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The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin was convicted of perjury as a teenager, but that wasn’t the last time he lied in court. Mark Singer reported the following on page 322 of Citizen K:

At the third trial, he [Kimberlin] testified that Scott had taken possession of the Tovex to supervise further blasting in Jackson County, specifically tree-stump removal. This was perjury, he admitted to me.

And we’re still catching him at it.

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  1. Kimberlin’s interactions with the justice system have always involved serious dishonesty on Kimberlin’s part. As a defendant, he typically lies when he thinks it will help him. He is a brazen liar, but not actually an extremely skilled one, which is probably one reason he got convicted of perjury (unfortunately, MANY other people tell material lies in court without getting convicted for it). Anyway, sometimes, Kimberlin is a defendant mounting blatantly false defenses, wasting the resources of those he wronged, and the justice system, by seeking to get away with as much wrongdoing as he can while also getting petty vengeance against those who get in his way.

    Other times, Kimberlin is a civil plaintiff vengefully attacking people who committed neither tort nor trespass. Here too he uses lies. Some of them are baldfaced, and some he attempts to disguise as misunderstandings so that he will have plausible deniability. Either way he will attack his critics for daring to point it out.

    Everyone, we must all join the ranks of those critics – using only just tactics and never unjust tactics, please. It is time that Kimberlin stops getting away with things. You could, like I do, criticize him for being a pedophile murderer bomber, and of course also a perjurer, and also a money launderer. You can also go to and donate. He got a way with a lot, and it has to stop, and you can help. Look at how far it’s gotten that he’s gotten away with no just consequences for:

    – His pedophilic and abusive treatment of Debbie Barton
    – His hiring of William Bowman to murder Julia Scyphers
    – His attempts to contract a hit on a prosecutor
    – His various attempts to frame several different people, who were innocent of the crime, for his Speedway bombings. He also specifically tried to frame one of Julia Scypher’s daughters and a son in law for the murder, by hiding bomb parts and (it is theorized) the murder weapon in their yard and then telling law enforcement to look into them. Think about it – he bereaved them, then tried to get them locked up for it! So terrible.
    – Various material, intentional lies he made in court related to the above mentioned matters
    – His post-conviction lawfare harassment against various people who had a role in his conviction
    – His for-hire help to mafioso (the details of this are unclear but it is safe to assume he knowingly tried to aid them to get away with their crimes while escaping just consequences). For this, he says he was paid six figure amounts and the cash was hidden.
    – Lawfare harassment retaliation against a summer camp administrator who asked Brett stop sending the flowers, letters, and phone calls to a teenaged high school cheerleader.
    – Certain of his maneuvers to deny justice to his bombing victim, Sandra DeLong, seem to have deserved additional convictions and conversion of his assets into her assets. Instead he only lost parole over this, which he never should have had anyway.
    – Various illegal, dishonest, and sometimes totally unconscionable acts that have something to do with his now estranged wife. Omitting details since she herself is locked in a difficult and sensitive struggle with him and I do not believe she has asked for publicity.
    – His charities appear to be SCAMS so Brett Kimberlin must be guilty of a variety of frauds on his donors.
    – He hired Neal Rauhauser to run vicious harassment, SWATting, and smear campaigns against his enemies.
    – He disobeyed the quite reasonable laws about legal service in order to deny Seth Allen his legal rights. This Brett Kimberlin fraud enabled him to get a default judgment ordering Mr. Allen to pay Kimberlin $100. Mr. Allen lost simply due to not showing up, but that was because of Brett’s forgeries which we now know all about. You do not need to agree with Mr. Allen’s various opinions – I do not – but Brett got away with an unconscionable lawfare campaign against him because Mr. Allen correctly pointed out that charities have no business associating themselves with a the lying murderer pedophile bomber Brett Kimberlin. This is one point where I totally agree with Seth Allen and in a just world, Kimberlin would have to make up for denying Mr. Allen his legal rights. Plus he owes Allen a hundred bucks.

    And that was just the beginning – as all readers must know, he sued many more and re-used same forgeries and lying tactics. He is a repeat offender, a recidivist, non-repentant. When it counts, he doesn’t even admit his own crimes let alone ask for forgiveness. Therefore we must act as if he is most likely to continue his spree of petty evil dishonesty and injustice, which started about 40 years ago and never stopped since! It must stop!

    • Amen, brother!

      Most of what you wrote above I already knew, but some were totally new to me. Specifically the Summer Camp Administrator story is one I had not heard. Was it from Citizen K? I have the book and read it, but I may have not registered some of it.

      Anyway. Yes TDPK needs to be brought to Justice sometime.

      • The cheerleader incident is in Citizen K page 216-217. Great book. Singer did a good job of telling the truth about Brett Kimberlin, but I bet he never guessed his book would not be enough to stop Brett from his conman tricks, harsh revenge tactics, and vexatious litigation.

  2. Catching Kimberlin lying is no challenge whatsoever. Making it actually mean something, though… that’s the tough part.

    • Well, yes. I note that on February 21, Judge Grimm issued a show cause to BK on the forgery of the summons to Twitchy with a 21 day response. He provided that response on March 11. On Wednesday, three months will have elapsed from the time that BK admitted to Judge Grimm, in writing, that he had forged documents purportedly from his court.

      Three. Months.

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