Prevarication Du Jour

After a short break Patriot-Ombudsman is tanned, ready, and rested. It’s back spewing nonsense. Take a look at this—P-O20140529The Dread Pro-Se Schmalfeldt™ is having even more trouble than The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin keeping his stories straight. This is from his recently flushed bit of vexation.WMS v WJJH-90I am not Nancy Gilly.


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  1. The book “Google for Dummies” has had its Lib of, Congress Classification moved from Technical Manual to Biography

  2. If you are going to be an oversensitive butthurtable, fainting couch, hyperbolic, preteen, whiney, vexatious, litigant, at least be an accurate one

  3. I never filed with CreateSpace either. Unless Lulu and CreateSpace are the same company, that’s a second falsehood in that paragraph alone.

    And it’s getting obvious that he will never get it through that damn thick skull of his that
    I OWN THAT PHOTO. I would have no trouble whatsoever proving that if it were to become necessary.

    I really, really want to know who he thinks does own those rights. It certainly isn’t him, and even if the photo had been out of copyright, he still needed to give attribution, which was sorely lacking throughout the entire excuse for a “book”.

    And you should read the paper whose website he stole it from’s rules for using their copyrighted materials, which the screen shot was (all parts of it except for the photo, the rights to which the paper’s managing editor assures me I did not give up by letting them use it in the profile).. He failed completely on that too.

  4. he neglects to mention that when he “paraphrased” he left out that the blog he was paraphrasing was a parody of one he had written about esteemed host and his family..

    guess he didn’t think that was important to mention…

    but HEY he didnt lie about filing suit and then withdrawing it so I guess we should just over look all the other lies he has told…


      • I invite Howard and Jerry Fletcher to give us a count of how many people have been accused of being them. They are also supposed to be each other. Let’s see, there were those two guys in one week a few months ago; also, Jeremy Kinsey, Greg Patent, Super Aaron Burr, hkk, Perry Mason…. Who else?

    • Heh. Bill does an entire post to announce that Mr. Hoge says he isn’t me, and isn’t that good news for my husband.

      Nice of him to be original.

    • A Reader… Tons more. I’ll see if I can compose a list here of mine. Did we ever tell you the story about what he was also doing around the same time frame of the famous “Want to lose your kids” photo?(Oct-Nov 2012) He was sending people on facebook private messages harassing them with a photo(s) that looked liked police lineups trying to ID me. Demanding people identify me in these photos . Of course not one single picture was mine. Even after we told him hundreds of times that Jeremy wasn’t me. You want to know what his ground breaking detective skills came up with to point out that Jeremy and I were the same? We both had pig Latin as one our languages we speak on our facebook profiles. Another A+B+C=Derp moment for him. On an unrelated note, back in the 2012 Wisconsin recalls. The Wisconsin liberals on facebook had everyone convinced that I was Scott Walker himself hiding behind an alias. No kidding, I couldn’t make any of this up if I tried.

  5. can’t help but wonder how Twinkie figures our esteemed host is going to have to spend thousands of dollars on the copyright suit…


  6. From his bog:
    “Comments are welcome. Trolls will be squashed, eaten, and possibly sued. Fair warning.”
    Squashed and sued I understand. Eaten? The punchlines write themselves.

    Have a great weekend everybody.

  7. I think every post about BS should include the line “… this will be my final communication with any of you.”

  8. Someone should PREVENT the so-called “Indigent” Disabled “Adult” from cyberbullying more people IMO. There is quite a list of them, and the list continues to grow.

      • He’s probably means “indignant” and is just mixing the two words up in that giant brain of his.

      • Can even Bill think that an “indignant” adult needs to be made a protected class by the MD legislature? That might cover the majority of the residents in this country!

    • Indeed, whoever is forcing Twinkie to view this blog, and others so that he becomes upset and endangers his ‘health’ really needs to stop it..


      • I was pondering that; it seems odd that someone who is supposedly disabled and slow can get around so quickly with so many things to say in such little time. He tweets rapid-fire, as an example, with mere seconds in between tweets at times.

        Makes sense that he has helpers/watchers/eyes and perhaps even writing help.

        He is a prolific writer for someone who has a disability that would prevent him from being prolific.

  9. I still find it interesting that the court originally marked his complaint as belonging to the RICO case. How did they make that connection?

    • I’d have to assume that they made the connection through the letters he had sent to the judge in the past concerning the RICO case. And they received the “changed my mind letter” before they got the actual suit, so I guess they may have felt it was the most logical place to put it.

      • I think that the fact it got attached to the RICO case is why there was a delay in its posting. So the question is how/why did that happen. These cases were in different divisions. Northern is in Balmer, the rest of MD in Greenbelt. So why would a clerk in the Northern Division write the case number from the RICO case on it? Maybe they started entering in the computer and Schmalfeldt pulls up the RICO case, so they just put the number on that way.

        But it is curious.

      • The complaint itself is stamped the 27th, and only has one case number on it; it’s the “oops” letter that came on the 23rd which has the RICO case number crossed out and replaced by the BS vs the world number.

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