31 thoughts on “Peace Order? What Peace Order?

  1. as much as we like to think he’s too stupid to breathe… he actually showed some good sense in not pursing that order, as it was granted under bogus charges he would never have been able to substantiate…


      • Lying to the court? Why yes, I believe he did know he was lying. Hence him not showing up. Well that and if he would have pursued it I’m sure there are those in the area that would have been most happy to show the judge copies of tweets and blog posts were the coward dared Grady to come “get him”. I’m sure judges would take a dim view of someone challenging someone to do that then running to get a PO because they were afraid the person might take them up on their offer.

        Same reason he won’t send anything to “Kyle”. He knows he got the wrong guy and he is scared sh*tless of the guy he actually doxed.

    • That formulation smuggles the false premise that Bill Schmalfeldt’s peace order petition was legally sufficient. It wasn’t. Even if Bill Schmalfeldt could substantiate his charges that third parties were inciting Grady to seek illegal forms of “vengeance,” that still wouldn’t be a basis for granting a Peace Order against Grady.

      Here is a bit of perfectly legal incitement for you, Bill Schmalfeldt: Grady, sue.

    • Rain, I wonder if, perhaps, it was Bill Schmalfeldt’s wife that exhibited the “good sense.” Maybe, she refused to load him into the van. Maybe, Team Lickspittle has a new honorary member.

      • Not a Lickspittle. If so she would not have driven him for the filing in the first place. Or let him be driven by a TK member.

      • I just want to take a moment to dispel a rumor I have been hearing.

        I want to say for the record that there is NO EVIDENCE that Bill Schmalfeldt was ready to go to court this afternoon and was about to load himself into the car, when his forklift broke. Again, as far as I can determine, there is no truth to this rumor.

        Indeed, witnesses in his trailer park report that 1) the forklift is in good working order and 2) he is actually too fat to fit out the door, even sideways or diagonally.

        So again, I don’t know who keeps spreading this rumor around, but whoever you are knock it off!

        (And yes, that is a joke.)

      • while making fat jokes may seem juvenile, the fact is Twinkie has stated several times that making fun of his size isn’t actionable… so while I for one would rather read more pithy, imaginative comments, I can see how yanking on the fat chain is just safer in the long run…

        wouldn’t want someone to accidentally say something that would force Moby into having to haul his girth back down to the detention center again, where he’d no doubt take an earthshaking tumble on his way to getting some sort of legal action taken against his imagined slights…


    • Will he go for an even three strikes this week or next? Preferably on a Friday to be sure to spoil weekends and keep people on tenterhooks? How many more people will take their tweets private as a result of all of this? No chilling effect, no siree.

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  3. Hey, it’s past 12:15, right?


  4. while Twinkie was nice enough to post the temp order he got this weekend, I noticed he didn’t include any of the evidence that he presented to get it…
    or am I wrong in thinking some sort of evidence must be presented in the first place?

    I can say given his examples in the comment thread at Blubber Sues Bloggers, it’s laughable that he got one in the first place…if you consider presenting “evidence” that has been taken out of context, twisted and distorted to support a claim, laughable…


    • I did hear that there was recently a hearing in Texas involving Neal Rauhauser and BullyVille. There is another one in a few weeks, I think.

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