Prevarication Du Jour

Just because the Cabin Boy™ has dropped something down the memory hole doesn’t mean that all copies are erased.WMS Radio Network201406120124ZHere are two of the many that DMCA takedowns that I filed against him last year.PastedGraphic-1PastedGraphic-2Does the Cabin Boy™ really think that I don’t keep copies of such emails?


30 thoughts on “Prevarication Du Jour

  1. “Does the Cabin Boy ™ really think?”

    Hard to say, Brain, but if he does, it’s not very deeply.

  2. yes I think he does..

    one of his many faults is that he thinks everyone acts like him, that they lie when it suits them, deletes evidence of their lies and deny them when they are pointed out, that they make threats that they then claim aren’t threats when called out on them etc etc….


  3. If I remember correctly.. I may be wrong it was soooo long ago. Didn’t Twinkie claim that calling him a copyright thief and saying he stole other people’s work was libel since he hadn’t be convicted of doing it??

    Hmmmmnnn…well looky here…
    “WMS Radio Network ‏@wmsradionetwork 3h
    He’s been stealing pictures of mine for over a year, bitching like a bitch when I filed a takedown, but HE is HOGE!”

    so by Twinkie’s logic, he has just libeled our esteemed host….


  4. The purposeful lies are part of the plan. The whole reason for what he does is to obscure, not to enlighten.

    He lies just to make people spend time to go find the truth and argue about it. And people who don’t hear the truthful side may be persuaded.

    • You nailed it. An example is the one I gave above – EPWJ claims that he is providing information to law enforcement. BS changes that to “filing a complaint.” He routinely changes the focus of comments and the meanings of words to create confusion.

      For WJJH readers: our host just filed an amended complaint, which gives BS another 21 days in which to file a new answer, so I wouldn’t say anything that would help him do so.

  5. BS wants “reason to prevail,” and is asking Hoge to drop his suit and they both walk away with nothing. Apparently, he has already forgotten that he’s spent the past week (if not the past two years) accusing Hoge of perjury, trying to kill him, lying, stealing, libeling, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. He also has apparently forgotten that, having already reneged on the mediation agreement at the first opportunity, he has zero credibility when it comes to any sort of agreement.

    • Another sign that he might just realize that he let his “friends” talk him into something he can’t possible win. I guess when you have alienated everyone else in your life by being a mean, vile, lying sack of crap you take what you can get when it comes to friends. Of course if he weren’t so desperate for that “good boy” and pat on the head he’d realize his “friends” are playing him like a fiddle. Guess the Lickspittles aren’t the only ones good at getting a monkey to dance.

      • BS thinks that everybody who disagrees with him is an idiot, including Hoge, when he’s not accusing Hoge of being an evil mastermind of cosmic proportions. WJJH will do what he chooses to do, regardless of what others say, including commenters on this blog. He also doesn’t strike me as someone who makes the same mistake twice, namely, trusting someone to keep their word when that person has violated it before. WJJH has an endgame in sight.

      • A Reader, that reminds me of just about everyone on the left. Remember how big an idiot GW Bush was except for when he was kicking their ass and being an evil genius? Seems to be a thing with them. You can be simultaneously the most stupid person in the world and the smartest depending on how they want to smear you. The Cabin Boy learned well at the feet of his progressive Master Kimby

      • I remember Army Vet. The one I thought was really funny was the impeach Bush/Cheney is Darth Vader crowd. They wanted “dumb” Bush removed from office so that “evil” Cheney . . . oh, oops, could become president. People didn’t really think it through, did they?

