morning as the Elkridge Horror scuttles and oozes his way back to the computer keyboard to herald his long-lost lover while quickly forgetting how cruelly she thew over His Oozeness just a few weeks ago after he unexpectedly and disgustingly manifested his undying love for her.

  2. Well, Bill gets to practice pretend law and make fun of dead Americans in the same day.

    Quite an accomplishment for him.

      • It’s actually to her credit if she doesn’t support his misbehavior.

        That said, the only time she’s stepped in publicly, it has been to support it. Same with her and Kimberlin. Hmm.

      • hahahahaha Exactly, Perry Mason. Hit “tweet and replies” on his twitter – looks like ZERO people reply or tweet to him. What a loser. What a pathetic lowlife. No wonder he can’t leave our host alone. We’re all the attention he ever gets.

  3. One of the many facets of the man’s hypocrisy is his avowed pride at serving in the Navy, the fact that he has a nephew in the military, and yet he’s “good friends” with BK who admitted, in his authorized biography, to sabotaging military equipment. His poor breeding and lack of critical thinking lead to tweets like this:

    So, Ali is a “liar,” even though he was telling the truth about the NBC all along, but a sharia-practicing jihadist, whose moral code includes taquiya, is telling the truth. Right, gotcha. He even manages a reference to Aaron’s genitalia. Will he go for the butt stuff?

    • Thanks for the tip. So the judge will see it his way? You mean like Maryland judges agreed with his interpretation of Cassidy? A HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!

      • What’s really cool is that it’s not “anything I read on the internet must be true,” it’s “anything I read on the internet that I want to be true must be true.”


        Paul Krendler
        (For realz!)

  4. Ok as promised. I have a little story to share in the playing field of hypocrisy from CBBS from 2011 to this current 2014 copyright issues;.

    As some of you may know back in late 2011 . There was this bunch of crazy conservatives from Wisconsin that started this parody/trolling page on Facebook called Operation Burn Notice. The mission of this page? Yank as many liberal chains as they could. Well the page was an instant success. They even attracted this attention of this blogger over to the east. For this story we will call him Fife,Barney Fife. He really thought he had stumbled onto the story of his life. He just knew deep down inside that these crazy teabaggers in Wisconsin were collecting and burning Scott Walker recall petitions.

    Well Fife an instant daily poster over at the OBN page. He swore he up and down that he would not stop until every last poster on the page who agreed with the page admins would be thrown in jail because what they were doing was illegal, and just talking on facebook about burning recall petitions was a “premeditated felonies”. Well this is where the pointing and laughing started.

    The OBN admins of the page laid in on thick for Fife. Fife took upon himself to start blogging about the OBN facebook page and “Fail d0x’ing” anyone who posted on the page with their real accounts on facebook( this starting to sound familiar here?). Well of course the OBN page admins pointed and laughed harder at Barney Fife. They even started photoshopping pictures from him blog and facebook account(FAIR USE!) and put turtles heads on everything they could get their hands on or Fife’s head on turtle bodies. They even photoshopped a turtle head on Fife’s dog. This made Barney Fife very Sadz. Well Fife went for revenge. He took it upon himself to start filing bogus DMCA reports to facebook. Fife was so sad that he even created this “copy right image notice” for his blog. Well these guys cropped that out and started posting that on their pictures also. Fife become very angry over this. He swore he would get “Operation Burn Notice” extinguished from Facebook.

    Well the OBN admins formed a plan. The plan was put the OBN facebook page in admin view only and make Fife and a few of friends think they finally hit pay dirt. They would even create throw away facebook group to lay the bait called “Knot My Wisconsin”. Where they would post that page was nuked by facebook. Well the plan worked, dozen of times at that. They would put the page in admin view only(sometimes a for a few hours or a few days at a crack) and sit back and watch Fife celebrate and claim victory. Then BOOM! Pull the page out of admin view and back to public view. Fife couldn’t understand what was going on. He couldn’t understand how he was constantly be had by these dumb ignorant teabaggers from Wisconsin. How could these people do this? You mean talking about something on the internet and actually doing it is two different things? All while hundreds of us sat back and laughed,and laughed .

    Anywho, don’t take my little story for this because as we all know the best way to discredit Barney Fife is to quote Barney Fife. From his own words in late 2011;

    Here is this famous profile picture of the OBN page photoshopped with the cropped copyright image that Fife created. He even filled a DMCA take down on this also with facebook.

