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The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin seems to believe that he’s a super special snowflake who shouldn’t have to answer those pesky and impertinent discovery interrogatories I’ve sent his way as part of discovery in the Kimberlin v. Walker, et al. nuisance lawsuit. This is from his motion for a protective order to allow him to dodge answering.InterogPara86Here’s paragraph 86—BK v AW FAC-86

Now, let me get this straight. TDPK is suing me for a million bucks, and information that would tend to either verify or refute his allegations is irrelevant to the case.

Uh, huh.

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  1. when this crap suit finally gets dismissed, no doubt BK will claim ya’ll pulled “legalistic trickery” to get it tossed rather than own up to his own chicanery…

    • already done. and seeking sanctions. i don’t think we have published the motion, but the highlights are this. MD procedure says that you don’t just refuse to answer: you file a protective order and only if the protective order is granted do you refuse to answer. And Brett knows this, but he didn’t do it.

      As for Brett’s answer, he claims that he doesn’t have to answer because he can’t testify. don’t do him the favor of explaining why he is wrong. just know that we know he is.

      • That bit is easy Russ and not a secret. Brett is a convicted perjurer. MD doesn’t allow perjurers to testify in court because they are, well, perjurers and nothing they say under Oath can be trusted per their conviction.
        That’s all.

      • But he has filed for a protective order. And just because he followed the rules only after you pointed it out (presumably) doesn’t seem to be a problem for the Maryland court.

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  3. What’s the difference between “Irrelevant to the case” and “Totally irrelevant to the case.”

    Is that like “strenuously” objecting?

  4. And for those new to the story, the answer is YES. Of course she changed her story, but for a brief moment, there was an accusation filed with a court that Mrs. Kimberlin was too young. Much too young when he met her, and too young when he first…well, you know. And too young when sh got married. Her story included forged documents. (Yeah. I know.)

    There’s more to it, of course. The answer is yes. His wife swore that he was underage when he slept with her. Based upon that, and other similar stories and songs, we are obliged to form our own opinions. That he’s a pedophile.

    • As I’ve posted many times, just the fact that Brett Kimberlin of Justice Through Music Project (@JTMPorg) was in his 40’s when he married his then barely 16 year old wife is all the evidence I need to conclude that Brett C. Kimberlin is a PEDOPHILE.

      Of course, if one reads Mark Singer’s book, the AUTHORIZED biography of Brett Kimberlin, I don’t see how they can come to any conclusion other than Brett Kimberlin of Justice Through Music Project (@JTMPorg) and Velvet Revolution US (VR) is a PEDOPHILE.

      And that’s not even getting into the many felony convictions of Brett Coleman Kimberlin of Justice Through Music Project (@JTMPorg) for crimes including perjury, drug trafficking, bombing/domestic terrorism, etc. I suppose it’s possible for one to turn their life around and stop committing violent crimes but I don’t believe there is any cure for PEDOPHILIA.

    • I actually think he might be pinning hopes on DSM criteria for pedophilia, which is a foolish hope, because it’s general use by laypersons encompasses the range of sexual attraction from prepubescent children to early pubescence (tweens) and teenagers under the age of consent. His preference for underaged females is not normal, his relationship with “Jessica” was abnormal, with his wife predatory, and he knows it. He likes women immature so he can impress and dominate and groom to obey, who won’t compare him to other males.

      • And may I just thank BK for providing us with reason to comment on this situation: The commentary on a very public lawsuit with a notorious felon as the planitiff is clearly First Amendment protected speech. Without this lawsuit, it clearly could be seen as unseemly to yammer on and on about the sexual proclivities of a stranger. But since it has to do with the “false narrative,” we really need to educate ourselves on the facts.

        Oh and no, he’s not going to admit anything in the DSM IMHO. He is probably really surprised that anyone brings it up. He’s probably of the opinion that his attractions are his business.

      • They might be until he start smacking little girls in the face (when they make excuses to get away from him.)

  5. Adding that since the appellation “pedophile” was accompanied by the criteria used to call him “pedophile”, he isn’t shielded by any technical medical limitation of the term.

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