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  1. I wish our host the very best of luck with that letter and hope it works. If not, as the adjudicated harasser’s counting down the days indicates is likely, it’s a great foundation for another order. No doubt, this is the purpose.

  2. Schmalfeldt says he’s launching a nuke today, I could have done without that mental image early this morning…

    • Well that means that certainly there will be mockery and pointing and laughing by tomorrow then.

    • Like clockwork – he does this kind of stuff almost every week, perfectly timed to mess up peoples’ weekends. It’s a pattern with him.

    • I assume that’s his threat to file another law suit if Mr. Hoge doesn’t accept Bill’s settlement terms by midnight. However it isn’t clear which midnight he’s referring to since the post doesn’t have a date on it.

      Personally, I’d think that would qualify as extortion, but hey, I’m just a “dim fat librarian”.

      • “Personally, I’d think that would qualify as extortion” THIS!!!!!!!! He has been flirting with this for some time. Two words come to mind “Extortion” and or “Black Mail”. Which very well could end up with him facing criminal charges. He’s also flirting with the term “libel” on severely different fronts with people not named Hoge with his “failed doxes”. Which could very well end up both a civil and criminal matter before the courts. I will not point out who, what , where or when. The people who’ve paid attention here understand exactly what I am talking about(which seems to be everyone except him). He has been warned about it more than severely times as well from more than just a few people. He flat out refuses to listen to anyone about the legality of HIS actions . My personal opinion in all of this? He isn’t going to stop until he is finally hauled in before a judge who finally tells him he very well could face real jail time for his actions and his behavior.

      • Sadly Jerry, I don’t think just being told will get through to him. I think they will actually have to plonk his ass down in a jail cell before the reality cuts through his CRPG/LARP view of everything. Until there is a real, unpleasant consequence, he’ll just see it as those nasty NPCs giving him something to attack.

      • Keep in mind, Twinkie seems to honestly think his condition is a “stay out of jail free” card, which of course emboldens his psychotic nature..


  3. Bill,

    I’ve seen a lot, I was in NOLA when Duke and Edwards went at it – knew Bill Clinton and couldn’t believe he a barely elected gov of Arkansas gave a speech at a demo Nat’l convention – ran a DA’s office, there seemed to be a no – limit to hubris, irony, hypocrisy in my universe – until yestersday

    You surpassed that first with you offer to settle – then on your twitter defense of it.

    This morning you mentioned you did things in the last year you are not proud of. Now we need another word for understatement because – that crass a comment ruined that word for me forever.

    Then you mentioned how generous it was to not have a counterclaims that he has time to focus on Kimberlins lawfare which BTW you hurt his suit (Bretts) by basically admitting (TO WHAT WE ALL KNEW ALREADY oh except a guy named Michael – who still believes in the tooth fairy) you basically admitted that Kimberlins suits were harassment.

    Sure you want to go away, sure you want to be left alone to wander down the internet highway carjacking people’s reputations and lives at will, without exposure. Remember our little chat how Ferguson jumped in like a typical bystander and wished he had been sued too and then disappeared back into his electronic e-cig haze leaving you out there holding you Id in your left hand and what was left of your ego dripping into the gutter?

    Type for the adult in the trailer to come to the real realization that YEARS OF ACTIONS have consequences, am I egging Hoge on, you met the man he isn’t someone who is easily egged…

    As you are now finding out

    Your twitter feed yesterday was a golden gift to anyone suing you or filing a simple MTD against anything you can bring.

    Still waiting on confirmation of the accredited school of Journalism you attended..

    • I understand your impatience about negotiating with Bill, but Michael’s visits here have been unexpectedly enlightening and it’s best for everyone if he feels welcome. I did not get the impression he believes in the tooth fairy.

      • he was full of excrement – big time – this is for adults – not for people who ask at town meetings silly questions like – we are your children – you missed the part where he was thinking Schuler was arrested for blogging – he wasn’t – he was arrested for defying a court order JUST LIKE BILL’s and then punching a police officer – but people get lost in the meme and fail to look at the facts – fact are stubborn and highly inconvenient

        Flags are flying at FULL BLOWN GALES guys – it was a clear clue – he came in hear to defang some people and it worked.

        I’m not impatient, this will take several years to resolve – I am concerned about the people who have been run off by their attempts to intimidate

        I am too stupid to be intimidated and too fat to run away, unlike Bill though I have the facts and the law on my side

      • When you say Schuler was arrested for defying a court order “JUST LIKE BILL’S”. I don’t understand. What court order is there related to Bill that is similar to Schuler’s?

        Schuler is a jerk and was behaving badly, and yes he can be blamed for being arrested and possibly also for the bruises he got in the arrest. The order he was under was not exactly the correct remedy for what he was doing, though, and nor is it the same as the soon-to-expire Order that Bill is still under.

        Sorry if I just sidetracked what you meant to say, but I frankly am unsure all of what you meant to say. If you disagree with something Michael says, I hope you will hammer out the specific detail of disagreement rather than marking him as an enemy. Dividing people into opposing camps is not what we want to see happen. The overwhelming evidence is that Michael is a nice guy, which doesn’t preclude him from disagreeing with you, or even sometimes being the one in the wrong sometimes.

