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Even a flatworm learns to turn away from pain, but Team Kimberlin keeps on making the same mistakes. Just two days after filing his original complaint in the Kimberlin v. The Universe, et al. RICO Madness, TDPK filed an amended complaint. He did so without the benefit of seeing how we defendants might attack his case with our motions to dismiss, and he used up the one amendment allowed by the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. A second amend complaint requires permission from the court.

The Dreadful Pro-Se Schmalfeldt™ has made the same mistake. Well, not exactly. TDPS waited only one day before filing an amended answer and counterclaims in the Hoge v. Schmalfeldt copyright suit.

Slow and steady wins the race.

22 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. Fat bastard doesn’t realize that he does not have the air cover that Acme law has.

    For some reason I am reminded of the Bugs Bunny cartoon with Spike the bulldog and the little yippy, obsequious dog.

    And also of Ricks response to Ugarte when he asks if Rick despises him.

  2. Maybe Shakey expects the court to be as lenient to him with a second filing as it was with TDPK.

    It’s a shame you will likely not get more than a chunk of his social security and/or pension. But maybe someone could put a boot on his wheelchair.

  3. Looks like Bill Schmalfeldt has apparently violated the Peace Order against him yet again. Specifically, over at the Thinking Man’s Zombie he has solicited Paul Krendler to pass along various messages to you that seem to include personal abuse. I cannot say for sure, because I don’t what Paul Krendler redacted. But, given Bill Schmalfeldt’s pattern of behavior I can make pretty informed conjectures.

    Bill Schmalfeldt ought to realize that folks under a Peace Order ought to be circumspect in their language. “Tell lead Plaintiff…” would have been a much more prudent choice on your part, Bill, given the totality of the circumstances. I have always noted that being openly defiant of the Peace Order against you has been a successful strategy on your part and will continue to be a successful strategy right up to time that they put you in jail. I can’t say that this will be that time. But, from your perspective, you cannot say that it won’t.

    Wasn’t Orange is the New Black released today?

  4. Ah, but “slow and stupid” is a better description of my dear Cousin, bless his heart…

    Hi, Bill…setting yourself up for yet another #EPICFAIL, I see…

  5. In a few minutes I will go downtown and file my first amended answer and counterclaim. Thanks, Hogeists, for pointing out errors.

    Thanks, Cousin, for taking the bait, hook, line, and sinker.

    Psyops for the day complete, I now retire to a very enjoyable day, reloading and testing a new (to me) wildcat cartridge, the .20 Practical, designed to cheaply and effectively vaporize Rodentia out to 400+ yards. Thirty-two grain projectiles at 4200 FPS are a remarkable achievement.

      • Indeed it will, and the .17 Remington is a close relative of the .20 Practical.

        I’ve been using the .17 HMR for rodent duties out to 175 yards, but found it was underpowered for rock chucks, and for the occasional stew bunny. Plus, I’m presented with 200 to 500 yard shots, pretty regularly.

        Looking through the gun-safe-o-doom, I discovered I had a long action Savage 110 in .223 Remington, which had never made me happy with the whippy factory barrel, nor with the gritty factory trigger.

        After looking through requirements, I decided that .223 is a fine caliber, but that I really wanted something more like the .204 Ruger, with velocities over 4000 fps, and bullets with a better BC than can be had in .17 caliber, or in light .22 caliber bullets, under 50 grains. Brass for the .204 Ruger is horribly expensive, while once-fired .223 Remington brass is cheap…

        Combining all these factors, the .20 Practical, which is simply the .223 Remington necked to .20 caliber, bubbled to the top of the list.

        IOW, I just want it, and don’t really need a custom rifle project, but, since I do my own gun smithing and reloading, it looks like fun!

        After I get it working with factory projectiles, making my own projectiles is on the list…

  6. Leroy, remember that old parable about the three blind men and the elephant? One thought he was touching a tree, the other thought it was a snake, etc., depending upon the part of the elephant each one was feeling? Your cuz is like that.

    Copyright law is multifaceted. You can find a part of the law that seems to help you, but there will be other parts that actually take away an advantage you think you may have.

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