In Re EIH-14-CV-1683

I haven’t received The Dreadful Pro-Se Schmalfeldt’s™ answer and counterclaims to my copyright lawsuit yet. I’ll pick them up from the Post Office on the way to work in the morning. However, I have downloaded them from PACER.

I don’t intend to have any further comment on them until I have studied them in greater detail and manage to stop laughing.

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    • Sorry, I hurt myself laughing so hard! I think I pulled something loose in my throat … the only answer I can give my wife is horse guffaws!

  1. When you get a chance, please let the rest of the class in on your little joke….ok? We promise not to point out anything which would give him an upper hand.

    • Contrary to BS’s claim of surprising WJJH, I suspect that everything is proceeding as WJJH has foreseen.

    • Here, let me help you in on this little joke. “I can tell you with 100 percent certainty” that @embryriddlealum (or Howard Earl) is not Chris Heather. ” I can tell you with with 100 percent certainty ” that Chris Heather has done nothing that Bill is claiming in said counter suit. ” I can tell you with 100 percent certainty” tell you that Bill is actually one who is libeling someone.

  2. “I don’t intend to have any further comment on them until I have studied them in greater detail and manage to stop laughing.”

    So, basically… you’ll never have a comment.

    G. D. tease, that’s what you are…

  3. I read it – must have missed the part where [redacted] Please don’t give the Dreadful Pro-Se Schmalfeldt™ any hints on how to amend his pleading—wjjhoge

  4. “Before running afoul of Mr. Hoge, Mr. Schmalfeldt enjoyed a sterling reputation as a writer and a reporter”


    • Right, threatening a woman with losing her kids, being thrown off KOS for anal rape stories AND threatening the commentary there, multiple firings from the Examiner for harassing and insulting the commentary, and most of all, becoming the Knot’s chew toy, Yep STERLING reputation. He was a vile loser long before he had run ins with our host.

    • Except for the Kos banning, re-emergences and rebannings, the kick-outs from vanity-platform news publisher The Examiner, and his low, low supremely weird and sick twitter feed that established him in my view as a very unwholesome and unhealthy person well before I understood how sick he really was…

    • No. It says that? Does that count his sterling career reporting his anal fantasies at Daily Kos.

      I wonder if our host will be able to reply to this counter without a lifetime supply of disinfectant handy. I hope you have rubber gloves and mask handy for your trip to the courthouse to file your response.

    • In his first lawsuit it was his “once sterling reputation.” Apparently, either his answer was written by the same person at ACME law, or they cribbed the same lawsuit.

  5. I have read it, too. As i said at my blog, there are only counter claims against “Paul Krendler” and Heather–and i say this not knowing whether Heather is the online personas he claims it is. on twitter, guntotingteabag said its not him, and i have no reason to think he is wrong. And i do tend to assume that schmalfeldt is wrong if not actually lying because he is a stupid liar.

    The first half of the answer is actually kind of competent. And then we get to the counterclaims and whoo boy, he pours on the cray-cray. And, more importantly, what he wrote is insufficient as a matter of law.

    And I want to take a moment to note fascist nature of what he is seeking in relief.

    He is asking that John be banned from all social media for a year. Indeed, it might arguably apply to this blog.

    Here’s how radical that is: Brett Kimberlin didn’t even ask for that. In his infamous “Forget Brandenburg” ruling, he only argued that I could not write about him. Which was flamingly unconstitutional, but not nearly as much so as this, which is saying that John can’t write about anyone at all. So if the order was granted today and John wants to write a post about Bowe Bergdahl, that order might forbid him from doing that.

    And it is incredibly hypocritical. This also goes far beyond anything done to Roger Shuler. Shuler was at first told not to defame those people and then later just told to take down certain posts and i think, not to make certain claims. That was less obviously unconstitutional. And Schmalfeldt opposed all of it.

    And in every single hearing in his peace orders, John has gone out of his way to stress to the judge that he doesn’t want Schmalfeldt forbidden from talking *about* him, but only from talking to him.

    I’m not saying it is impossible to justify this under the constitution. criminal hackers often forbidden from working with computers as a term of parole, which is similar. But boy you need alot more than John allegedly calling him some bad names.

    Not too long ago Karoli said Hoge supported free speech for conservatives, implying that John didn’t support it for liberals. Well, John has supported Shuler’s right to free speech and my own. I presume he supports his own. By comparison, Schmalfeldt not only supported Brett’s unconstitutional peace order, he also appeared to try to trick me into violating it. He supported Shuler’s freedom of speech even though Shuler’s restrictions were narrower than mine. And now he seeks a suppression of John’s speech that goes beyond even Brett Kimberlin’s fever dreams. It seems like everything else when it comes to Team Kimberlin, Karoli was engaged in projection.

    • He was also claiming that if he had just been allowed access to the comments section here, most of this could have been avoided!!?!!?!! I don’t remember the time line of events here, but certainly other blogs have tried giving him access, and ended up banning him for walking in like he owned the place, telling other commenters and the host off, including calling them names, breaking every house rule, ordering commenters off the blog, etc., etc., etc.

      He really does seem to live in some strange fantasy world where everything revolves around him. The rest of us exist just to play supporting parts in the drama that is his life, and when we refuse to play the feeble lackwits he likes to think he’s fighting against and force some measure of reality to break into his nasty little online world, he loses it and goes bat-s**t crazy.

    • The first half may appear competent because it was a point by point rebuttal to Hoge’s filing. This gave it a basic sane framework to follow, and it shows.

      Plus, you know, contrast. Once you get through the stream-of-unconsciousness that is the second half the first half looks good in comparison.

      • The first document which he withdrew was like that, It was on track for a while, then very emotional. I suspect it has more to do with emotional escalation. I’m no psychiatrist, or lawyer (darned LSATs) but I notice a tendency to become less rational and more visceral in the course of a discussion. I saw a website which allows his comments to appear yesterday in which he cranked up within 45 minutes.

        Another reason why he should get somebody to push him away from the computer every now and then. Respectfully, this hobby is not working out for him.

  6. Utterly incompetent. Hilariously so, granted, but utterly incompetent. ACME Law at its most infamously incompetent.

    There is a famous frivolous complaint that purports to sue God. Its is less frivolous than Cabin Boy’s work.

      • its from the old joke where St Peter is arguing that the gates of hell are 34 ft on Heavens property and Lucifer said to sue him, Peter agreed and then Satan asks him where is HE going to get a lawyer = okay I’ll leave the comedy to the Krendler from now on

  7. Muzt… rezizt… teh… parodeez!!

    Or…you could get yer wallets out…

    Might take a few days to tear through 23 pages.

    But the LULZ! Oh teh LULZ!

  8. In his defense its hard to concentrate under 7 pounds of clown makeup and trying to type with bigger rubber white gloves

    • I went and read that comment and now no amount of mental bleach will get that mental image out of my head.

  9. “Your honor I took the lady’s purse – because it was open and she was about to dump the contents on the street which would make them public property…”

    “From Great Moments in Pro-se Legal Arguments Volume II, Chapter 4 – Clowns Can File With Their Makeup On”

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