      • Oh he had a court order to not blog about person x to harass and he did – BUT HOW HE GOT ARRESTED was when he was being issued a summons he swung on a State Trooper

      • Given that Michael can defend himself, and that I’ve been here since AW went to jail; Michael has his own perspective that he makes clear on his blog. He admits he came here with a bias, and claims that he has defered to the facts; a claim supported by his timeline.

        However, Michael; I am forced to commend you on your patience with CBBS, and simultaneously warn you that your efforts are in vain and potentially expose you to harassment by him.

        p.s. The tooth fairy… not so much. 😉

      • Actually, EPWJ, Shuler’s was closer to AW’s. Bill’s is at least constitutionally sound and very legal, notwithstanding the eventual review by the MD Court of Appeals (their SCOMD).

        Wow EPWJ, don’t hold back bud; let it all hang out.

  4. In the matter of Brett vs Bill – sometime in the future – after they finally attend law school…..

    Before proceeding further, the Court notes that this
    case involves two extremely likable lawyers, who
    have together delivered some of the most amateurish
    pleadings ever to cross the hallowed causeway into
    Galveston, an effort which leads the Court to surmise
    but one plausible explanation. Both attorneys have
    obviously entered into a secret pact–complete with
    hats, handshakes and cryptic words–to draft their
    pleadings entirely in crayon on the back sides of
    gravy-stained paper place mats, in the hope that the
    Court would be so charmed by their child-like efforts
    that their utter dearth of legal authorities in their
    briefing would go unnoticed.

    side note – its a public document Bill, don’t hyperventilate – only part of a multi page document and the use is parody, satire and is not for sale…

  5. And Mr. Schmalfeldt offers to work out a mutual agreement w/Mr. Hoge:

    “Then Hoge can concentrate on his case with Kimberlin and I can forget that any of you rotten, lying bastards ever drew a breath of air.”

  6. Reminder: BS has gone through this shtick so many times, I’ve lost count. The Greta Garbo-esqe, “I vant to be left alone,” the “look, I’m being reasonable, just go away,” etc. Long time followers of this little drama will see the pattern and call it what it is: the equivalent of a Palestinian cease fire, which occurs when they are losing and need time to regroup, repair, and marshal their forces once again. BS has no credibility on this issue, based on his past behavior.

    That being said, I conclude that what Mr. Hoge wants from this lawsuit he has stated in his prayer for relief. He’s not playing hide the ball. Normally, that is the starting point for settlement talks. This is not mediation or arbitration, where the balance weighs more on the “fairness” of a resolution, this is litigation. Settlements in this context should be structured to provide restitution to the injured party.

    A commenter on a previous thread stated, and I paraphrase, that peace order violations and harassment are irrelevant to a settlement in this case. I disagree. In the full context of what has occurred to Mr. Hoge over the past couple of years, some might view the numerous copyright infringements, which forced him repeatedly to file DMCA takedown notices and now a law suit, as part of that ongoing pattern of harassment. Issues related to this can be a part of a settlement agreement, if both parties choose to make it so, especially since BS has made the peace order situation the heart of his counterclaim. He cannot now claim it is off the table.

    • Mr Hoge, his son, his wife, Aaron, his wife, Grady his wife, Causey, his wife, Lauren, Lee, and just a host of others some who we don’t even know about…

    • There is no equivalency. You shouldn’t harass someone, steal intellectual property (or anything else!) and then say “Oh, let’s just call it a draw.”

      I hope Hoge prevails, and is ever again bothered by Mr. Schmalfeldt. (Who in addition to being an adjudicated harasser, had a sterling reputation until people started reading his disgusting fantasies. He’s an enthusiastic writer. That’s for sure.)

  7. And I am not attacking Michael I am attacking his views, his thoughts on the case and his admission that he really didn’t think it through before he came in and then didn’t retract his comments – when someone writes PAGES about something in a serious legal matter and then in the same day confessed they didn’t follow it that much (ie didn’t know what they were talking about) and causes one of the parties to react – interfering in the case – I – well – out of respect to those who have lost jobs, marriages, had their wives relive the death of their child – I have a water’s edge – its called humanity…

    • I sympathize. It would only make things worse, though, if your feelings about the outrages you named, prevented you from having a good time with some of the other people commenting.

      • BKWatch

        I lived for 6.5 years in the middle east – had to listen to Al Qeada at the next table telling me about a female soldier they set on fire and how she cried for her dad, I had to see Khadaffi 5 feet away from me, get arrested dragged into the secret police station multiple times, get harassed in Egypt multiple times, watched a guy pretend to be war correspondences from the safety of the Doha Hilton – have a daughter flying combat missions right now in an unarmed helicopter – listen to people talk about the middle east as if they ever was there – I can handle silly people – just a little overtired – but when someone just last week had his life turned upside down and then see him try to ruin a dentists life and his own doctor – in addition to his constant warfare – I have less pity now –

        He tried picking on a guy who fought for us, served his country, made something of himself and doesn’t have to justify anything to Bill, and has shown him more humanity – if you look closely than I or anyone deserve.

