6 thoughts on “All Politics Is Local

  1. I was always severely bothered by Cantor – some of these guys who are married to power democrats – these democrats who also are the bread winners for the family – (his wife is a raging liberal and a president of a large export bank in NYC) – seem to be stencil for the rino label easily spray painted on.

    Anyone who is so dense as to miss the publics feeling on the immigration issue – shouldn’t be anywhere near washington

  2. Da Earl:

    Cantor was anointed – looking at his last race he didn’t pull what the 60% or above he should have – any credible candidate could have beaten him, There are several more including Ryan, again another who is married to a power demo, (yes her bio says diff – but the history is different) have never really been challenged and are replaceable – but we need these candidates to win in the main event as well

    • EPWJ, You raise an interesting concept.

      Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer
      The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune RINOs
      Or to take arms against a sea of troubles
      And by opposing end them.

      All apologies to Willie S.

      In college football, we called it a re-building year (cycle). I think it might actually take several cycles c. 2020; but I also think that the thing has begun. It is a path sure to be strewn with briars and stones; we will be bruised and scraped, but we will come out better for it. As such this path is one worth taking.

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