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The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin haz sad because people have said mean things about him. His sad got so big that he up and sued Aaron Walker, Stacy McCain, Ali Akbar, Kimberlin Unmasked and me for a million bucks (Kimberlin v. Walker, et al.). When the five of us didn’t roll over, TDPK’s sad got sooooooo big that sued the five of us plus a bunch of other folk too—National Bloggers Club, Patrick Frey, Erick Erickson, Michelle Malkin, Glenn Beck, Lee Stranahan, James O’Keefe, Mandy Nagy, DB Capitol Strategies, The Franklin Center, Simon & Shuster, Mercury Radio Arts, The Blaze, Ace of Spades, RedState, and something he called “”—for another million dollars (Kimberlin v. The Universe, et al., aka RICO Madness). Now, TDPK’s sad has swelled to the point that he wants to add even more defendants—Twitchy, Dan Backer, and The American Spectator—and up the ante changed his money demand to $2,000.000!!!!!!!111!!

However, TDPK has a problem suing for defamation, and that’s his existing reputation. Mark Bailen, the lawyer for James O’Keefe, Simon & Shuster, Erick Erickson, and RedState put it this way …ECF 87-p21

Reputation, reputation, reputation! Oh, I have lost my reputation! I have lost the immortal part of myself, and what remains is bestial.

—Cassio in Othello II, iii, 265

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  1. @ juicyjoe101 is the handle. Is there anyone who can vouch for a dude who hasn’t tweeted since last September?

    • I completely understand the concern over me and just wanted to put a few minds at ease. I can assure you ( and with my info, Mr Hodge now has, can back up) I’m not anyone but me. I decided, after the majority voted to continue the destruction of our country, I was done arguing with idiots on twitter. I’m still very active on twitter, though now as a “watcher”. I’ve followed the Kimberlin saga since the very early days of Seth Allen and keep up to date on it through various sources. I’ve been an everyday reader of this blog since Mr. Hodge’s first post and am always impressed with his ability to keep it classy. However, I really love to see y’all( Howard you’re my hero)giving Bill the hell he deserves on twitter. This was never a problem, until some of you were forced to go private thanks to that fat bastard. I could no longer just look at his mentions to see what was going on, but now had to follow you. I support all of you and your various roles in this battle 100% and guess I need to start being more public about it from now on. Thanks

  2. Hi all, some news came out today. It was revealed that Matt Osborne is the one running the @x3n0ph0n twitter account. Also, he is now apparently in charge of breitbartunmasked dot com. I don’t know how long the later has been true.

      • He says it in an article that’s just recently posted on the website.

        Osborne is not universally liked by those who have similar politics, because of his participation in the anti-Unite Blue harassment campaign. That’s a campaign that apparently someone in the “Connect the Left” group hired Rauhauser to participate in. The internet-faces leading the harassment campaign are largely the same cast of Rauhauser collaborators.

        Remember, Osborne is not just dishonorable because his politics may be different from yours. The problem is he does not care about using just tactics, so he uses whatever unjust tactics he wants (and then usually lies about it since he can’t own up to his cowardly actions).

    • Well…Matt always said that he wanted to be sued….so I guess he got his wish. Which makes the fact that @x3n0ph0n has been so quiet lately make sense.

      I’m assuming this came out of the Bullyville lawsuit.

    • Matt acknowledges he was @x3n0ph0n and is the new editor at breitbart unmasked. He wrote an editorial spinning his use of @x3n0ph0n and his new editorial duties.

      • That has to make one wonder exactly how long he been “editor” at Breitbart unmasked. When the evidence clearly indicates you are the editor today, the only defense you have against accusations of past wrongdoing is to claim that you weren’t the editor then.

      • My theory is that they think the right worships their political leaders in a manner similar to their own worship of their political “comrades.” Therefore, to them, this site would be akin to a right wing site attacking Ted Kennedy; maybe or,

        If they ever catch on that it doesn’t bug us (like Breitbart’s own “” about the movie of the same name isn’t a big enough clue for anyone with an IQ higher than 50), they’ll likely try something else. It’s all about the harassment, these largely failed attempts to offend, imo.

    • Hmm. I remember years of denial and ridicule in response to questions regarding Xenophon. Oh, and repeat after me: there is no Team Kimberlin. There is no left wing conspiracy working to marginalize and intimidate conservatives.

    • The op Ed says that breitbartunmasked will be a legal entity by the end of the month because of growth, yadda yadda.

      That, and it affords the individuals writing there financial immunity from lawsuits. Or so they think. Wonder why they’d be worrying about that?

      Who’s been paying Osborne to run that place? Would that show up on a non-profit’s tax returns as “consultant,” costs, for example? Hypothetically, if the head of the NGO is involved in a legal battle with various people, is it a breach of fiduciary duties to use the NGO funds to pay someone to appear as a neutral third party and defend the NGO head in the media?

      • Let me put it this way: If anyone started digging, that would be treated to skeptical review and scathing sarcasm.

      • Hey, it worked for years and would likely still be going under the radar but for the self-imposed Streisand Effect. What would surprise me if we were talking about normal people, is they apparently still haven’t caught on that the Effect increases by orders of magnitude with each action taken to try to stop it.

        I mean, how many times are they going palm down on that hot stove before they figure out what’s causing the burns? Or actually, in this case, it’s more like face down… haha

  3. This seems to be a big problem for DPK. How can he EVER sue anyone for defamation when most of what he objects to is simply a recitation of his criminal record and excerpts from court filings?

    It was also acknowledged in the book that he was the leading suspect in the Scyphers case. And that his whole tale of being Dan Quayle’s pot dealer was entirely fabricated. And he set bombs.

