Not Only is He Merely Wrong …

… he’s really most sincerely wrong!The Cabin Boy™ seems to have an inflated sense of his rights. He may desperately want to pierce someone’s anonymity, but, depending on how that person has gone about protecting his identity, Schmalfeldt may not have the right to find out who the person is.

In any case, the Cabin Boy™ certainly has no right to make anyone stop doing anything. In most instances, he probably has the right to seek relief from the courts, but he, like the rest of us, has no power to do so on his own.

Schmalfeldt’s principal failure is his lack of understanding of the legal and moral limitations to his authority. Much of what he claims to do by right is, in fact, done through arrogance.

The Cabin Boy™ should be thankful that those of us who are pushing back against him are staying within the bounds of the law.

20 thoughts on “Not Only is He Merely Wrong …

  1. I’ve said before BS is a metaphorical suicide bomber. He has nothing to lose, certainly not reputation nor dignity. So he is quite willing to blow himself up to take someone else out.

    And that is the point of his bluster. To perhaps keep people who want to protect their dignity from even making the most innocuous comment about him.

    He knows he cannot win, and that is not his purpose. It is to sully, to muddy the water, and to accuse accusers.

    • his suicide vest is made from super absorbent cotton, has elastic bands around the legs for comfort and moisture control and comes in boxes of 20

  2. Messing with his stuff? I wonder what “stuff” that might be and who might be messing with it. Lord, I hope it’s not more of the butt stuff. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

    • Indeed, he certainly doesn’t feel constrained not to “mess with other people’s stuf” even after they’ve asked him not to…


      • One could almost believe that he can only be restrained by the courts. Wait. One can DEFINITELY believe that he can only be restrained by the courts. Not by his doctor. Not by his wife. Not by his ‘friends.’ Not by mediation. Not by logic. Not by politeness. Not by…….

      • considering how many times he violated the PO, I’m not sure even the courts can restrain him…unless they either lock his ass up or take away his internet access…


      • I can see how taking away internet access could fail.

        /sarc on

        They took away my COMPUTER!!!1! They never took away my PHONE!1!1!1 I’m posting from a PHONE not a COMpUTER1!!!Lickspttle!!!

        /sarc off, but you see why lock his ass up might be the better option…

  3. He sure sounds like a Bully when he says he needs to “find out who they are and make them stop messing with my stuff.” Maybe he should just ignore what people are saying about him. Get off the internet. Or stop getting into pissing matches with people on their blogs. If he’s not acting like a jackass, nobody can comment or make observations about his jackassery. Seems simple enough.

    • Funny that other people’s intellectual property is his stuff, and defending copyright is messing with his stuff.

      Or perhaps he means getting banned from various internet services for violating the TOSs thereon?

      ‘Cause if he means mocking him and expressing opinions is messing with his stuff… that’s gonna be a smackdown of epic proportions in the courts.

      Of course he won’t use the courts. He uses extortion and intimidation. I mean he does consider a bomber/drug smuggling perjuror to be his buddy…

  4. This is as good a place as any for this comment… have you all seen this. I lol’d so hard I nearly shot wine out of my nose.

  5. I have to admit I received no small measure of entertainment when he begged me to forward to him my personal information. I knew it was driving him nuts, and as well for others in the Lickspittle Posse that were similarly phantasmic.

    • Got any enemies? Particularly hoodlum enemies that are not above administering a beat down?

      Well, don’t send their dox information to Cousin Bill, because that would be wrong, and not how we roll.

      Do be careful, Cousin Bill. I do not want to comfort your widow, should you mistakenly dox the wrong damn person.

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