June Evenings

I stepped outside for a few minutes to see how some things in the yard were doing after the rain, and there they were: Lightning bugs. The sight of them brought back pleasant memories of running barefoot around the yard with a mason jar catching the flashing little creatures. Pleasant memories. 60 year old memories. Summer was simpler then.

7 thoughts on “June Evenings

  1. I love lightning bugs too. They inspired wonder in me as a child in Joplin, Missouri in the early 1950s. I now live in California where there are no lightning bugs, or fireflies, if you prefer. I too caught them in a mason jar and kept them in my room at night.

  2. My kids spent two hours with me collecting fireflies into a mason jar. I almost, but not quite, regret stealing said mason jar from my sleeping daughter’s nightstand to release them this morning. I’m just happy I have a shared experience with my kids. They may not appreciate it now, but I look forward to the first early summer evening to call the grown up version of my kids and insist they catch fireflies with my grandchildren.

  3. Found my first one this morning. 4 AM my time. Walking the dog. Dog almost pooped on it. Not quite the way I remember it from my childhood.

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