On Legal Strategy

The Dreadful Pro-Se Schmalfeldt™ has been running off at the keyboard about how he intends to defend the lawsuit I have filed. He’s engaged in much the same braggadocio during last year’s unsuccessful attempt to wriggle out of the peace order issued against him by moving to have the order modified. During that episode, I criticized his public comments without revealing how I intended to proceed. He still doesn’t know. His motion was so specious and so poorly presented that the judge ruled against him without having to hear my side.

The Gentle Reader who has been following the Cabin Boy’s™ antics for a while may also remember how he prophesied my doom in the hearing for the extension of the peace order last December. Again, I held my comments about legal strategy rather than tell TDPS how to improve his presentation to the court. The order was extended.

Therefore, it should not be surprising that I’m playing my cards close to my chest again. TDPS will find out what I have to tell him when I have to tell him and not one microsecond sooner. Now, I realize that this may disappoint some of the Gentle Readers, but I ask them to please be patient. At this point, I have nothing further to say beyond that I believe the facts and the law are both on my side.

I’m given to understand that the Cabin Boy™ is a Packers fan. If so, he will understand that I’m am dealing with the lawsuit under the Lombardi Principle.

Stay tuned.

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  1. I thought the Lombardi Principle was “keep doing what works until the other guy figures out a way to stop you.”

    But it seems to go hand-in-hand with your quote. And both are fitting.

  2. I completely understand, and will happily exercise my patience. And anyway, I am finding it highly amusing watching Bill’s insistence that you (and for that matter Paul Krendler) “must” lose the case, which belief is based entirely on assumptions of which he does not, indeed cannot, know to the truth (along with what seem to be some rather … interesting … interpretations of the law).

  3. No. I am Packer fan. Bill is a bandwagon fan who jumped on this teams bang wagon when they were doing in good in the early 90’s. How do we know this to be fact? One of the old school KMW guys made an alt on facebook by the name of Chester Marcol. It took Bill over a year to figure out that he was Ex-Green Bay Kicker from the 70’s. Even with the correct profile picture of Chester. LOL!

  4. Jerry and Howard, I see you’re both STILL commenting and tweeting. What’s up with that?

    • Can’t speak for Howie, but I am here and there on this stuff as of late. I’ve been rather busy with having a life off the computer as of late. The last few weeks I always seem to be catching the tail end of these conversations or happenings. I see that the KMW crew keeps throwing BS chum and he keeps biting. However, hilarity is about to ensue. I wonder if he finally figured out that he’s no closer to finding out who Howard or myself are than he was two years ago when he harassed some guy named Jeremy for two years.

  5. The smell of fear is getting much stronger with the Elkridge Horror with each passing hour.

    (from inside the rundown hovel called Trailer #71 where it is getting increasingly warm, sweaty, dark and dank with empty mayonnaise jars proliferating………)

    “If I print this enough, if I trumpet this enough, if I spew this enough, then maybe just maybe all the law books in the world will somehow just magically change and I’ll win, I’ll finally win……………Oh, oh, oh, OHHHH!”

  6. Wasn’t it Bill that said a while ago, and I’m paraphrasing here, “I’m so stupid I’ll walk into court an f*ck myself”? One of the only correct predictions he made even if he being sarcastic.

  7. He thought that judge Stansfield was clueless or corrupt or had the hots for Zoa, and that’s why the judge decided the way he did. Now, it looks to me that he’s implying a federal judge will do the same, but in his favor, because she is a Clinton appointee.

  8. You want to see some hypocrisy and stupidity all rolled up into one ? Notice Bill yammering about our gracious host making up copyrights and they don’t appear copyright.gov site? Now let’s head over to Cabinboy’s new “The Bohica Blog” site.(which I will remind you he is still libeling that Chris guy. ) Scroll all the way to the bottom of the blog. Notice the ” © The Bohica Blog ” at the bottom of the page? Now head back over to the copyright and search for said new blog of Bill’s. *gasp* it’s not there. Why is cabin boy claiming a copyright on a blog when he doesn’t have one?

  9. It does appear that Bill da’ Cabin Boy does suffer from Diarrhea of the keyboard. I confess that out of perverse curiosity I visited his Patriot-obfuscation web site and was dumbfounded at the level of obvious dementia the CB displays.

