16 thoughts on “Are You Pondering What I’m Pondering?

  1. I’ve met enough skulls full of mush to know they’ll eat well for a long time.

    So, anybody else have a busy week?

    • Glad you made time for us. 🙂 Much, much shorter list: Who DIDN’T have a busy week? hahaha It’s that whole “having a life that doesn’t require internet service” thing we all seem to have. 😉

      • I’ve been off Twitter (and pretty much the entire internet) for a few days, so I guess I missed the excitement.

    • Heh. Freddie, er, Kyle, er, Paul will appreciate that one.

      (we need a scorecard to keep track of names around here.)

      • Look it’s simple. I’m me and I’m always me and I’ll always be me, until it’s time to stop being me or I have to visit Tampa or write my other blogs or time travel or TLFKAD declares me to be someone else which always puts a crimp in my superego but I can usually iron it out before tiffin.

      • I thought about exploring that gag but it felt too easy and trite.

        To stay in premise I would need to cast him as an opponent say as one of the Daylates ,a cyborg walker bound race that has time travel but never really mastered it and always show up one diurnal cycle after they intend to. Or maybe as a LieSurian who are genetically programmed to never tell the truth and hence are terribly predictable. Maybe I could cast him as the Master Jornolist, rogue member of the race of Time Whored’s who travels around trying to screw things..up, whose battle cry of FOCUS! is feared and confused across the stars.

        Or sometimes I just get lazy and call him dumbass.

      • You know, Kyle, you sure don’t sound like a twenty-something felon. Or … should I call you Paul Krendler (cue doom music)?

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