It Doesn’t Work the Way He Thinks

The Cabin Boy™ is big on making demands.WMS Radio Network201406101638ZWell, yes, I will have to prove the allegations that I’ve made to the court. To. The. Court. I don’t have to prove anything to The Dreadful Pro-Se Schmalfeldt™. He can yammer all he pleases online, but he won’t get any response from me. All my substantive communication with him will be through the court and related legal processes.

Meanwhile, all is proceeding as I have foreseen.

31 thoughts on “It Doesn’t Work the Way He Thinks

  1. Wait a moment. I thought you bought the print rights to a single blog entry, not the entire blog!

    I DEMAND to see the pertinent documents immediately, and that you send them to me at your own expense!

  2. Well, now you’ve done it. This defamatory libelous slanderous defamatory butthurt must stop, and NOW!

  3. I thought about printing, redacting, rescanning and opting a picture of the contract on my blog; but on further reflection, I decided the path I’ve chosen is more fun.

    And all I have is fun.

    • You have that exactly right. Ctrl-C cannot compete with a well utilized Sharpie. The only doxing it would enable is FAILdoxing.

      But by all means, if you’re enjoying the ride, I’m enjoying the show.

  4. IMO, you only have to prove it to the court to the extent you want to receive damages for that particular copyright violation. I wonder if the Judge might entertain a protective Order regarding the contract at issue, essentially sealing it to keep the Identity of Mr. Krendler private – given Mr. Schmalfeldt’s tendency to dox and harass people.. Of course, Team Kimberlin loves to dox folks using sealed court documents… then again this is federal court and violating a federal court Order tends to have more severe consequences. It will be fun to see how this plays out.

  5. He never seems to get tired of asking people he has deemed to be very stupid to look over his arguments and point out his errors. Seems he lacks any confidence in his own abilities to get anything correct.

  6. Meanwhile in the state case, hard to read the tea leaves in the recent changes to the schedule. There is a hearing July 1 that will address all of the motions for summary judgment and motions for sanctions etc. But tomorrow there is a pretrial hearing or conference? Other dates that were on the docket such as mandatory mediation are now gone.

    So is tomorrow’s pre-trial about the July 1 hearing? Or is it pre-trial for the case.

    Curioser and curioser.

  7. I picked a really bad time for some vacation. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Bill so wound up.

    Play nice, children.


    • wow, weird..
      Twinkie seems to think your commenting here somehow constitutes harassment of him, enough so that he seems quite comfortable threatening to contact you if you continue..

      I’d say, the nerve of some people, but we all already know Twinkie lives in his own reality where the rules dont apply to himself, only others…


      • Which reveals his true intent, and that is to suppress speech he does not agree with. Tom’s comment was benign, yet it elicited a threat from BS. He has created an impressive paper trail of harassment that someone like Bullyville will be able to use, should the need arise.

      • BS is also threatening to bring him into a lawsuit for commenting on a blog. Naughty, naughty. Malicious prosecution!
        If BS loses in court this time, who will he blame? Xena, warrior princess?

      • The Elkridge Horror needs to realize that his unfocused scattergun (and scatter-brained) ad hominem attacks on innocent Pennsylvania residents such as the Johnstown-area dentist are only increasing the amount it will cost him to settle and the deleterious impact it will have on his trailer-mate. Currently, the settlement fee for the Horror stands at $500 million. It shouldn’t take him longer than 955 centuries to pay that off.


    No. Professional medical associations are concerned with the care provided to patients by a doctor, not the offended sensibilities of someone suffering from butthurt. Given the history of attempted doxing in this case, coupled with threats to stay off social media, it could give said dentist a case for harassment and a restraining order.

    • If I were upset with the person who is a dentist, I’d first make sure who those other people on the Board of Directors are. I’d also not contact any medical board unless you have a medical complaint against the dentist. All you’d be doing is setting yourself up for something bad to happen to you.

      • Most professional boards take a very dim view of maliciously false accusations. These folks are professionals once they determine the claim to not only be specious, but in fact malicious; they usually refer them to the AG for appropriate response.

        I’m sure the PA AG would have no problem having one of his staff contact someone on staff in MD for reference to charges. Real P2P type charges that some poor DA would have no choice but to prosecute to the fullest extent in a show of good faith to the PA AG. In other words, they’re not likely to interpret that as just two old farts slugging it out on the interwebz.

        But you go right ahead Billy boy, jump in the deep end.

    • I’m no expert on Maryland law, but I can’t help wondering if a strong implication that an individual would report a professional to his professional organization if they continued to post comments that the individual found objectionable could be considered an attempt by that individual to obtain something of value through threatened economic injury. It would be an interesting thing to look into.

      • Wow… sounds like extortion to me… no idea if Maryland prohibits that, but is sure sounds like extortion….

    • Isn’t that extortion?

      “If you mention my name again I’m going to make trouble for you.”

      And if he has credible knowledge of “unethical conduct” and he doesn’t report it, how is that not a crime?

      • while Twinkie may feel that way the reality that he constantly denies is that he doesn’t get to tell other people to shut up because he doesn’t like what they are saying..
        Oh sure he calls it defamation/libel/harassment, but he needs to realize just because he calls people’s opinions that doesn’t make it so…

  9. “Well, yes, I will have to prove the allegations that I’ve made to the court. To. The. Court. I don’t have to prove anything to The Dreadful Pro-Se Schmalfeldt™.”

    That is a WARNING, and as good a one as I’ve seen in a long time. Our Host is saying that he is not the least bit worried about what the court will do, and feels no urge whatsoever to settle the matter beforehand. That takes supreme confidence.

    CBBS/TDPS (I really can’t keep track of all these) is showing his own lack of confidence in constantly trying to settle the matter outside of the courts.

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