    • I can only imagine how bad a full post is, but I’ve noticed even his tweets are more and more including just gibberish. Maybe why he’s slacked off on the tweeting? Maybe someone he believes has told him the same so he knows he can’t trust himself to edit 140 characters?

  10. Upon viewing the posted products of the law library that the Elkridge Horror is using, one can truly begin to see just where the smell of fear emanates from and why it is ever so increasingly pervasive. Even one of those “weekend warrior” unaccredited cheapo law schools have far better resources than the dark, dank, musty, sweaty-palmed, littered with empty mayonnaise jars in which TDPS lurks dreaming of past conquests and future trysts.

    ‘A show of force’ such as the Elkridge Horror posts is supposed to be legally authoritative, convincing and powerful, not instead to cause your adversary to laugh themselves to death.

  11. He’s rolling like mudslide in a pair of Depends right now. And just as stanky.

    I predict he will burn himself out between 1 PM & 2PM ET, probably due to a spark from his keyboard igniting a room filled with methane emissions.

    But I hope not, because he’s fun to watch.

    • He keeps referring to a “tar pit” (that sure conjures up some unsavory mental images) to which you’ll be dragged by WJJH, yadda yadda. This begs the question: what does he think this lawsuit is about? The only things at issue, really, are the copyright claims, inasmuch (one word) as his counterclaims have no merit. Even if they did, this is a modest civil action in the grand scheme of things. If he prevails on everything, what does he think he’s going to get, other than crowing rights? Pro tip: if you ask for $1 million in damages, and you win, it doesn’t mean you get $1 million. IIRC, BK’s reputation was worth $100 in a default judgment against Seth Allen.

    • And his stuff on twitter this morning is showing that his reading of the statutes is worth crap. I’ve read them too, and I can say is that he’s dead wrong that you can’t sue if you haven’t registered with the copyright office. If that were the case, none of the lawsuits I’ve read about where a non-registered photo show up on another website ending up costing the offending blog/website thousands would have ever happened. It would also be the death of blogs, because if every blogger out there knew that anything he or she writes can be taken and used for commercial gain by others without even asking permission, no one would ever write again. It would make the whole idea that your stuff is copyrighted from the minute you create it, even without registration, absolutely pointless. And I don’t see the folks in DC declaring that copyright exists even without registration if it didn’t have some meaning.

      However, it would mean that we could publish our own book on Lulu using full posts from Patriot-Ombudsman and I-got-yer-lawsuit-right-here, and Bill couldn’t do a damn thing about it.

      Hmmmm… Ideas, ideas.

      • Bill is trying to tell me that I can’t read. Sigh. I could show him what he’s missing, except I’m not going to help his excuse for a lawsuit.

        According to Bill’s misreading of copyright law, if he hasn’t spent the money to register every single one of his blog posts he’s saying that it’s perfectly OK for all of us to write “books” and put them up on Lulu by taking huge hunks of text off of his blog and stitching them together with minimal commentary, and he can’t do a damn thing about it.

        I wonder if he really believes that? Because he obviously read the comment above, but he didn’t address the suits I mentioned. Nor did he answer whether he thinks it’s OK for us to take his writings and use them for financial gain (or harassment) without even trying to get his permission.

      • That tweet is also showing how since he can’t think for himself (heck, he admits first listened to his doctor and wife, and then listened to his friends – he does whatever the last person to talk to him tells him to do) he thinks that’s how the rest of us work. Why he thinks any of us look to John Hoge to “save us” (and save us from what?) only the Lord knows, and he’s probably sitting up there shaking his head in dismay that one of his creations can be that mindless.

    • Among others, Bill Schmalfeldt is “wrong” about the laws concerning copyrights, harassment, peace orders, libel, and mopery with the intent to lurk.

      The easier question is, “What part of the law is Bill Schmalfeldt right about?”

  12. Further review of its twitter shows it’s begging for some help, someone to explain how it got it wrong AGAIN. Let’s not tell. Not even a hint. As the desperation builds, it’s likely to get very, very funny. 😀

    • He can hurl insults, but the poor man can’t seem to spell. I mention this because he delights in ridiculing others, and calling them idiots based in part on their typos. The phrase, “non sequitUr,” is spelled with a “u,” not another “i.” (Sigh).

    • No, sorry. I have to leave him one hint as to what he has wrong. And if he changes this point, his fortunes may totally improve. I just cant resist, so here it goes:

      Bill is a deranged idiot and needs years of trained, professional mental help.

