It Was Still There at 7:30 This Morning

As of 7:30 am ET today, the Cabin Boy™ had not yet memory-holed the original LibreOffice version of his Answer and Counterclaims from Scribd. As of that time, it could still be downloaded from least he’s been smart enough not to destroy evidence. Thus far.

15 thoughts on “It Was Still There at 7:30 This Morning

  1. And he is still ignoring the central fact that you pointed out instead trying his best to misdirect everyone with the stupid argument about the doc being uploaded to Pacer. Either he is really bad at the misdirection or he is really stupid enough not to get your original complaint. Sheesh, he never fails to fail.

    • I think the evidence is strong enough for those who understand how this thing is developing, but does anyone figure a judge will ask “Mr. Schmalfeldt, did you write this?” I somehow figure this is somewhat less important than the question “Mr. Hoge, did Mr. Schmalfeldt put material that YOU own into his books?”

      Although, it fits a pattern: Mr. Schmalfeldt likes to claim authorship/ownership of things he didn’t write.

      • Or at the very least, he claims that the stuff he didn’t write/photograph/whatever doesn’t belong to anyone else so it’s fair game for fair use.

        He really, really, hasn’t a clue about fair use. I’m a librarian, we have to know this stuff.

  2. The material quoted in the brief, presumably text from the copyrighted material, is outrageously funny and well written. I enjoyed it.

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