    • Oh and as long as we are throwing crap out there. Maybe its time someone explains it to “Matt Lillefielt ” that registration of domain names under a name you have no legal standing with will get you in trouble with ICANN, Is a breach of contract with these domain companies, shows bad faith, and is in the area of criminal offenses. Some people may want to pay attention to the last five or six domains that Matt Lillefielt has registered with “Fast Domains”. I am just saying.

    • LOLOLOLOL! Stupid, clueless, and angry ain’t no way to go through life, Cabin Boy! What a DERP!

      • Something like that. I will have to see if the person who created it still has it. Here is some more;

        He tracked us down and he came back in late 2012 for another go around with us. That is where the “I want it all Doug” and “Want to lose your kids” screen shots and the failed dox’ed of a guy name Jeremy comes in. He was “100% confirmed” that Jerry Fletcher was a guy named Jeremy back then by CBB. He and his boy wonder Will Will Fergs were dead positive that they had their man back then also. Some of you might remember the harassment of Jeremy on his blog after I started talking to Stacy McCain, Ali ,Hoge and others about our(the KMW crew) past history and his harassment online of others. I’ll share a little information on that. He’s not any closer than he was in 2012 or 2013. He’s doesn’t have a clue who I am , and he sure in the hell isn’t even close to Howard Earl (this is is still a LULZ for a few dozen of us in the KMW), and we sure in the hell are not one in the same. The KMW crew has pulled this prank a hundred times on him(giving him false info and watch him run with it) , and he falls for it time after time, and they spring it on him. He sits there very dumbfounded like and can’t figure out what they just did to him. Yet on and on he goes harassing innocent people after he’s been told he is. He doesn’t care about that either(read on).

        A few things here that many of you might not know or have never seen. There is FB private message from the November 2012 time frame of me laughing at him and explaining to him the failed doxed and that Jeremy wasn’t me. His response? It can be seen here.


        You see Bill doesn’t really care if he fail doxes people and has expressed no remorse on anyone he’d “doxed”. He’s been pretty clear on that(Read on)….

        Another that sticks out from 2012 that was never released. A private message exchanges between him and a guy named “Sean”. We leaked to Bill that Sean was thrown out of the KMW crew. So what does CBBS do? Tracks “Sean” down and starts harassing him for information via Facebook. He even sent Sean police type lineups of pictures of Jeremy with others to attempts to have Sean ID Jeremy as Jerry Fletcher. When he didn’t get what he wanted from Sean? He goes on to attempt to blackmail him into getting information from “Sean”. Which can be viewed here.


        Here is another from the 2011 timeframe, and OBN days. Read this screen shot and then think about all the Photoshops he’s done of Hoge and others. http://i1270.photobucket.com/albums/jj611/Jerldo_Fletcher/Bwhahaha_zpsced5d36c.png

        The hypocrisy,stupidity, and double standard never stops from this guy. He’s been using the same shtick since 2011. It NEVER EVER CHANGES.

      • lol lol hahaha bwahahaha Oh my, thank you, Jerry; lots of lulz for all. I suppose it helps to have an auto-self-beclowning moron as a puppet, but y’all sure knew how to make full use of SchmalFAIL’s irredeemable idiocy. hahahaha

        Moar, please! 😀

  5. Wow! hahahahaha lol lol Too, too funny. Much laughter, applause and thanks for taking the time to tell the story, Jerry. Well done!

    I think that may be the first I ever heard of SchmalFOOL – those turtle images; or I ran across them soon after I learned of his vile existence.

    I hope there are more WI stories to come from all of you. 🙂

  6. Jerry, didn’t you folks also have some sort of “meet the moron” slideshow or similar about SchmalFAIL?

    • IANAL, but shouldn’t twinkie concentrate and FOCUS!1!!1 on his own copyright infringement case and not lame attempts to gin up other cases??

      just a suggestion, however I think his “HOGE DID IT TOO!!11!!!” defense won’t fly as well he seems to think it will, after all, Hoge’s actions aren’t the basis of the suit..Twinkie’s are, anything Twinkie thinks he’s “discovered” that Hoge may or may not have done is immaterial to the case at hand…

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