      Damn, now the cat is out of the bag.

  13. Laughing so hard at this tweet. So funny on multiple levels. Keep in mind our host is a quantum mechanic among many other accomplishments. This tweet is from the loser in Elkridge who has zero accomplishments of which I’m aware, who, indeed, can’t even claim his children because they don’t claim him; who is begging for help with his claims and is terribly upset that our host won’t divulge his own legal strategy.

    Projection lives in Elkridge:


    I think we can draw an easy line from Grace’s recent comments about the Elkridge Horror to this tweet which just shows what I’ve written before: He just parrots back what he hears from others. I doubt he’s ever had an original thought. #SchmalFAIL

    • He’s is obsessively viewing this blog, but failing to comprehend what he reads: Hoge will not reveal his litigation strategy. Hoge and commenters will not be answering BS’s questions. He can thump his chest all he wants. If he seeks professional legal analysis, he can pay for it. I think the going rate in the D.C. area starts at around $250 an hour. Or, he can stick to his word and refuse to comment and litigate all of this on the internet.

      • Not true; Hoge has revealed his strategy:

        Win, and win convincingly.

        The tactics to accomplish that strategy?

        Well, Dear Cousin Billy will just have to wait for those…

        In the meantime, let’s keep up the laughing and pointing at the Inept Beast of Elkridge!

      • He hasn’t revealed the details, but the general strategy is to demonstrate that BS is a deranged cyber-stalker who understands neither the law nor the definitions of basic legal terms.

    • Hey hey hey, BS got up to a GS-12 (or 13, I don’t remember or much care)! That’s an accomplishment.. that nearly all other semi-skilled federal employees can reach with a few years of work! And you forget his advanced degrees from Acme Law.

  14. He’s still at it. If he really wants the answers to his questions, about $750 to an attorney will get him some answers. Inasmuch (one word) as he believes everyone who comments on this blog is his moral and intellectual inferior, why does he keep tweeting out questions, accompanied by the usual insults?

  15. You know what I think would be awesome? A walk down memory lane – perhaps some old posts and tweets of BS, prattling on about hubris and Hoge’s DOOM regarding the peace order, only to lose, repeatedly. RES JUDICATA!

  16. Inspector Jiggles is in full fear-pee mode. I.will enjoy witnessing you lowering the boom on the schlunk.

  17. Poor Bil keeps asking, What am I wrong about? as he sits ready to bang out amended complaint #2 using knowledge gained from us “stupid” people. How about this Bill, you just keep doing what you are doing and we’ll see where it ends up. Quite asking the people you insult on a daily basis for help.

    • As wound up as he is now, just imagine how he is going to be as this nears a court date. Of course with his slam-dunk-win you would think he would just relax, quit reading these blogs, and leave twitter to his radio doings.

  18. If you need a hand fixing the copyright thing and the Lincoln thing I’ll swing by in the time machine sometime after you win the case and pick you up and we’ll go do retcons until the time steam puckers.

  19. “If he would like to dismiss his lawsuit and save everyone some time and money,..”

    And there it is, ladies and gentlemen. His first step toward begging to be free of this burden. Soon, it will be “killing” him and then follows the neurologist’s and old lady’s pleas for him to save his own life.

    As predictable as the sunrise, is Admiral Asinine.

    • His good friends probably haven’t been in touch lately to keep him riled up about the whole thing. If they’ll stay away for a few more days, his doctor and wife’s common sense counsel will hopefully prevail.

  20. The linked Lombardy quote is incorrect, it’s a very widespread misquote.

    What the coach really said was “Winning isn’t everything, but wanting to win is.”

  21. Just read on another blog that when one poor unfortunate happened to drive by the Elkridge Horror’s hovel this morning, he was nearly overcome by the urea-like smell of fear-pee and ptomaine-loaded almost empty jars of mayonnaise nestled in among several stuffed industrial-sized trash cans of what appeared to be fully packed used Depends.

    Judging from his posts and twitters, it would appear that the massive law library of the Elkridge Horror consists of nothing more than outdated magazine articles and other commentaries, but is strangely absent of relevant cited authorities, such as controlling case law. Also heard was a strange wailing about missing fishing equipment called ‘bobbers’?!

    • Okay. I’m not big on bringing family into madness they have nothing to do with, but I must admit that last sentence tore me up something awful! LOLOLOL!

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