10 thoughts on “Don’t Know Much About History

      • That could reasonably be seen as a mistake. It wasn’t part of a prepared speech. I don’t think the guy is brilliant at all, but he does have a law degree, and you can’t be that stupid to get one.

        This picture shows a serious lack of basic knowledge. Does the administration really think we landed on the moon in 1963?

      • This administration also has a higher pay gap between their men and women that the national average. So it’s kind of funny to have them preaching to the rest of us.

        And yes, I know that when you factor in years of work and overtime, the pay gap is much, much smaller than the activists want us to believe.

  1. What’s six years or so in the grand scheme of things? History is situation just like truth, right? Especially when it serves to delude and persuade the ignorant masses!

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