      • Army Vet – I was just thinking of that. It’s amazing how so many people can hold two diametrically opposed opinions at the same time, and not see the contradiction in it. /sigh

    • funny, after days of declaring HOGE CANT WIN!!1!!111!! now Twinkie wants everyone to just walk away…

      well if Twinkie really wants “reason to prevail” he could start by apologizing for his actions over the last couple of years, admit he was WRONG multiple times, own up to his lying about others and apologize to them for starters..

      yeah that ain’t gonna happen


    • And here’s something to add to the “in his own words” file (I broke the link because I don’t think Mr. H. wants this kind of stuff displayed on his blog. It’s not obscene, but it’s in poor taste):

  6. I think it is entirely too charitable to ascribe BS antics to forgetfulness. Or inability to comprehend.

    He knows exactly what he is doing. He is pushing buttons and getting reactions. Which is what he wants.

    I have said before that the way to combat this form of asymmetrical warfare is to do the unexpected.

    • I don’t agree that Bill Schmalfeldt “knows exactly what he is doing.” Sure, I don’t doubt Bill Schmalfeldt understands that the tactics he uses are immoral, underhanded and illegal. And, I’m sure you are correct in noting he calculates that his willful criminality probably will be prioritized sufficiently below crimes such as murder and rape by local law enforcement so as to avoid prosecution. But, it is also true that Bill Schmalfeldt’s actions are driven by desire to be held in greater public esteem, and derive a greater income through writing. If Bill Schmalfeldt really “knew exactly what he is doing,” he would know that he is humiliating himself, and forfeiting any reasonable opportunity to ever land a paid writing gig. He believes incorrectly that bullying is the means to achieving the ends he seeks. The more he fails, the more he redoubles his efforts at bullying. His attempt to bully John through litigation is merely is another escalation in his war against John Hoge. Insanity is defined by some as doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different. Bill Schmalfeldt is doing the same thing over with increasing vigor and desperation and expecting a different result. Does the alcoholic really know exactly what he is doing?

      Bill Schmalfeldt has made a series of very poor choices for a number of years. In taunting John Hoge to file a copyright lawsuit against him he chose poorly. It isn’t going to turn out very well for Bill, but, he doesn’t know this.

      They trap monkeys with a narrow-mouthed jar filed with rice. When the monkey reaches in the jar and grabs a handful his resulting fist is too large to extract from the jar. But, the monkey wants the rice. It never occurs to the monkey to let go of the rice. Because the monkey is fixated on having the rice he soon loses his freedom, and, often, his life. The monkey is in a value-trap. He can’t comprehend that the value of a handful of rice is not fixed. The handful of rice in the monkey’s hand is no longer of value. It is of disvalue. The freedom that comes with emptying his hand is of greater value than the rice.

      Bill Schmalfeldt’s value-trap is his want for vengeance against John Hoge. He simply isn’t going to obtain it. But, the more he seeks it the more he embarks on a path that is literally destroying him. To begin to extricate himself from his current predicament Bill Schmalfeldt will have to let go of his desire for vengeance. His tweets about a “settlement” on his terms indicates he really wants to extricate himself, but only in exchange for exacting some level of vengeance. That isn’t going to happen, either.

      John Hoge has been amazingly patient with Bill Schmalfeldt; and, much more patient with him than I would have been. Showing patience is one thing, surrendering one’s copyrights is another. Bill Schmalfeldt has started the litigation clock that will inevitably count down to zero in the months ahead when the judge issues his decision. At that point, Bill Schmalfeldt might be in a pickle from which he might not ever extract himself.

  7. As I’ve learned in tech classes, every time an email is sent, at least four copies are made. One on the sender’s end, one on the receiver’s, and at least one each for the mail servers both parties use to handle their mail (and is generally not seen by either). Delete the copy on your PC or client, and the other three still remain.

  8. Again – everything he says is noise intended to drown out truth. He has not forgotten that the other DMCA notices happened, he doesn’t think that Mr Hoge doesn’t remember them.

    He is purposefully lying to cause debate over what is the truth, and to perhaps misinform or confuse those who just randomly come across the story without history.

    He doesn’t want to get into ‘tit for tat’ because that might expose that the tits are bigger than the tats, so to speak. He just wants to spread the lie that there are wrongs on all sides, but, you know, he is big enough to forgive the wrongs on the other side, if the other side would just get over their hangups to forgive him, also.

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