12 thoughts on “Programming Notice

  1. Anybody else notice Bill’s been silent on Twitter for 24 hours and all his websites have been scrubbed?

    Anybody know what he’s up to?

  2. Have they changed the judge on the RICO case? Docket lists Judge Hazel not Judge Grimm. That would explain the silence from Judge Grimm.

  3. You know what’s important to do before going out to dinner?

    Erasing the content of all your websites.

  4. and he just admitted to contacting the victim of his harassment after being told not to. Grounds for a new PO i see.

  5. Serious settlement offer:

    Hey d***head, give up your lawsuit or lick my taint.

    That’s pretty much how I expect it reads.

  6. It occurs to me that it’s unethical for Hoge to divulge the details of CBBS’s “settlement offer.” But CBBS could, if he believed it was more than reasonable, and quite possibly win himself some sympathy if it was true that Hoge had rejected a reasonable offer. So I suggest that CBBS post the terms he offered Hoge.

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