    And was convicted for dealing. And for perjury.

    Dude, for someone to defame a guy like that is going to take some serious work.

      • Proud. He and BS appear to believe that a felon who set bombs at schools is better than Ali, who committed minor crimes in comparison. The logic of this continues to escape me.

  4. It occurs to me that Osborne is creating a narrative, for which there is no proof other than his say-so:
    1. He says he’s Xenophon. Proof?
    2. He claims to have experimented with different “voices.” How convenient.
    3. He claims that his use of “we” was in a generic sense, not a royal sense. Uh huh. It could also mean that two or more people have functioned as Xenophon.

    My point is that none of these statements should be believed without independent verification. It could be a means of diverting attention from other parties.

    Number 2 is particularly interesting, I think, inasmuch (one word, for the edification of former “editors”) as newer commenters pop up on this blog from time to time, and their “voices” change. Interesting, indeed.

    • Also consider: Exactly what has anyone ever seen from him that would lead one to believe he’d ever do anything without wanting the “credit” (his word) for it?

      Does anyone recall which Doe replied to Bullyville?

  5. Wonder why Osbourne would take this on now? He has to know that between Kimby’s issues that are sure to be forthcoming with his 501c financials plus the Bullyville stuff coming down the pike that whoever is associated with BU is going to not like the attention they receive. Seems kind of fishy that he suddenly volunteers this info. Could be be that someone made him an offer to provide cover for them? Hope Osbourne knows how to read a map to wear the PVC tubes are buried.

    • Remember all the huff and puff and Lying Crooks? Maybe someone called him on his, ‘I tried so hard to divert attention to myself- er- I mean get them to pay attention to me instead of the #ElkridgeFailure- er- I mean, you know, hero stuff.’ Or maybe he was sincere in being that desperate for attention.

      The only surprise is him sinking even lower. I’m not suggesting he appeared better than that; I think that he thought he was better than that.

      A Reader may have called it (repeatedly) above: The payday may have been hard to resist.

      • I have looked over those 990’s. The pay-off couldn’t have been that big.

        Though that does make one muse upon how cheap some hold their honor.

      • And some gave up on the idea of having any honor many years ago, so any pay is better than what they’ve been getting. 😉

    • I’ve looked over those 990s too and who is to say all the information on them is accurate. Remember who we are dealing with. He is not afraid to forge summons, why should he worry about a little paper for the IRS.

      As for Matt, he has been blustering that he wants some one to TRY suing him. “Bring it on to the State of Alabama. I dare you,” he has often said.

      Someone that desperate for attention…I can see them volunteering to be blamed for the deeds of others if it raises his notoriety/

      • The 990’s are how he satisfies his donors. Their accuracy or even their relationship to reality is anybody’s guess. He had to submit some kind of statements to the accountant who assembled the return, but she did not audit nor even review those statements.

        In other words, you may believe as much of those returns as your good will allows.

  6. “By developing a new style for each challenge, I have actually had many different voices over the years. The challenge at BU has been to put a voice to the dogged research of very good people who were under constant attack, and so I chose to develop a voice that spoke for the friends I was protecting. The “we” of Xenophon has been a democratic “we,” not a royal one….I adopted the moniker as an act of solidarity, as I was not becoming pseudonymous for my own sake. But that danger has passed.” By Matt Osborne, at BU.

    As I noted above, much of this raises flags for me, and other parts literally make no sense. Why did he have to anonymously defend his friends when he was openly doing so on Twitter and his blog? Remember the series of avatars he had of McCain, WJJH, Ali, Hoge? They were photos selected to openly ridicule those people. Not anonymous then, was he.

    Oh, speaking of which, there are tons of photos of Ali, etc., over at BU. Where is the attribution to the photographers? Licenses? Releases?

      • “The danger of the rocks is surely passed,
        Still I remain here tied to the mast.”

        It’s all I could come up with. Sorry. Early morning for me.

      • Exactly. A narrative. If there was no danger before for him commenting publicly under his own name, what does that mean? Is the implication that some folks think tracks have been covered?

    • Why did he have to anonymously defend his friends when he was openly doing so on Twitter and his blog?

      You have him dead to rights. Matt should be ashamed of his tactics. The sock puppetry is not even that bad compared to his other intentional misdeeds.

      • IMNSHO — Matt Osborne deserves any-and-all terrible consequences that may eventually befall him for his vile tactics and intentional misdeeds (lawlessness).


  7. On another note, BS, who stated that he was not going to discuss or litigate the case on line, has helpfully posted some of his litigation tactics on his blog. Clearly, I have a different understanding of what it means not to post litigation strategy on line.

    • Are you creeping on his blog, A Reader? Ya know — that most likely means you have a crush on him. Well, you’ll have to take a number behind Rain and myself to crush on that big, ol, hunka, hunka burnin’ love.


      Sorry. I just threw up in my mouth a little myself.


      • UGH!! EWWWWW!!!!!
        neither myself, my better half, nor Kimberly enjoyed that comment, especially considering NONE of us “creep his blog”

        *shudder* I need a shower now…

      • that was my reaction to the comment Grace made about me “crushing” on Twinkie

        now I feel sick again…

      • As Kyle says – There isn’t enough water or soap in the world, just for the accusation, mind you.

  8. It’s a coverup. Just as clearly as he was covering for Bill and telling people Bil couldn’t ‘hurt a flea and had been ‘under doctor’s orders’ to get off the internet when in actuality Schmlfeldt had already started up a new account and was tweeting WHEN OSBORNE wrote that. MO is not to be trusted and nothing he says should even be taken for face value.

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