11 thoughts on “Team THEMIS Report

  1. The title suggested nutty self-serving Neal Rauhauser conspiracy theories, aimed at getting a rise out of troubled people with too much spare time.

    The video instead delivered a (1) fact-based, (2) coherent video concerning (3) true physical phenomena. Accordingly, the technical details may be confusing to the uninitiated, but (4) it checks out as reasonable to the observers who know the most about the subject matter.

    I notice each of 1-4 are the opposite of a Neal Rauhauser conspiracy theory.

  2. Boy, did this peg me or what?!

    I thought at first that it was yet another grotesque X-Ray of the Elkridge Horror’s head.

  3. Darn, I thought the title indicated an opening for new members to Team THEMIS. I was already practicing my evil laugh as I logged on, visions of stalking, harassing and conspiring against well-known leftists dancing in my head. I was so disappointed to learn it was only about astronomy. When can I join THEMIS, and do I get my own decoder ring?

    • You are against the evil of Team Kimberlin and all they stand for, thus, ipso facto, you are already a member of Team THEMIS.
      Evil laugh practice is at 1300 in the parlor. Rum cake and coffee to follow …

      • Yes. And until the thief who stole the strawberries comes forward and confesses his perfidy, we’ll stay at battle-stations and all you’ll be served is rum cake and weak tea … (cue Bogey rolling the ball bearings in his hand).

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