        And yet be called the most vile things – which is the reaction many who have walked on the wrong side do when confronted with mercy and kindness – like the pharaoh they hardened their heart to the point they sadly are unreachable – but he is harming others and our host – like he did as a young man, defends people against harm.

      • Correct. I’ve been watching and/or aware of Cousin Bill’s antics all his life.

        It is easy to harden your heart, be bitter and angry over such things…but that makes you more like him.

        Instead, I promote the Happy Warrior meme – fight the battles, fight cleanly, fight to win, but do it with joy, not bitterness, with calculation and plans, not with anger.

      • BKWatch,

        I have defended Bill as well, he knows it tried to get him to stop, stop hurting himself and others, I work one on painful one with cons and ex cons trying to get them off the road they are on, life sometimes isn’t a debating school and I am glad that people see that directly confronting bill – works.

        Ask Aaron about some of my views – but the diff is – I don’t destroy people I disagree with – they have more respect from me than I can ever convey

        I am passionate, because I drink coffee and am a flaming narcissist….

      • EPWJ:
        Thank you for the work you do with cons and ex-cons like me. The path of redemption is a straigt and narrow one, filled with rocks and pitfalls. No one can successfully tread it without two things: God’s grace and loving friends.
        Again, thank you for all you do.

      • Hoge, Aaron, Lee, and all you here who have been sued had sleepless nights are the heros big time….

  8. annnnd we have evolved into the latest (you-can-hire-the-unemployed-80’s-actors-who-have-no shame – just get me a role) – the latest movie for less than a commercial production budget-
    Introducing: sNarknado on the Oprah channel

    I denounce myself and am going to watch some hairpulling soccer – the one men used to play

  9. Gus,

    I am looking for the 8 track of kumbayah song and a candle – that and the hairpulling soccer is going to start and I cant work outside because it rained again – here in the sunny south the low on my lake was 49 degrees this morning on the first day of summer……..

    So I will hold back…

    Did anyone giggle at the 173 thousand comments on the thread that was entitled “light Blogging this morning”

    Thank goodness it didn’t say “open mic” or hey “give us your opinion” the server might have crashed…

    My narcissist quit patch just fell off – so I’m going to twitter myself some importance

  10. EPWJ,

    Thanks for pointing it out. I read a post on Michael’s place which sounded like he was horsewhipped somewhere. To all: This is all in the hands of experienced attorneys and intelligent pro se defenidents and planitifs. I know my wish is that Hoge never again enter into mediation, or accept a mediated “agreement” with Bill Schmalfeldt. It did not work the last time.

  11. Apparently , even though Twinkie creeps this blog daily (if not hourly), he missed this post and has sent his wife to mail his motions as our esteemed host has decided not to entertain the idea of a settlement of any sort…
    really Twinkie? so all your gassing yesterday about wanting to settle and let this go was just that, gassing, smelly but no real substance..


  12. https://twitter.com/wmsradionetwork/status/477463208177852418

    No, he didn’t.
    Real settlement offers are not made on Twitter the way BS was pretending to do yesterday.
    They are not accompanied by insults to the other party.
    Finally, they do not include deadlines for acceptance, unless it is incontrovertible that the other party has seen the offer and acknowledged receipt of it.

    As I said before, this is part of his routine. In between these kabuki performances, he is doxing commenters and harassing people, as evidenced by restraining orders in two states.

    • He really does fail to see the difference between wanting to see one’s adversary’s “dead, naked body impaled on a spike” (and given the adversary in question, ewwww) and simply not wanting to see or hear from them ever again.

      Sane people understand that there is a difference.

      • Or simply accept societal norms which the rest of us accept without question. Stop lying about others, stop blaming others for the decline of your health while you badger them nonstop. Learn the difference between butthurt and libel. Learn that others will disagree with you. Leave families of those who you disagree with alone. Learn the law before preaching about it. Think twice before publishing others’ personal data.

        He doesn’t have to be silent. But if he cares about his legacy, he might want to think before he types.

      • He doesn’t fail to see the difference. He knows and he is trolling. All noise intended to drown out truth. Someone might drive by and see it and say, oh, my what a terrible experience he is having, people want him impaled! No one does, of course. He knows it.

        Assuming that he is not knowledgeable or does not understand is too charitable. He is a troll. And a sad, fat, useless punk.

    • I have to say I take exception to Aaron Walker’s response on his twitter feed. I’m sure there are “adult” greeting card companies who would love to publish it in one of their comedy lines. Now, as to his dead body, I’d have to say that would be in poor taste and ruin the comic effect. Image some middle-age gal opening her “adult” birthday greeting expecting to some Chippendale-type model and instead be regaled with sight of Bill Schmalfeldt in the buff. That one might just take some brain bleach!

      • I’m sure she would find that sentiment interesting. You know what I always say? When in doubt, ask the people who know the answer.

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